My first tryst with nosepins & rings came during those events at the dance school during school days. They were a mandatory part of the styling of a dancer for a performance. I used to feel uncomfortable especially with the nosepins to be worn between the nostrils. It used to start me on a intense sneezing session that usually ended in the pin flying off with an ultra violent sneeze.

I’d like to go back to dancing, learning to begin with. I had restarted it a few years ago, the adrenaline rush it brings in to push myself to dance at a stretch, sweat dripping, heavy breathing resulting in a kind of an unexplainable joy. That…

I’ve been thinking of wearing nosepins recently, I like the lotus and peacock designs in silver the best. I may, I may not.. because it is about the nosepins, I may not pierce at all, to avoid the pain, stick to my no pain policy on the body, I can always use a clip on.



What flowers do you like.. i’m a big fan of baby pink and pink carnations … ☺️

The jackfruit …

Jackfruit or chakka as we call it in the Malayalam language. One of my favourites, so much so that my mom calls me chakka kodichi. Kodichi loosely translates to a drooler (in this case jackfruit) sort of .. I’ll find the nearest word and get back.

Picked it up from the market.. yellow heaven, yum. Yum yum. My night is made.

A dosa lover!

I thought these were mirchi bajjis (green chilli fritters) in cutting chai (tea) glasses with chutney! They turned out to be chicken sausages deep fried in besan (gram flour).


And then one day everything falls into place …


The intruder!

I was sitting by the window, clutching my cup of piping hot coffee, looking at something out there .. in came the cat through the window. I screamed!

Harmless creature though this one, it came in, walked towards the closed door in the background of my scream and utter paralysis, leisurely it lay down until the door was opened.

Woke me up! The coffee takes a second seat today!


My morning breakfast was the left over Vada pav from last night embellished with a slice of cheese, a chicken salami, freshly chopped coriander leaves and sausages

Poha …

I love to begin my day with a plate of poha (flattened rice) or (aval upma as a Malayalee would call it) with extra finely chopped onions & coriander leaves and a tablespoon full of freshly grated coconut. I didn’t have groundnuts today, so this one comes without them.

How do you like to start you day with ..

Dosa ..

Yes, dosa. Dosas have been an integral part of my life as a staple breakfast, an evening 4 o clock snack, a quick snappy supper, or the ever ready meal for any body who drops in, or people at home… Dosa has always been that trusting friend, non fussy, goes with a chutney (dip) or a sambar (a lentils and mix veg runny dish), or the mix lentil powders ..

Any fav that has stuck with you ..


There was this one visit home, I think I was returning from a conference in Pune or was it Nasik, I’m not sure, I craved making bread. All through my flight the only thought that crossed my mind was the oven, the baking, and the bread. The yearning for bread was so much I thought I’d collapse if I didn’t make any asap I reached home. I hoped there would be packets of active yeast at home, and there was. 4 days at home, 4 days of baking bread, my folks were fed up with my bread mania.

In the picture is a batch of garlic pull apart buns, almost ready to go into the oven. I used the Halogen Oven, the latest addition to the kitchen, and quite surprisingly the results were goody good in spite of my doubts. I added a few last minute additions — a handful of hard boiled quail eggs… when it reached the table, I called it the eggy garlic pull apart buns.