“I hate endings. The truth is I hate beginnings, too. I like middles, the steady sameness, comfortable forever.” Korsak

Like almost every other day, somebody in my book group had put up a question, “what’s everyone reading today?” Somebody said Tess Gerristen. I was curious, googled her, and found her books. In a week’s time I was reading one of her thrillers with Detective Jane Rizzoli and the Medical Examiner Maura Isles. As I warmed up to them google told me there is a tv series by their name. I started watching them an episode a day after a day’s work, and steadily, the actors became part of my life. To the point whereI was shocked to learn that the actor playing Detective Barry Frost was no more one day.. one needs to live with a character in a book or/and a film to go through the cycle of grief and loss.

This line from the last episode of the series, is one of my favourites. Season 6 & 7 were so so, but I enjoy watching them once in a while.

I like beginnings, and endings, and most often even though middles are comfortable, I kind of am bored soon. What about you ..



I found Clive Cussler & Dirk Pitt in a Reader’s Digest collection. They used to bring it out like that, 4-5 novels, shortened- abridged (I don’t know the word for that shortening process).

It was the Trojan Odyssey. After reading it, I had to go find the whole book, so I checked my school library first, and then my lending library, found many more Cussler books with Dirk Pitt adventures. Steadily Pitt became one of my fav characters to go back to, and read about. Gradually, I started buying the novels and expanding my collection of books.

Any fav characters and book series? We can compile a list ..

Book Review: B for Burglar Sue Grafton. 

This was an impulsive buy, because I loved the cards on the cover. I had absolutely no clue at the time that the writer, Sue Grafton, is into writing an alphabetic murder series, that this book I purchased was first published in 1985, and at the moment she is into her Yth novel in this series. Releases this August! 

I had bought the book, and I started reading, but I never progressed beyond a few pages.. the book remained at home .. So whenever I was home I used to take it up again, and read but then I’d leave it behind and forget all about it, until this time, I brought the book back with me and I finished it in 2 days flat. 

What’s the story about .. A woman comes to our Kinsey Millhone, she’s a private detective in Santa Teresa, California with a missing sister case. In the end, Kinsey does find out where the sister is, but the middle of the story is one big twist .. And I liked that twist. 😎

No, I’m not saying anything about it, because if I do, then what’s the deal about thrillers.. May get to all her stories in this alphabet series, I kinda like Kinsey .. 

 What am I reading next? I took one of my pet favourites – perry mason and then there is this book that says, best international thrillers… 

Cya.. Will get back hopefully with reviews .. I have this urge to start recording what I’m reading these days 😂😂😂 

Shall I be your Summer’s Day … 

“… a trickle of hot sweat rolled from his cheek, down his neck and into his shirt collar, and suddenly every inch of his skin under his suit seemed to prickle from the blistering heat…” (79) The Killing of Polly Carter, Robert Thorogood. 

Tell me a fav line from the book you are reading. I found this an apt description of what I feel when I’m out in the sun these days. And Thorogood has put its scorching hot and I want to take a shower right now feeling into words.