Edmund Dantes 😍

Ever since I met Edmund Dantes in school, I’ve liked him a lot. I think it was in class 3 or 4 when the school librarian handed over an abridged The Count of Monte Cristo to me. I enjoyed every bit of the book especially the part where he tunnelled through with the Abbé Faria to escape the Chateau d’lf  off the Marseille’s Bay, learned new languages and history, and that part of the treasure hidden on a island. I read the original sometime in high school, and it remains one of my favourite books till date. So, when I accidently pick up a book by Archer, and come across a plot where the protagonist Danny is falsely accused in a homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment where he shares a cell with Nick who looks very similar to him… Bingo… I look for Dantes! And good of Archer to mention Dantes in the text as a way of acknowledgement. 

Re-reading my fav parts from Monte Cristo. 

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