Over scrambled eggs and onion paratha!

“How come you two are friends now?” πŸ™„ “the last time I was there, I thought you two couldn’t see eye to eye! Whose idea was it to mend the fence?” she demanded an answer!

One of the things he told her was don’t expect him to come along to meet her! I thought he was a useless show off! He thought of me as high and mighty. She had to make separate time to be with the both of us. To see us together then over a plate of food tagged on FB after the trouble we put her through, thank god she didn’t think of a Harry Potter spell.

I think what happened is we finally met, and talked. We met over a plate of scrambled eggs and onion paratha from the adjacent canteen. I had walked down to pick up dinner after my midnight deadline. He was there chatting with a close friend of mine, after a game. It was already 1 am! But we sat down to dinner, and started talking, ordered another round of paratha and eggs.. When the canteen was closing at 3, they asked us if we wanted anything more. The lights were off, but the three of us sat there and talked … Then we started to walk. We walked to the teashop outside the gate. It was nearly 5. We went to the lab and played rounds of UNO. By the time it was 7.30 we walked back to the hostel for some coffee. After a good day’s sleep, we met again in the evening. This time, he brought his friends, I brought mine. Thinking back to that day, I always think, it was a meeting not of two people, but two big groups of friends, who had somehow never met. Our gang just became one, and bigger, more people added to the WhatsApp group, more birthdays to celebrate, more popcorn to share, more calls to make when something is planned!

She couldn’t stop laughing! “I’ll take the two of you to court” she says “nuts!” I think that is the link, we got to know! When she came down this time, she was sitting amongst all of us..Β She is a common friend, a friend’s friend to me, but a very close friend of his, now we are one small big family πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Song in a loop: Bohemian Rapsody (Queen) & you need to watch this magic trick