M :#atozchallenge

The long weekend, the holidays, the celebrations, the films of television, the IPL matches… And too many other things running through my head I nearly forgot to look out for a post on M. But the moment MJ began to prep for her garam masala, I did šŸ˜ 


K: #atozchallenge17

I found this an adorable picture. Isn’t it not cute? Little Lord Krishna is present in person to show the kani (the first auspicious sight of the day/new year) to Jesus Christ. This year the Hindu festival of Vishu and the commeration of the crucifixion of Christ, Good Friday, fall on the same day, tomorrow, April 14. 

The most important part of Vishu is Kani. Kani is the first thing you see on the day. A visual treat is set up with all the prosperous things, most of the prosperousity is in the colour of gold and yellow. The treat will have yellow vegetables – gourds, melons & fruits, yellow flowers, rice grains, gold coins, ornaments set around Lord Krishna in traditional golden colour vessels. Then mom/dad wakes each one of us, covers our eyes with the palm of their hands and walks us to the room where this kani is set. 

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K for kani. 

I : #atozchallenge’17

I is always for ice cream … #atozchallenge that’s a Natural Ice cream – Mango. Natural is a very Bombay brand, known for their tender coconut flavour. I also love their jackfruit flavour. But these days I am all for mango ice cream, whatever the brand.

When I was younger and even now, people who know we say I’m all ice cream because I heart ice creams. 

Go ahead, have a scoop of ice cream & chill your souls 

Another H to end the day

A: #AtoZ ChallengeĀ 

Since I can’t say A for coffee, I’ll tweak it and say, A for Assam tea. You can ignore the original from the board šŸ™‚ what’s my theme? Well, I’ll key you into it tomorrow, if I post on something similar.. 

a-z challenge 2017