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And it begins #mondaymusings

And it begins, this year’s monsoons. Raining, cooling, summer be gone. Be kind please, don’t harm our land and crops because we were prayering for it for so long  #monsoon #mondaymotivation #kerala #home #breakfromwork #rainvacation 


For as long as I can remember, nobody at school except for my class knew I had a younger brother. We grew up fighting over Chinese checkers, and scrabble, why didn’t you take that catch idiot! dealing the +4 card at UNO, and how couldn’t you see it was a tree, in pictionary!.. The number of chess boards MJ has thrown away after our fights can make one big room of 64 squares. She would pull us apart somehow, and say, “chechi that corner, kutts the other and one more thing, you two are not talking ever again. got it” Poor little thing that he was, after this admonition he used to find little chits make balls and throw towards my end. When MJ caught it once, she caught us planning “Chechi we’ll talk when mummy sleeps”  😀 😀 Like chalk and cheese, he grew up to be the zen guy, and me into this crazy mishmash! During one of those days, when I happened to land at his place at 4 in the morning, I found him cooking. He was chopping at something very diligently, something was already brewing on simmer in one of the wok, there was a pressure cooker about to whistle, the rice cooker was letting out some steam.. He hands me a mug of coffee, a packet of my favourite jim jam biscuits and says, “oh that’s your lunch. Your ice cream is in the fridge btw if you feel like some now.” How could he have grown up. Ain’t I the elder one to care! “You’ll be too tired to cook anything when you finally wake up. And you grow grumpy when hungry!” he smiled! “If you feel up to it, cook some dinner, or else we’ll order something!”

He was born on an August Sunday in the middle of the Kerala Monsoons, three weeks early, putting all the plans to shame! I was ecstatic at being the sista.. the big sister.. his chechi.. although years down the chechi has shortened to che! and chi!.. this kiddo is the only one in the world who gives me the thrill of the word chechi..

it isn’t august and it is not his birthday today. The prompt came from R’mom post. 

the Sun is still under his cloud cover quilt…

5.54 am. (I’m also a teeny bit surprised I’m up this side of 6). As I draw the curtains apart, I find I slept through a rainy night. It is still drizzling. The roads are soaked in the wetness and the air around feels cooler.. (It is time to take out those thinner quilts)

Out in the distance, the buildings emerge from among the clouds..the street lights are still on casting a pool of yellow light at their feet foot ;). A man in black tee and shorts with white running shoes just crossed the road towards the circle. Another man in a shade of orange tee and blue shorts will briskly catch up with him soon. A milkman passed up on a bike with his vessels full of milk… I suddenly feel like a cup of steaming hot coffee. I am tempted to put on my shoes, take a walk to the circle to get a cup of coffee on my way back at the corner shack…

But I do nothing of it. I sit on the bed with a bottle of water and watch the day emerge … from among the clouds, the canopy covered lanes,  relishing the wet air, taking in the joy of the cleaner trees and the rain drops sitting on the roofs of the cars..

ps. I’m a very #brushbeforeyoudoanythinginthemorning kind of person. I can’t begin anything until after I have cleaned my teeth and some paste has lathered the insides of my mouth. What about you..

Daily Prompt: Summer

Windowchronicles: the lady koel

She has been teasing me since morning or more aptly, since the time I woke up and looked out. She was there on this branch nearest to my window her back turned to me. I wanted her to turn a little more, at an angle, so I could get her profile.. her seventh bird sense may have warned her that I was looking at her.. staring in fact, a time when I could not even afford to blink.. she went and hid behind one of the branches.. And to her surprise, her male black koel friend was already hidden among the leaves.. She moved to an adjacent branch for some privacy. Her back turned to me again.. she never gave me as much as a face!

birds lk

Standing at the window with a camera has taught me patience or so I feel. I can stand there for minutes together.. to stare and scan the premises for hours at a stretch to catch the one glimpse of a bird that teases me with its glimpses and sounds. There are days when I feel I should look out for another place to work. The table by the window is very distracting, a bird flies by, and all I can think of on some days is about that one close look.. I may not want a picture, but I may want to see their eyes..

This her, she is the asian koel, the spotted one. She has been hopping around different branches of adjacent trees today.. teasing me to death.. I caught her on another branch, a little far way of another tree. Until she decides to fly near my window, I can listen to her amidst the noises these tree branches make while they sway in the rain laden winds.. Nature seems to be in a relaxed mood today, drenched and clean.. there is a calmness that the rain has brought to them, quenching their thirst and wiping off the heat from their surfaces.. they are looking cooler in their tidy greens..

She teases me again, she just flew past my window! That woman is very naughty. But this time round, she turned her head and looked my way, I saw her eyes, a blood red, is it?

Fleeting thgts …

There are times when a phrase becomes a post. Today could have been one such, if only I could remember it right at this moment when I am trying to key it in to this page! That thought flew in and flew out that moment.. and it does not seem to make an appearance, at least for the time being…!

I’ve been thinking what it was that I was going to write about.. it was something general, like the concept post, earlier this week on the Monday, as part of the musing. That post began with that sentence that popped in my head, I remember saying it out loud to myself to hear how it sounded! and then I nodded in affirmation. My friend who sat with me at the mess table nodded as well. Which sentence? the one that says “it is difficult to adjust with people who have concepts!” and the post developed out of it.

May be, just may I did not say it out loud today when the thought came in, therefore it fleeted out. Next time I’ll be more careful. I can also make it a routine to say it out loud, so I remember better, and then all of it comes back to me when I sit down with this page open to tell you about it…

Now what was it today! I’m stuck at that thought still. Can’t help it. I have this habit of going back to the moment I saw a person or heard a conversation when I see or hear them again.. The crazy part about today is, I can remember the surroundings, I can even smell that air, hear the sounds, that pit patter of the drizzle that lasted for 5 minutes but can’t seem to remember the thought. I was reading an article, and the thought flew in as I was looking out of the window then, the rain had caught my eye! so had that spider on the sill! there was a phrase. I had even formed a few sentences around it.. and then the rain stopped, the spider hurried into some hole, the pigeon flew in to peck at the mosquito net at the window, I went back to my article….. and the thought, it fleeted away ..

June Photo a Day: June 17 – Centered

cropped-monsoons-on-the-roads.jpg Monsoons on the roads...

Since I am obsessed with this view and this photograph since yesterday, it takes centre stage in my life for yet another day, now on the blog as well after Facebook. What’s the story,  you ask, a trio, rain romantics at that, roamed in the rains that threw cats and dogs from high above.

A lazy Sunday romantic rain habit 🙂 Climb to the landing of the sky walk, and stand there gazing up at the cloudy skies, misty skyline and enjoying the traffic from down below.

#June Photo a Day Prompt June 17 – Centered #Thursday Photo Challenge – Large (Tall, Long, Big, High …)