Waxes n Wanes

One of those nights after dinner, I walk into my room, and the moon awaits.. surrounded by the clouds, amidst the eucalyptus leaves, there in the sky..it is a sight to behold, especially when the room is dark, and the door opens directly to the window.. I can sit for hours courting to the moon.. watching it rise up in the sky…

There is a bridge at the extreme end of campus from where I can see the moonset in the wee hours of the morning a little before the sun rises. I wake up and I’m on the bridge often to say goodbye to the moon, and also to welcome the sun. Bliss

Daily Prompt: Moon (Can’t resist when it is about the moon)

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Some people come into our lives to make us feel good about things, some people don’t. Irrespective of the situation and all the shades from the good to the bad reasons, there are memories associated with both these sets of people.

I agree.

I have lost many a friend over the years for reasons known and unknown..

I have lost phones with entire contact lists with no backup.

And during those times and later I’ve come to realize the irrelevant information stored in our lives and our phones just there to take up some space which could have been given to somebody else or some other thing. I have many friends who are allergic to mobile phones, emails and Facebook, together and separately. Keeping in touch with them is the real task in case of losing a phone…

…but how I work it out then is, if we are meant to be, we will somehow and get in touch… or as they say, “…the universe conspires… ”

Stretching this idea out a little bit more…there is something about some people we have known for many years and were really attached to for some reason, then fall apart and go different ways for some other odd reason(s).. There are a few moments we remember them at times, the good times we spent together mostly…

…..but then we let go, …..especially when we have explicitly taken the decision and thrown somebody out of our system, consciously, for specific reasons, to move on.….. If that is the case, call me dumb, I’m surprised you are reading and commenting on my posts when you just hate me! I would not be doing that if I were you😉 and am not! but you are not me, nor my friend anymore therefore may be, I cannot empathize! If it is for a response, here you go I have responded! And wow, I still take up your mind, life and blogspace interesting.. ! Stay obsessed. 

Daily Prompt: Obsessed!

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“You have no idea how good it is to see you again.. ” (210) #HarryPotterAndTheCursedChild

When the Amazon guy came in yesterday, he told me a bunch of rubbish, I didn’t find it “beatiful at all” He didn’t have the card swiping machine and I didn’t have enough cash to pay. We had a fight. I gave him a piece of my mind. I was so furious I had to take a break to get my cool back. This morning at around 9 the guy calls me again and says, “Madam, I have the machine, when should I come.” He came within 10 minutes, gave me the package, I paid. We became friends over harry potter, and a pack of yumfills. It has been a lovely day today, meeting Harry, Ron and Hermoine, all over again after so many years through the new and old writing. In a very blissful state at the moment, having finished reading something I had craved for, and musing over characters, places, certain paragraphs, sentences, quotes, and their camaraderie, sharing it with friends who have already read, who are reading still. It has been an interesting day so far. Hugs to all the HP fans 🙂 doesn’t it all come down to that finally. 😉 (no spoilers)

Ok, one spoiler, can’t resist .. when Hermione and Scorpius reply together and Ron says “Blimey! there are two of them .. ” well I thought of Quaid’s reaction in the Parent Trap (1998)b391f2ad72f9a313a7e86faf2a44012f


Caught Red-Handed #Bar-a-thon

caught blue handed

When FB caught me red handed with hands painted blue and called me studious 😀 😛 😛 :D…. I’m laughing out… if this indeed be my studious side, I wonder (what’s the opposite of studious) side would be like, FB can we have another of your memes highlighting that aspect😀 However, considering that the said pic was taken at 2 in the morning after a group of us finished prep for a surprise party the next day, that can be called studious, after all, by the dictionary definition 😛

all hands on deck

So what were we up to? It was our friend’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate. We thought over chai and cups of coffee for about 10 minutes, dissed the usual midnight surprise, cake cutting, bumps and kicks, and then .. we thought why not, the night is young at 8.15 pm. Off we went and bought black tees and paint, to draw on each tee a phrase our birthday boy often used to say, made as many tees as we were, one for the birthday boy as well, wore them to work in the morning, walked around in it the whole day, celebrating our friend’s birthday. Here you go, a glimpse of one of the tees we drew out that day. 🙂 ————-.———————————————- what’s the phrase, Apparently, one doesn’t know 🙂


BarAThon Challenge

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Why do you blog?

Give me a thought/s..  do you blog for sending out your writing into the world, or because you have too many thoughts running in your head.., or because you want to be liked .. or you want to be followed, or you want to interact with people, or to find your spouse (you never know :P).. or you want to really know what people feel about certain things or because you want to make a statement, or because of other reasons which I can’t think of right now.. why do you blog.. and on the other hand, why do you like and comment? tell me that as well.. asking too many questions to make sure whether you have read the post or not 😀 😛

1ca68edb76f0bfe159ec8244b6c6f8da (1)I just need to write, so I do. I care for bloggers who take time out, read posts, understand the bluff in it and have their say. That said, you come and like 10 posts of mine in under a minute, or you agree with everything I say even when I am talking utter crap I may not look very kindly at you, because you and I know why you just went on that liking spree and made those comments.. but at the end of the day, I think I blog to talk to people.

I’ve made some friends for life kinds through this space, have had some mind blowing conversations, nonsense and otherwise .. so I like that very much about this activity.

I’m done.. you need to speak up…



“Between your fingers you hold a stone and throw it into flowing water. The effect might not be easy to see. There will be a small ripple where the stone breaks the surface and then a splash, muffled by the rush of the surrounding river…Throw a stone into a lake. The effect will be not only visible but also far more lasting. The stone will disrupt the still waters …If a stone hits a river, the river will treat it as yet another commotion in its already tumultuous course. Nothing unusual. Nothing unmanageable. If a stone hits a lake, however, the lake will never be the same again…”

I get all romantic and mushy when it comes to water, may be water is my that elusive boyfriend who loves me to bits..who makes me ripple, who makes me send out steam.. see how my prose is going to bits 😛 😛 😛

One of the best descriptions I have read about water and that has stayed with me after years is from Anita Nair’s novel the Ladies Coupe. Even if I don’t remember anything else about it, I remember that bit about the chemistry teacher, her crossword loving husband and her rambles on water, water that loves, water that kills, water that breathes, water .. go find the book and read it, much better than me paraphrasing it for you. The above quote is yet another description I have read and re-read many times over, that has stayed with me. It is from the Preface of The Forty Rules of Love.. I must tell you I never went beyond this bit, not even till the end of the preface, but that stone and the ripple remain in my head somewhere, to be recalled anytime anybody brings up anything about water.. I guess water is my one and only love!

Cosmic law ..

The cosmic law. For I believe

if you have wronged me

when I was most faithful to you

the universe will let you know some day.

I keep quiet, I may not react …

sadder I feel

when I know you’ll be punished […] some day.

the gravity, you’ll  realize

it is difficult to face your conscience, then

easier it was facing me, eye to eye!

without the lies!!!

Daily Prompt: Punishment


Curious me #357

I am thinking about what I may mean to people around me, at least some of you. Largely, I have felt I am one of those go to people you can call anytime for anything, to listen to, laugh along with, share something with, find a solution for… At times, I end up being your strength. Almost like, she’s here now, she’ll take care. d8c86dfded89f6931a20a2d5875e7779

Over the years I have found that on days when I go down the dumps which is very rare, most people around me are at a loss as to what to do with me if I have a public melt down! So to put them out of such a predicament, I close my door and sit inside until I have figured out what let me down. Many of the people around wouldn’t have even seen me not happy for that matter! But these are states just I know of and may be one or two, more, and I’m grateful for them who try their best to get me back up like I do when they are out..! I may be very wrong about it, but some vibes here and there tell me, these could be true..😚😚

What do you think you are to people around you …

Silly Paste Stuff ..

  1. I can’t think straight or do anything in life if I don’t brush my teeth first thing in the morning after I wake up.
  2. If I am awake and it is already 10.15 and I haven’t had even a sip of water to drink, it just means I haven’t brushed yet! 😀 😀
  3. I can’t talk to people even over the phone before I brush.
  4. Can’t even send across messages over whatsapp! or Tweet 😛 (you get the drift)
  5. If I am awake at 5 in the morning and replying to your comments on the blog the possibilities are, I have woken up and brushed or haven’t gone to bed yet 😀 😛
  6. I feel pukish if I see somebody brushing their teeth, I close my eyes shut if I see them doing that on a movie screen! For what joy do they shoot such scenes 😦 yikes!
  7. I feel all that lather that forms due the the friction of the bristles, the teeth and the paste will just spray like those rain water that misses going down into the drain. Washbasin people .. don’t walk around!
  8. I once asked my friend to get me a toothpaste with three colours. She returned with the paste, but said that was the last time she was buying me paste as the super market folks thought she was a crackpot looking for such
  9. I always prefer close-up to colgate, I have no clue why, and coloured paste to pasty white ones  😀
  10. I have one of those  close-up kind of smiles! 😀

Inspired from Sreedeep’s post of silly superstitions 😀

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Where to draw that line!

Where to draw that line!

I don’t know..

I go overboard,

almost all the time

without thinking

what the other may feel

and then it comes back

What am I doing, like I please

Where to draw that line

I don’t just really know

May be, just may be

that’s my flaw

that’ll lead me

down to tragedy!

-so says, the drama queen 😀 😛

Edited to add: I like the way how all of you, who commented, has interpreted the drawing the line and the overboard part. The thought did come up from a personal level, wanted to know how all of you felt about it .. 🙂 Nevertheless, I think a restrain is a good tool to have in any relationship for its stability and longevity.