Who is a friend? Monday is. Because that’s a day I look forward to begin a million little and big things. 

The thoughts count 🤓


#MondayMusings – Train Journeys

#I’m in love with those train journeys where I get to board late at night around supper time, sleep off and wake up to see I have reached the station. Cochin-Bangalore and Cochin- Madras is such a pleasure that way! Board at 10, get into the bunk, sleep off, and wake up to Bengaluru city or Chennaipattanam!

#The point is I need to wake up to my station, I don’t want to sit and wait anymore. I don’t mind boarding at 3 in the evening as well. That’s Bombay-Hyderabad trains for you.

#I feel irritated when after waking up in the morning, I need to wait for another half a day more for the station to arrive. That was how the Cochin-Hyderabad journey on the Sabari Express usually was.

#But the best part was returning home from Hyd in Sabari when Coimbatore was over. That’s when the colour of the greenery outside changed and Kerala began. The feeling of stepping into home with the colour of green grass 😀

# that navy guy who slept on the upper berth who never used the steps to climb up or climb down.

#the two mothers with their toddlers who fought over who is the better kid and parent!!!

#those endless games of UNO with fellow passengers, and the Ticket Collector looks suspicious whether we were gambling

#the tasty tomato soup that comes by which my dad says is made from rice water!

#those vendors who bring in those little samosas when the train stops in nowhere land an hour before it shunts into Sec’bad.

#that double decker a/c express with green interiors between Bombay-Ahm I fell in love with, and fall in love with all over again every time I travel that way.

#that moment when I saw Kurukshetra and wanted to step out to feel mythology

#that time when the train was 12 hours late, and I found Igatpuri


#Mondaymusings: Mush Galore!

I have a friend who mushes really well. Trust me, he is the best among a few of us currently. When I say mush, I do not mean the old word for buddy, or face, but I am thinking of those romantic & sentimental verses and words. Now the problem is two fold. When most other women drool over his mini love poems, and a few men wonder why can’t they emulate him, I sit back and guffaw! 😀 I don’t know what it is about mush and me, that I just cannot help but laugh. On the days he does not post his poems I tell him he has deprived me of a source of my daily fun 😂😂. I’ve been wondering about this lately, like precisely since I’ve become friends with this guy. ( ya ya ya there is an overload of mush since :P) Why is it that I laugh, why can’t I just go awww and say lovely little nothings.😉 now you get a glimpse, don’t you, of the problem? 😇😇 The laugh is not the sarcastic one, but of a lively hearty kind, most often thinking of the comments, likes & reactions, he will receive for his posts. And most often it turns out almost always spot on. I double up as his manager now to keep the public from going wild 😋😊😋😊😋 just kidding. What is your take on mush….. 

Curious me 6.10 #mondaymusings!

“I’d love to talk to someone who ‘gets’ me, for hours on end, but everyone I know, including the partner seems too busy to even talk for minutes!” 14055003_1753235398249483_6752817582560559684_n

Happened to see this comment today, and I wondered .. is it a concern? if it is or it is not! another pressing question is, what kind of conversation ..

So, my list of curious questions then…

  • Do you have people around you with whom you feel comfortable to talk to for hours at a stretch? with whom you don’t feel bored of listening and talking to?
  • Does one have to be loquacious to be talking this long? is that a requirement (I’m just asking, there is a perception, therefore :P)
  • or is this long conversation some kind of a fantasy that will never be fulfilled and we will be left craving!

PS.  let’s keep the initial days of courtship talk out of this one. All that romantic mush does not count!

ps1. Please refrain from liking the post if you are not planning to comment (as if you’ll listen to me :))



Stranger than fiction 😂😎

Blog a rhythm | What is stranger than fiction, the handwriting that makes that fiction!
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Priorities! #Mondaymusings

The three triggers are Akhila’s post about time,  Harsh’s post on masks, and three, the FB memory that popped up this morning on my timeline.


The answer lies in the picture itself. it is all about priorities! May be I am naive that I believe in a certain level of honesty. Therefore, I have never understood when people avoid people by saying they are busy! There goes mask number one on the faces of the listener and the speaker. Then why is that these so called busy people are put on higher pedestals when they are in fact not open about their feelings! or may be it is just me! I am the mad one around who thinks that mouthing busy is equivalent to some expletive, and feel very awkward when people say such!

The point is you don’t need to tell/explain to me you are busy. I assume everybody is, all of us have our work cut out, just because I am seen online all the time or somebody else is seen on another social networking site, or somebody else is always available to chat on whatsapp or seen posting on FB, or somebody is always there to listen to you over a call, does not mean they have less important work to do in their lives. In fact, it just means the opposite, it means they are prioritizing you, they are making time from their life to spend with you. Therefore, when I find these people who do not go about saying they are busy, but are, and who also find time to do everything they can for themselves and others, I kind of keep them very close. Because they are precious! They become my priority 😀


And I went WOW! #mondaymusings

“Do you know Pins I liked you a lot that day when you first hugged me,” I looked up puzzled from whatever I was reading, she had my full attention then. Though we have been around each other and had common friends, we were never acquainted! But once we started to talk much later there were so many things to discuss and argue out!🤗 That said, I didn’t have the faintest idea what she was talking about at this flash eureka moment! I left it at that because she didn’t continue, but after a while .. “Don’t you remember that day I had returned from the government hospital next to Arthur Jail after admitting my roommate for chicken pox! It was a hectic day!” This conversation was getting weirder by the moment, I thought she was turning delusional because of over work and stress! She gave one of her brilliant smiles at my almost puzzled look, “I know you wouldn’t but I do.” I had started doodling by now, all the interest in the document I was trying to make sense of was long gone, waiting (patiently) for her to reveal what is.. “I bumped into you and P in the corridor, I had directly come to the department from the hospital, all flushed… I was running late for my duty, P was really irritated at my explanation, remember. She even stepped back when I mentioned chicken pox.” Was she making this up, I wondered.. “But, you, woman, you didn’t know me from anywhere before that…. you came forth, held me and said, go to your room, get some sleep. I’ll stand in for you today. It was not even your course!”

“I did what😮😮😮.. Really😄😄😄? I don’t even remember ya..” “yes, you did, one of my fondest memories of you..😍”

One of those moments I went wow at myself, the fact that I didn’t remember it made it extra special. But this made me quite wary because of the impact an unconscious/small gesture could leave on someone, good and bad! All of us will have some such or a fond memory…. Share if you are comfortable ..

Disclaimer: not self promotional in any which way 😂  need to keep a count of the people I hug!😋😋😂😁😀

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Running with kites and ice candy

13439179_10209538624720524_6918929968065842659_nOf all the books I have read so far, I will not re-read the Kite Runner! It took a month or more for me to get out of that book after I finished reading it. In addition to it being one of my longest reads I’ve undertaken so far. The trauma Hosseini describes was getting to me so much and becoming so real, that I had to stop reading, take a break, do some thing for a fresh vibe, and then get back. Sometimes I wonder why I took the pains to finish reading it after all the catharsis it made me go through. But it is with some books, like it is with some people, they entice you.. and drag you back into them, and then make you feel the pain!

The Ice Candy Man comes a close second. Earth wasn’t as cathartic as the novel, even though Aamir Khan played his devious part pretty well. But the read, as a standalone as well as companions to Kartography and Noor, spelled trouble for me. I’ve already re-read it once. But that would be it, I guess. Urvasi Bhutalia’s The Other Side of Silence can make up the third which is a collection of memoirs of people who experience the Partition! Let me add Manto’s short story Khol Do to this list. The link takes you to the story online!

#MondayMusingsGoes without saying that reading experience of these pieces is such because they are written really well. It affects the senses it targets in the reader! Some books need to read just once, their impression lasts for a lifetime.

If I could unread a book so I could read it again for the first time, give me Harry Potter – Book 1, I would love to be mesmerized again entering Diagon Alley and Platform 10 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, give me a Phantom, or Tintin or Batman! The fact is, I never get tired of Harry Potter or these comics, or Blyton stories, or Alice in Wonderland, or Midnight’s Children or…  I’ve lost count of the many times I’ve re-read them even when I have known the story from any where in the book. I’ll add Shaffer’s epistolary Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and Cussler’s Trojan Odyssey, the book that introduced me to who else but the ever so dashing, Dirk Pitt.

July begins with books! Re-read, un-read or your Current Read. Let’s makes a list.

Mera Kuch Samaan ..

. in the voice of Asha Bhosle.. from RD Burman for the film Ijjazat (1987) ) written & directed by Gulzar of memories of time spent together, her samaan (her things).

Have always found this song beautiful. A friend of mine used to sing this so well, I used to make her sing this song all the time 🙂 I’ve read that Asha Bhosle was reluctant to sing this song because she thought it was not her style, but see the beauty of it all when all of them agreed on it … !

Mera (my) kuch (a few) samaan (things) translates to “I’ve left behind a few of my things with you,” she says. She was his lover. As he reads more from her letter, he realizes her things (samaan) she left behind are her memories of time & days they were together, she begins to list .. like a couple of days during rhe rains .. Another song that comes to mind is
“Sawan barse tarse dil kyon naa nikale ghar se dil” … I think it has Akshay Khanna in the lead, not sure.

Rain songs these are evoking memories between people, between partners, ex partners, very much in love, lovers .. What is love, you ask,
love is that very private something
two people have between them!
The time they have spent together
Only they can know of,
Only they can recollect …
Only they cherish…
That which brings that smile
Whenever they think of,
say rain ..

The featured pic: is of a memorable day I met Gulzar in the airport, he was travelling to Cochin with his family to celebrate his birthday! The book is a gift from a very dear (blog) friend, without whom my Bangalore memories seem incomplete 😘😍, a suppper hyper Gulzar addict she is. You’ll love her writing, hop on. If she loves you, she’ll cook up some marvels, share her books, give you songs every day to listen to. 😊😄


Let’s go for chai!

Cutting Chai source: google images

And most often than not, most of us are up, sling bags on, wallets in the pocket, walking out of the lab down the staircase to one of the canteens. Once there we may not drink chai at all. We may order for a samosa or a chicken puffs or a cup of coffee, extra strong, sometimes stronger, two cups may be three… or a cool drink from the refrigerator or a packet of piri piri.

Even then, none of us would say let’s go for a cool drink, or let’s go for a samosa.

Let’s go for chai has become a metaphor for a break… a jargon so called we carry around among us for which our response is, in 5 or just had .. or may be after an hour..

Let’s go for chai becomes that point at which a break becomes the ventilation to exhale the clutter of the working mind to take in newer ideas.. brainstorm some thing else, chat a little, gossip some more… give the mind some air… some other conversations outside work so that we can come back refreshed, may be fresher than we were a few minutes ago at the laptop or the reading table or the lab to continue with our work. The walk down to one of the canteens, the outside of the lab.. newer faces.. and the face of the canteen fellow.. who knows exactly how you want your coffee… let’s go for chai, in 4 words sums it all up..

So, shall we…  🙂

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