No words to explain. Taste it if you are near one of these icecream counters. 


So world book day today… Sending all of you who love to read a happy day. Which brings me to, what kind of a reader are you? Does that question sound weird? 

I have my reading days where I cannot put down a book, and continue reading without a care for food or drink, rain or shine. Then there are those set of days when I have my reading blocs where I wouldn’t touch a book if I can help it. Then there are days in between where I have a book or two around me which I’ll be reading from. My prof tells me to read at least 1000 words a day, and read three books at the same time, a morning, lunch and evening book varying in plot, its degree of intensity and genre. 

I just finished reading “The Killing of Polly Carter” a few days ago. A breeze of a read, a very similar style to Agathe Christie kind of murder mysteries and solving them. It reminded me of one of Mrs Marple’s cases she solved in the Caribbean when she was on vacation. 

Breaking fast on Sunday …

Breaking the night long fast on Sunday morning with Poori, one of my all time go to items if I have to pick from a menu. I wake up at breakfast time on Sundays whenever the hostel folks serve any kind of poori…. 

The timing of things!Β 

A friend and I were reading up on this famous war journalist, Martha Gelhorn, a few weeks ago. In the beginning the name didn’t ring a bell, but over the hour we learnt she was one of the pioneers in war journalism in the last century who covered every war during her active lifetime. The coincidence of all this, is when another friend of mine brought a book, a collection of war articles, written by Ernest Hemingway, to our book meet totally unaware of my earlier reading.

Gelhorn and Hemingway were married for a brief period during the 1940s. I’m amused at the timing of things. 

First I get to read about Gelhorn, her adventures as a journalist, bits and pieces from her articles, her association with Hemingway who inspired her to write about the Spanish War which catapulted her into this field… And then to receive a collection of Hemingway articles … Lovely! 

More of the Rainbow Cake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

#Earthday breakfast this morning πŸ™‚

R: #atozchallenge’17

The cake is special because the person who gave it to me is somebody special. If you are anywhere in Bombay, walk straight into a Theo store and order these lovelies in a mug and enjoy the smoothness … 

Shall I be your Summer’s Day …Β 

“… a trickle of hot sweat rolled from his cheek, down his neck and into his shirt collar, and suddenly every inch of his skin under his suit seemed to prickle from the blistering heat…” (79) The Killing of Polly Carter, Robert Thorogood. 

Tell me a fav line from the book you are reading. I found this an apt description of what I feel when I’m out in the sun these days. And Thorogood has put its scorching hot and I want to take a shower right now feeling into words. 

How to eat ..

How to eat is as important as what is in our plate. My colleague came back from Kerala and complained that she choked on the puttu I lovingly talk about as it was very dry. It turns out she ordered puttu but didn’t order anything with it and therefore she ate it as is πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„, she was too shy to ask around how to eat it. Often thats our problem. Haven’t there been times when many of us have been caught in a similar situation?

So here you go, one of the many ways to relish puttu, one of my favourite combinations – mash the ripe bananas into it, so that none of you will choke on it dry when you find it served on your plate. 

P: #atozchallenge17

The puttu, when coarsely ground rice powder and grated coconut mixed together is layered, steamed in a mould of our choice.

The Ball Curry #keralacuisine

Ball Curry, as we call it, is minced meat rolled into balls and slow cooked in coconut milk. A very Kottayam Christian dish served with rice.