We’ll just have to wait !!

I was standing behind the bus-stop, behind the lines of people who queued to take the next bus. I was standing at the corner, in front of the Titan showroom under its maroon-white board. I was standing there reading, a book in hand, my back leaning against the wall, feet crossed & my shoulder bag tucked away to avoid being picked by that unknown clever stranger.
And I waited, waited for an hour, and thirty minutes more, until this friend of mine showed up all flushed n furious.
She was out for the last one hour & 30 minutes, waiting patiently in the rickshaw at every traffic signal for that light to blink green. She controlled her temper when the auto driver parked his vehicle to answer his phone which was ringing incessantly en route. She nearly mouthed those words while he drove carefully making his way between those cars n bikes & stopped short of blurting them out when he rushed to escape the red signal somewhere. Her patience was put to test today while he rode down in tortoise speed over the Western Express Highway, while others just zipped by.

Excuse me!
Yes,” I looked up.
“Will you be leaving soon?” He asked.
I was just paying the bill for that coffee I took the longest to finish – too sweet for my taste, therefore, it made for an even more difficult drink. And my stomach had said no to idlis & dosas already because there was a recent vada pav & two idlis ready for a digestive run.
I saw myself nodding in affirmation and saying, “Sure. Give me a minute.” He smiled & sat down opposite me, his legs to the aisle like one of those yogic postures performed to enhance a strong spine.

Thank God, my corner was vacant and I took my place at the Titan door reading some more. Squabbles broke out in the bus stop. Some queue breakers were pushed off, some were blasted, others got ugly looks but somehow they managed to hold on to the last rung & take that bus. I faced a new set of people every time I looked up in between my pages. We were the constant factor—the watchman of the joint, the titan salesmen, the flower sellers & me.
And I remembered the kiddo’s instructions while I was planning this trip to the city of Mumbai during the weekend.

Try to move on & not to stay at a place for more than five-ten minutes.
U never know. They might take you for a terrorist out to bomb the city again this year!
And there I was roaming around a few stores, idling with a book, an eye for every movement with a phone ringing loud ring tones every now & then 🙂
Oh! I just found this article. Interesting.Queues Likely

Coffee Trivia: Did u know that Starbucks Coffee got its name from the character in Herman Melville’s American Classic Moby Dick. Remembering the times n cups of coffee one consumed while reading the book n writing assingments for it. 


Duck Tales!

Reminds u of Hans Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling Story?
As a result, we have this phrase meaning: One that is considered ugly or unpromising at first but has the potential of becoming beautiful or admirable in maturity.

In the picture above, we have a lovely Duck,
a Pekin Duck to be precise,
we spotted at the MTDC Resorts, Lonavala.

Pekin ducks are the domesticated ones, hopefully will not run wild and become feral (right Susan!)
bred either for eggs, meat or ornamental value.
Here at the Resort, me thinks it is kept purely for the visual treat.
We paddle, they swim around with their orange webbed feet n dredge.

There were 5 of them that day,
some fully white,
others with a tinge of grey and black
scattered over them.

 And yes! Donald Duck is inspired from the Pekins

In the Family
The Papa Duck: Mr. Drake
The Mama Duck: Mrs: Duck
The Kiddo Duck: Miss/Master Ducklings 

Scientifically, they belong to Anatidae. Swans n Geese are their close cusins.

Below is the picture of Swans, like the one our little Ugly Duckling grew into

Pic Courtesy: Swansh
The Pekin Duck Pic, like Govind says “it’s the ‘spotter’ and ‘shooter’ at work again”

Good Day Folks!
Enjoy the last week of this Sweet November

Table Memories: MoSL Part II

Remember those longish polished brown tables inside our library I talked wrote about in the previous post, Memories of my School Library (MoSL).They shone like mirrors, you see. And many a time we played catch your reflection when this period stretched to infinity. There were 3 rows of those tables and benches to seat nearly 60 students shoulder to shoulder at a time in the library. Since no class had library periods during the same hour we never shared the space or dared to have our small talks inside those four walls. 
Nevertheless, on the occasion of an essay & a story-writing competition the library accommodated those many numbers. Even during those extempore competitions we were kept behind its closed doors to remain clueless about the topic spoken about so vehemently over the microphone in the adjacent auditorium until 5 minutes before our turn. Martha Ma’m was a lenient soul at those trying & tensed times. She permitted us to discuss, and we made some noise munching on her Marie biscuits and thinking out loud all the possible points on every possible topic.
These tables were where we did our home work whenever there was a Library period that day in the morning hours. I still remember, I was in Class V then, a friend was dictating notes (of course, we were at the opposite end, far away from the Librarian’s chair), and how she pronounced muslim for muslin (a kind of cloth) to be caught by our social science teacher the next period for a spelling error in all our note-books. How the muslin cloth brings a smile even today! 
Pic Courtesy: Long Tables  

Thru the Ruins

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“Where the quiet-coloured end of evening smiles,
Miles and miles
On the solitary pastures where our sheep
Tinkle homeward thro’ the twilight, stray or stop
As they crop–
Was the site once of a city great and gay,
(So they say)
Of our country’s very capital, its prince
Ages since
Held his court in, gathered councils, wielding far
Peace or war.”
Robert Browning, Love Among the Ruins

I’m glad Shivaji built his forts so many feet high above from the plains. Me thinks, he too was in love – In love with the Great Painter of all Time – Sir Sun! With the heavens so near we saw the Gods playing their Pictionary game, the poor White Clouds had no clue what to say! Then came in the Sun and drew his clues and sent them away. The clouds stood up to say Good Night Sir, Sweet Dreams N faded with coloured linings smiling away.
Spotted n Shot: Moi, When we climbed up to one of Shivaji’s forts last week.
Listening to Jim Reeves: Distant Drums & Blizzard

Memories of my School Library

The mention of the school library promptly brings back the picture of a grey-haired, dignified, serious-faced and petite Martha Ma’m – Martha Alex. She was the permanent figure there, the Head Librarian. The library and our reading habits grew under her supervision. Her assistants changed almost every year. They were mostly candidates preparing for their civil service exams, determined to make the cut, doubling up as our reading guides and friends. A job as the Assistant Librarian was near perfect for them at the time as the place gave them all (to be fair, most of) their study material, discussion groups, experts to clear doubts with and a quiet corner to recollect all what they had gained.
Initially (that is for the majority of my 14 years), our school library was on the topmost-floor, near the old auditorium (old because we had a new one built beside the school’s main building a few years before I passed out). The entrance was at the corner where the steps came to an end. It was an exercise to climb all the way up to that floor when the bell rang for the Library period introduced in the school time-table when we are in Class III. 45 minutes when we had to give that restlessness a slight nudge to be quiet. Martha Ma’m had the eyes of a hawk, ears of a dog, and her eyes sparkled whenever we made some noise beyond that pin-drop silence. It was always so quiet in there and mostly dark (of course, there was enough light to read the fine print). Nope! It wasn’t spooky out there. (Don’t get that idea into your heads now!?).
We had a large seating area with long & heavy, polished brown tables that ran the entire stretch of the room (and the room was quite long, u know, half of that top floor corridor almost) with backless benches for us to sit on to read, write or even sleep on both sides of the table. One of the walls (the one on the side of the corridor) parallel to these tables was lined with cupboards. Their doors had small square glass planes so that we could see and read the titles of books stacked inside. Reference only, it said in bold red letter. You guessed it right; those big fat Britannicas, Collins n Americanas, 24 volume Oxford dictionaries and other hardbound heavy books, too heavy for a Class 3 standarder to lift. And from the opposite wall, light streamed in through the windows where we witnessed the Brownian effect in action long before we knew the phenomenon or its name. We learned about it in a Chemistry class in STD XI.

The open bookshelves were behind the Librarian’s chair. It was a separate area, demarcated by a banister that ran along the breadth of the room to the right side of the door with a small opening for an entrance – a kind of rickety garden gate. That’s right. The tables were on the left. So when our names were called in roll number order we walked up to Martha Ma’m to collect our abridged versions of the classics. In Class 4, she introduced us to Enid Blyton. When in Class 5 we were to write summaries (not copy from the blurb) of the stories of the book we read every week in one page of a small 200-page lined note book. By this time, we were the envy of the junior classes. We were part of one of the four school houses, could go up to a shelf behind Martha Ma’m select our 2 books (one full version classic and one popular book) for the week and the best part, sign our names in the library register next to our name :))
Like the old Christmas Card in that old dusty trunk the library brings back sweet memories for me….. To be Continued: Library Table Memories……next post
Pic Courtesy: Librarian, Reading Habits

As Happy As Can Be

I’m happy as can be
It could be the sun shining again
Or the wind blowing through the palm tree leaves
It could be anything
But I’m just wonderful as can be

It could be that call
Or the lyrics of that song
Or that movie I saw yesterday whole day long
It could be all those songs of Cole
And the one that says ‘L is for the way u look at me’

Am I thrilled to read a blog
Or write a post
Or do a tag
Or that comment which made me smile
Or gape out loud
Oh! I just loved that one, the way I did
All that can be, I’ve no clue
But I’m delighted the way I can be

Lots of I can be
But I can’t help it, can I
Because that is what it is
I’m happy and elated, don’t know
What can come out of me

It could be Christmas
It could be the flute
It could be the food waiting for me back home
It could be that oven or the flour
Or the cakes n cones
Or the hug n the squeeze
Or the Smirk that teased
It could be anything but definitely is to stay!! Yay! Yay!
I’m happy as can be :))

The movie I saw last evening: Parent Trap (1998) (for the hundreth time)
The song I’m listening to: Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer
The song that’s got me going: L-O-V-E
The books I’m reading : The St. Clare’s series (devouring them) and a few Famous Fives (thousandth time!)

Pic Courtesy: Smiles Stamp
Little Lulu
Merry Christmas

I’m Hungry Again

If my memory is right,
that would be
Plain Naan and Chicken Handi
Veera -da -dhabha,
Moti (or was it Chotti) Daman
a week ago
on a Saturday
Full moon
that the water was far away
to come back yesterday
lash away
G: plenty of clues for u

The hydrocholric acid is my tummy has started working overtime these days

November Rain, my way

It’s the cyclone
It’s windy
It’s pouring
And everything is so wet

Getting up to a dark room
Walking down in the drizzles
Hot poori and aloo bhajji
Hot coffee (no-no today!)
Window seat everyone?

Bats flying helter-skleter
More Bats than in the Movie Raaz
Falling Leaves
Wet Roads

The sweeper woman with an umbrella in hand
doing her chore

And I almost forgot, the Peacock
All wet and preening, perched on the balcony’s railing
No dance today as it’s plumage is shed away

Sights n Sounds of a Cyclone Day
Phyan is on it’s way, they say!!
TUIB: I listened to November Rain:)
Good song for a rainy day
(and that rhymes, wow!)

 Spotted n shot -by urs Truly
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A Meeting of Sorts

Me thinks, it is their Open Twilight Bar
Their own hot pole dancers
And the bunch
Monkeying around

Another Spotted (PNA) and Shot (AB) Experience
Chikaldhara 2009. 
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All Settled or Still Confused

Do we have to settle down first to get married?
Get married to settle down?
What is it all about!
Tongue Twister!?

Like Toasted bread and tea for breakfast!
Because bread by itself is soft
when toasted a little hard
The buttered toast dipped in hot tea is just right,
 Is it?

I don’t know!?

Life is divided into two halves
Before Marriage: 
Why u not getting married?
No Special Friend! Independent are you!
U wanna be 30 N single!?
40 N adopt!?

After Marriage:
No good News!?
Still Planning!?
Oh! How I wish I had a kid
who is earning when I’m 40 !?
U don’t!?
Between I found them and fell in love with their Pea art, check them out BLOGitse photos
Pic Courtesy :