The Hypocrisy Quotient

My idea of fun: When I can laugh at what somebody has said and match it to that memory of a while ago when they had said the exact opposite. Is that hypocrisy, or is that being normal in this society?

What would an ideal score for the Hypocrisy Quotient* (HQ for short) be?

download*A hypocrisy quotient (HQ) is a total score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess human hypocrisy.  Historically, HQ is a score obtained by dividing a person’s social age score, obtained by administering a hypocrisy test, by the person’s chronological age, both expressed in terms of years and months. The resulting fraction is multiplied by 100 to obtain the HQ score. By this definition, approximately two-thirds of the population scores between HQ 95 and HQ 135. About 5 percent of the population scores below 25 and 2 percent below 10.


….Thoughts on being Suicidal..

There are times in many of our lives
when life becomes a burden,
when relationships become a burden,
when work becomes a burden,
when people around become a burden,
when we are a burden to ourselves,
our loved ones, our friends, our strangers..
when we feel worthless
aimlessly wandering around without a purpose
that is when the thoughts of running away,
climbing up a birch
withdrawing from the glaring public eye,
becoming bohemian,
putting an end to oneself comes up …

Does that sound familiar? It happens to the best of us. big hugs.

The reasons why all of us are still alive, life is exciting and bubbling is because we did not succumb to the snares of those suicidal tendencies in those given moments, worked out solutions incorporating joy in our quotidian lifestyles….

we all go through hell some time or the other. However, there is always that triumph of surviving hell, and living to tell the tale!

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

Vaayadi Pennu

Blogging For Suicide Prevention Badge

Dear Readers,

a disclaimer for you.. please do not jump into conclusions reading the first paragraph. I’ve already alarmed quite a few people and am receiving counselling emails! 🙂

do read the post in its entirety ….

Please note, I don’t subscribe to suicides or being suicidal…

This post is part of a blogging initiative from Write Tribe in turn inspired from USC’s MSW Programs Blog Day on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world.” (Wikipedia).

On my part, I would urge u all to live and face life full on whatever the challenges it throws at you.

Thanks, Pins.


There are times in many of our lives when life becomes a burden, when relationships become a burden…

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Night Life!

I love to walk

gazing at the skies

those stars at night

following the moon

When I say this to people they say, it’s mush,

But this is the life I lead..

every single night

on a cloudless night

when the stars are bright

the moon hovers in my sight

Silent words…


As always I’m curious.

What does it mean to understand somebody’s silence. I find it hard to comprehend people’s words and their emotions which are out there in the first place, which I find are the most vocal forms of communication. Now if they totally shut up and shut shop, how the hell will I make sense of that?

I grow silent when I am concentrating on something.  I’m usually the loquacious kind you see. I expect the same from people, if you want to communicate, ask/tell me. How I do I know what’s running in your mind when you are silent.

Re-writing this poster then, from my pov,

I may understand your words, but never your silences 😛 Can’t help it, however philosophical that statement sounds!


Basic emotions

I think respect and not love is the basis of any relationship. Once the respect is lost, then anybody has the freedom to act/talk/think about a person/thing/concept in any which way they want to. What is respect and how is it different from love.. ?

Respect for the opposition, for a partner, for a friend, for another human being, for the elements, for nature, for the “nation”, for a idea.. On a personal level if I lose respect for somebody/something then I find it difficult to go back into that relationship I had with them/it in the first place. 


Strangers on the go! 3

The setting again is the airport. I was standing in line to get my bag checked in when a voice behind me said “your shoe laces are open. “The stranger had a warm smile, he seemed quite playful, somewhere in his mid 40s. I told him I knew they were but I was trying to avoid bending down to tie them. That was our first conversation. He smiled again and told me he knew about those little lazy bouts we keep for a minute later..🙂

We never got into chatting but stood in the line until I realized I had already checked in and all I needed to do was drop the bag at the baggage drop. I moved to the shorter queue in front of that counter, bag in hand, a backpack on my shoulder glued to my round of  2048 on my phone! However, when I looked up from my game later, I found that this line hadn’t moved an inch, courtesy some squabble between a passenger and the airline folks. By the time I dropped my bag, a voice from behind me says, “almost the same time” with a ring of mirth in his voice. Yes, my queue friend, as I had started to refer to him by now. I was amused! It seemed like some mini competition on his side.

As there was some more time for the boarding call, I walked into a store and headed directly to the part where there were Snowys in the form of stuffed toys in different sizes. “That’s just made for you, go pick it up?” I couldn’t help but smile. I asked him what he planned to buy, and soon both of us were walking around the store looking for little trinkets for his folks. While he stood at the billing counter satisfied with his purchase, I went back to pick up my Snowy. He walks past me again, saying “I’m done.. I beat you to the billing counter too.” This time, I felt a little annoyed but I wished him well.

I thought I had seen the last of him. But no, we met again at the chairs near the departure gate. He bought me a cup of coffee. This time round he sat down beside me and said, “you remind me of my sister!” I thought “cliche!” there we go again!!!

“Mine too is lazy to tie her shoe laces, is always playing games on her tablet and a big Tintin fan like you are. I hope you love coffee and chocolates” he finished offering me a cup and two long bars of Toblerone. By the time I was about to sip my coffee, they called for boarding. I did not meet him again on the flight or later after I deplaned.

Nevertheless, this stranger remains an amusing mystery..  I’ll always remember his smile, a smile that reached his eyes! 🙂🙂

Source: Strangers on the go! 3

Mundane Mondays 

When I’m trying  to read, but feel hungry and subsequently feel sleepy. I realize I’m no multitasking expert. Linking to Mundane Monday Challenge

Have you realized that Akbar and Shakespeare are contemporaries?

Let me start with a question, list 10 Mughal Emperors in Indian History? Write them down somewhere..  I’ll come back to that later, but before that I need to share with you my excitement about the title of the post.

If you put British and Indian History side by side, you’ll realize that Akbar and Shakespeare are contemporary to each other. Strange? I thought they lived in different worlds. Of course they did but those different world were their different continents separated by oceans and landmasses, and their books. However, they lived their lives almost during the same years.

Yet another just like that trivia: Queen Elizabeth died in 1603, Akbar died in 1605, Shakespeare lived a decade longer and died in 1616.

All this information when laid out in this fashion makes me feel rather excited about it in general and about these people in particular. I have never put Shakespeare and Akbar together before. I knew their dates, works and their years individually within their context, and the context of say, the East India Company and the Plymouth, but never in this way, across countries. By that same logic, two years after the second battle of Panipat was fought in 1556 Elizabeth became the Queen of England. About the same time when a 14 year old Akbar makes a statement in the battle field against Hemu. Elizabeth become Queen, and begins to consolidate her English territory, and tries to bring peace!


I’ve been reading Alex Rutherford for quite a while now. I read his first two books on Babar and Humayun, subsequently, picked up Akbar and later Jahangir. I met Rutherford while visiting a friend on her bookshelf. He appeals because Mughals are one of my favourite parts in the school history textbooks. More so because, our class 7 got an amazing history teacher that year. She made us or rather me love history (I can speak for myself and not my classmates as such) and since it all began with the Mughals, it is a special love.

Back to the question I began with. If you ask me the question name 10 Mughal Emperors I would scratch my head, because I have only studied about 7. Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurengazeb and Bahadur Shah Zafar. Now who are the other 3 if I have to complete a 10 point list. The question is not mine, but borrowed from a Quiz show held on tv. When the quiz master revealed the answers I was taken aback to see the names!

To test if I was the only one who was taken aback and puzzled by this question and ignorant about the remaining rulers, I put forth this question to an assorted group of my friends, this is a varied group who studied in different schools in different parts of India, under different school boards. I was wishing at least one of them would give me at least an 8th name. One of the first counter questions most of them asked was “how come 10, is it a list of Mughal Emperors of India or in Mughal History as a whole starting with Timur! “Aren’t they 7”  and they all listed the names they knew in chronological order.

The problem seems to lie in the way history is taught in our schools. Between Aurangazeb and Bahadur Shah Zafar there are many Mughal Emperors, but the textbooks we studied consolidated all their names into either one or two paragraphs or to a page, when these seven were given dedicated chapters. Google and you’ll find a list. I guess we need to be a little more curious, and run with history even after school is over and done with.

Coming back to excitement about the contemporaneity, that bit of information still excites me, sharing it with you, if you too like me is beginning to see the connection.

Source: Have you realized that Akbar and Shakespeare are contemporaries?

#Mondaymusings: Mush Galore!

I have a friend who mushes really well. Trust me, he is the best among a few of us currently. When I say mush, I do not mean the old word for buddy, or face, but I am thinking of those romantic & sentimental verses and words. Now the problem is two fold. When most other women drool over his mini love poems, and a few men wonder why can’t they emulate him, I sit back and guffaw! 😀 I don’t know what it is about mush and me, that I just cannot help but laugh. On the days he does not post his poems I tell him he has deprived me of a source of my daily fun 😂😂. I’ve been wondering about this lately, like precisely since I’ve become friends with this guy. ( ya ya ya there is an overload of mush since :P) Why is it that I laugh, why can’t I just go awww and say lovely little nothings.😉 now you get a glimpse, don’t you, of the problem? 😇😇 The laugh is not the sarcastic one, but of a lively hearty kind, most often thinking of the comments, likes & reactions, he will receive for his posts. And most often it turns out almost always spot on. I double up as his manager now to keep the public from going wild 😋😊😋😊😋 just kidding. What is your take on mush….. 

The Generation Gap ;)

When I try chopping green beans and when my dad does, same knife, same cutting board, #makingmasterchefs, #hungry pangs #familylineage #lazycookers #generationgap