I prefer to shop, and visit museums alone, without the company of anyone else because I don’t want to be hurried. Otherwise, it should be with somebody who is as interested and invested in these activities as I am.. which is rare. Plus I don’t want to feel guilty for making people wait! πŸ˜‰

I take a really long time especially at museums, go thru all the specimen displayed, read whatever has to be read, listen to all the rumours and gossips about the objects.. however, my time for shopping varies, I can be as quick as 15 minutes, or take half a day ..


#MondayMusings: Day 1 (whisper tales)

More than any day, today I’d like it to be off. Crampy all over, I’d love to be in bed sleeping, the rains and the chill it brings along does nothing to reduce the cramps or/and that irritating ache all thru the middle of my body since this morning. Many of my girls and I have had this conversation before. We know, since we all go thru these crampy feelings… they are like waves, you see, for a few of us, it is nauseaous, giddy, rolling in pain, for the rest, it seems like a mild headache. The point is, it varies.. We all have an understanding. When she says, it will start soon, it pretty much means get a hot water bag ready, and the bed cosy! But then we’ve also discussed how many of us can’t go and tell our bosses or people we report to about these monthly crampiness. The hospital does not even give a certificate for this breaking down of blood vessels we face, it is a bodyily function recurring every month until a ripe old age for every other woman. Even a common cold fetches a medical certificate.. Things change now with this idea of a period leave. Will it? I hope so. 

I’m ravenously hungry and sleepy in the days that lead to my cycle. Over this weekend when I called my brother and told him, I’m very hungry, he had a kettle boiling on the stove and a meal of some of my comfort food ready. We have grown up together, he knows how I feel during those days, so does the rest of my small family, and a few of my close friends. But then I’ve friends who have been extremely secretive about their cycle, esp to the men in their lives until… With this period leave, it is a secret that opens to the world. “We could even predict ovulation” like a friend and I joked the other day. Now what.. I wonder how many women born and brought in this secretive set up would actually come forth and take up a leave on the day 1. Days which they have been told are taboo, days which restrict them to enter and exit places & rooms, touch and not touch things, not even offer prayers because they have been deemed impure.. Is it a good, is it a revolution .. It may be. Will it open mind and mindsets.. Hope so, too. 

Mera Kuch Samaan ..

. in the voice of Asha Bhosle.. from RD BurmanΒ for the filmΒ Ijjazat (1987) ) written & directed by Gulzar of memories of time spent together, her samaan (her things).

Have always found this song beautiful. A friend of mine used to sing this so well, I used to make her sing this song all the time πŸ™‚Β I’ve read that Asha Bhosle was reluctant to sing this song because she thought it was not her style, but see the beauty of it all when all of them agreed on it … !

Mera (my) kuch (a few) samaan (things) translates to “I’ve left behind a few of my things with you,” she says. She was his lover. As he reads more from her letter, he realizes her things (samaan) she left behind are her memories of time & days they were together, she begins to list .. like a couple of days during rhe rains .. Another song that comes to mind is
“Sawan barse tarse dil kyon naa nikale ghar se dil” … I think it has Akshay Khanna in the lead, not sure.

Rain songs these are evoking memories between people, between partners, ex partners, very much in love, lovers .. What is love, you ask,
love is that very private something
two people have between them!
The time they have spent together
Only they can know of,
Only they can recollect …
Only they cherish…
That which brings that smile
Whenever they think of,
say rain ..

The featured pic: is of a memorable day I met Gulzar in the airport, he was travelling to Cochin with his family to celebrate his birthday! The book is a gift from a very dear (blog) friend, without whom my Bangalore memories seem incomplete 😘😍, a suppper hyper Gulzar addict she is. You’ll love her writing, hop on. If she loves you, she’ll cook up some marvels, share her books, give you songs every day to listen to. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„