Lazy Fridays!

Some days are beautifully lazy. The non stop rain, the wind in the leaves, the darker skies makes it just right, if it is the first thing in the morning to wake up to😊 to add to that, it is Friday…, the weekend beginner. What more reason does one need to be lazy.. one of those days when I love my own space, the wind outside the window, the music in the room, the book in my hands, the coffee in the cup on the table, the kettle almost whislting its up boiling water, a plate of my fav food and minimal interactions with the humans around me, real, reel or virtual or ghostly

… Bliss! 

return if possible.. 

Or restart from up there and turn a speaker towards our earth … 

It seems like most of us grew up listening to the same songs.. It is numbing to hear about a death, more numbing to feel that I feel numbed by it.. Attachments I’ve never realized I’ve ever had, bonds forged over sounds and words put together.. Over repeated rounds of songs… 

And I think, I have become less human, humane…even though my heart is torn apart because this man is no more!

 You tried so hard, but you had to fall… Rest in peace, but return if possible. There is this whole bunch waiting.. 

Wow!l but not so wowable! 

Baby Mynah

There was this baby myna, it sat on one of the rungs of the metal ladder placed near the gate in the garden. Looking out into the rain, it seemed, all puffed up into a ball… A little cold it felt, but there was that sparkle in its eyes…. 


when was the last time 

So … Let’s do a count, what say… Or add anything else to..

Nomadic wanderer

when was the last time you

spent the night on the beach with your loved ones ?

watched the rain from the window sipping your coffee?

read and nice book and discussed about it with others?

when was the last time you travelled enjoying the journey forgetting your destination?

when was the last time you spoke with a stranger and made a connection?

when was the last time you spent time with someone forgetting your phone?

when was the last time you wrote something for your loved one ?

when was the last time you went on a long drive just for the fun of driving ?

when was the last time you went on a trip lived the experience and didn’t click any pic ?

when was the last time you spent time with yourself forgetting the world ?

if any 4 of the above mentioned things didn’t happen…

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I’m not a big fan, because it seems to be endless.. Like that game of catch the ball in friends, we can sit with it.. Keep buying houses, hotels, mortgage these, pay rent, tax get in and out of jail…get $200 every time you pass go… Become richer.. Buy and lose.. Never ends! But in always have fun playing it with my group.. 

Jagga Jasoos, an afterthought! 

Now that it has been a few hours after the fiasco that is Jagga Jasoos, let me get to the nice part..  

It has the makings of a cartoon and comicbook and game series ..may be that’s where their money is going to come from. Jagga Jasoos will profit in print or TV screen in mini 30-45 minute episodes…
1. The shots from around the world, is a saving grace! The sun rise from behind that lone tree superb 😎. The national geographic and animal planet kinds.. Those, are beautiful anybday anywhere inserted. Vfx is bad! That giraafe that walks across the screen.. uff!!

2. There is a freshness to the film, freshness it terms of approach, and again the green backdrop, literally .. There is this children’s book like innocent joy about its story. In loved the clocktower case, the first case … 

3. My personal fav, Bob Biswas from Kahaani is here and he does a wonderful job at it. 

4. The local dances and rhythms of the northeast. Now that is something new isn’t it not! Yes. …

All of it, the Broadway musical element, comicbook element, (he has a hairstyle like tintin), the scene with the plane is right out of a comicbook panel.. The choreography, the dances from Assam and Mizoram, the the innocencce would have worked if it had a plot. 





I’m grateful to folks of mine, who were awake that hour to talk to me, to distract me from what was going on screen. I’ve chosen my friends well. 😎😎 thats a wrap. I was so disoriented that I had to come back and brew some extra strong coffee.. Even though I walked out of the theatre mid way. 

Children may like it if they like song and dance. And it also has children in it performing.. A mix of barfi, the hostel games in three idiots.. Some of feluda, some of tintin, some of ng.. Hope it had dollops of story that put it all together! 

Not recommended for sanity sake.. 

Jagga boring Jasoos

I just can’t begin to tell you how boring the film jagga jasoos is. So boring, I want a distraction from what’s on the screen, that i resort to write about it and vent it out on my blog. That boring, that bad! 

Now, I walked into the trap knowingly. Don’t roll your eyes at me. (After a long day, when the brain is dead tired, a film with friends is a good option, what if it is Jagga.. Spidey, homecoming and Mom had excellent reviews, they turned out to be bad. Jaggas has bad reviews, the optimist in us said, should be good.. 

 (Right now on screen there is a zebra and then a leopard) I’m so bored, my friends are so bored… I/we just don’t know what to do. Walked out of interval, sang all along the food places, and even sang yo the ice cream man who didn’t understand the joke … (Obviously, he has been busy selling his ice creams, he doesn’t know) … That’s one thing you’ll all do… You’ll stop conversation and begin singing in turn. 

At this hour when most of my friends are either asleep or out to work,.I wonder what to do for some entertainment … I haven’t been so bored and hopelessly helpless in my life.. I thought I’ll blog my review as I watch the film, because one of my friends wint budge until he spots that ostrich.. The other has fallen asleep in the chill that is inside the hall.. The rest of us crib.. I have become tired looking at the faces of the audience, they all seem so engrossed! (Introspection: is something wrong with me or this group of us) 

What all we do for friends. Now I know why the film was made. It was made for friends’ sake, for friendship – ranbir for anurag basu for Katrina for Siddhartha Roy kapoor…for anybody else who believed in this make big long draggging ambitious project and shot for 31/2 years… 

We spotted the ostrich, woken up the friend and off we go…out of the hall. Who cares who the sooper villain is.. !  

Vada & Pav

Breakfast or rather brunch was a plate of vada pav, pitla and green chilli chutney. The coarsely ground green chillies soaked in oil was still ridden with their intense heat, I had to borrow a bottle of their homemade lemon juice. They came in these little cute milk bottles, I bought a second bottle out of bottle love.. no it was not a takeaway, I had to give it back to them. 

I didn’t take the phone with me today, so no pictures of the vada, or the pav or the combination of light and deep friend golden brown brown, on yellow and dark green served on a dusky green leaf and paper plate. 

One of those Sundays when I walked out of home without the phone. No pockets, no sling bags, no totes… Therefore no place to keep the phone, and then it was almost raining. I can give n number of reasons but I feel so easy at heart when the data is off with the phone in hand, and easier when the phone isn’t around me at all.
But that said, I had some yum food this morning. Memory etched.

Spotted & Shot 


Who is a friend? Monday is. Because that’s a day I look forward to begin a million little and big things. 

The thoughts count 🤓