it was supposed to be on pears…..but…….

Pears ….

Yup pears are my inspiration to blog today… and why not …..Because I just set my eyes on really small pears this morning.

Where? In the office …
Specifically? In the café…

I had to double check whether they were really really ripe or kaccha. Well that said and done, I got to my desk and here I am about to bore people about these pears those green small cute ones of course with their photos. Unfortunately I don’t have a digy cam to show u guys exactly how cute they look.

Generally If ever I get attracted to something irrespective of its property of life I get into this habit of raving about it. Be it a person I have met or a film I have seen or a conversation I have heard. There are days when I fall inn love with what I have written well and these are mailed home for mom’s feed back. Her appreciation is something I look forward to. Or at times its my very close pals who have to stop work and look into what I have to say and comment on it. Poor things!!! They have to do it as I keep pestering them as I am in love with what I sent them.

Appreciation is something everybody cherishes. However, the 12 letter should come from the heart. So the choice is ours. I don’t mean to say that we should hover around and haunt people for praises with our “fantastic” display. But everybody has special people and they are the ones who give you the best criticism. It’s always constructive and that the best part about it.
Whenever I go for a competition I make sure my mom or my bro is with me. If that is an impossibility then I get them to hear what I’m gonna perform. Even if it is a piece of writing and it is mailed home (now that doesn’t mean that I mail home every single post of mine).
Well now the question would be why she doesn’t talk about her dad. Well, my dad is always there to give me that extra confidence I need at times to just click that submit button. Enough of family and more family. Some times it is the best subject to talk about.
Even if I get a kick bragging about mine the listeners may not be that supportive. That’s because everybody has a family which is special in different ways.

But the pears are really cool. They are just so sweet I just can’t take my eyes of it today. They resemble those ping pong balls but have an oval shape to them and are a little heavier than those white balls we play with. They are sweet too. Out of all those myriad varieties I love to see these and hog on those big bell-shaped green ones.

Any body who comes to my cubicle today would never leave without a word about these green things on my table.

and happy Friday

thought flow or the flow or the uncapped pen…..

What about a phone and that too a mobile phone ……

This is my forth phone and now noo… noooo….. noooooooo……. nooooo ……..don’t jump into conclusions. I didn’t lose all four. It just happened that my first phone was stolen and my second was sold and the third had to be replaced as it had some problem with the adapter and I’m using the forth one.

So what is my fault in the mobile nature of my phone …..?I like it this way so I can say but the agony caused by the loss of the first still lingers whenever I see that model…
So that’s about the phone and I don’t appreciate anybody giving me a new pinch for that…….because I’m really sensitive u see and It pains a lot. Maybe this is the disadvantage of being a person with loads of adipose as compared to the skinny ones.

Now since the earlier paragraphs started with so this has to start with now…habits really die hard. I knew a girl in college who had to use the word complementary in every speech or seminar she used to present and she used to make sure she did that in the last line. It was her pet phrase and she did have ok clear and as I have na right now – The influence of being in a state capital where Hindi is one of the languages of communication and of being from state which has 1% of Hindi speakers.
Pet phrases are very common nowadays. Very body has one and should have one that is the deal with it. The present in thing and id u lack one then u are not in the fashion anymore. So says the media which makes fashion available to the imitative masses.
Now I can’t possibly talk like I’m out of the umbrella of the masses as I’m too a part of them though I have different views on what ever is going on. That’s what it is. Every person has an opinion and it is because of its absence that imitation comes into play; not that imitation in itself is bad by nature. Read Plato and he’ll tell u how imitation is the thing about this entire universe.
By the way was I supposed to write about my phone or all this worldly imitation…I guess I did imitate one of my profs in this regard who used to travel from the modern American to literary criticism to john Donne and pope – That too in one period. i guess that’s the deal with thought and thoughts cannot be broken it is just a continuation and I guess that and this blog will be appropriate to named “ thought flow……”or the flow of the uncapped pen

artistic blog…….

Art is something not all can do, cultivate, learn, appreciate or enjoy. Art has been seen as weird when the common masses cannot comprehend what thought process went behind that kind of work be it a song or a sketch or a painting or a sculpture. So the general rule is followed here as always… and what is that!!! Oh that’s simple either pretend you know what it is and give it a false reference or act dumb. The best I would suggest is try to learn what it is to enhance our ignorance and throw some light on that dark plain with the lights of wisdom from the knowledgeable.
When I came across this in the morning I first thought .… it was one of those modern art types where the whole meaning is represented in images which is known to the school of art only. Commoners unknown to such an audience on an everyday basis will not understand what it is and therefore will look beyond what is trivial or mundane for them.
The best example is that of the imagist poem by William Carlos William…The Red Wheel Barrow. It is about a red wheel barrow glazing in the rain and the interpretations of this poem are many…..even we had a 2 hour 2 session on this when I was at college.
Poor Williams I wonder whether he knows how people have slaughtered his poem.
But if the poet decides to write it or paint it in a certain manner consciously then it is a different matter all together. This just shows that he/she wants to partake in some particular ideas. So that being said what I thought when I saw the painting is this.

If the painter comes and bangs me on my head and tells me you have misinterpreted my work then I would have an answer like “I had my own perspectives about it, not that I don’t respect yours,” very politely. But then it is good to be acquainted with the different views when something interests us like we always seek a dictionary whenever some word or phrase does not make any sense to us by itself or given the context.

a story…..

The story of the plastic bottle….water bottle of course…..

Plastic is something we use daily, which has become inseparable from our daily living, in one way, however hard we try not to be addicts to this infectious invention of the Great Man. The plastic bags are all around us in our homes, in our drawers, in our cupboards and in our wardrobes…sometimes flying away around when the fan is in full swing. Inseparable like the honeymoon couple – aren’t we!? So that’s the story of the plastic bottle which took away the limelight from the glass beer bottles or the ordinary glass bottles which had packaged vinegar or pickles or jam which were used in the refrigerators once upon a time to store water for drinking of course. …..of course the jam and pickle are here to spice and sweeten up the blog.
Come to think of it those glass bottles could cool water faster than these newbies.
But what’s done is done and that’s that… no need to complain about… will be just “like crying over spilt milk.” our forefathers have made quotes for each and every occasion that it comes in handy when my mind is blank and I just can’t think of what is the apt thing to say.

So why do I have a vengeance towards these harmless objects that don’t bite back even if I kick them or throw them around and disfigure them with hot boiling water?????

I’ll tell you…….You see what happened is I have these plastic bottles that are specially meant for carrying water around. However, the utility of these bottles stops after a few days of using them as they begin to stink? Now what face can I make to iggxactly get that picture to you? I don’t need to because everybody goes through these problems on a day to day basis – If not daily …..weekly or monthly or annually….that’s all the adjectives I can think of in terms of time. So we know our expressions when we pick up that bottle to quench our thirsty selves and are disgusted to find the rim or is it the whole insides of that bottle smell so badly that we feel like puking…..
I think the factory manufactured drinking bottles only have these complications. The others just turn from white to yellow and then to a muddy brown and then take up shapes so that they we just show them the way out of our homes ie., the dust bin ofcourse……

…….a real life time experience…..

The mouse manic that was i is turned into a keyboard maniac because I have learned typing now. Typing is a handy asset or is the word skill I think it is and it makes our work on the keyboard a pleasure. I’m enjoying that kind of joy now that I have finished my typing training.

Typing and I could never get along well initially because I never used to make use of the keyboard to type. Playing games was the main priority then and even to an extend now.
Whenever I get some free time pacman any day is welcome with open arms So the need to learn typing never occurred until I reached my Bachelors final year where there was a project to do and to submit in print. Nevertheless, in spite of my poor keyboard skills I managed to submit my assignment on time I think before time and that was a success.
The need to learn to type dissolved there at that moment when I got my project certified and bonfided.
Then came those chatting days when I had managed to acquire some friends and had to type fast as that was the thing about chatting. “Talking with words” as I always put it “with the speed of the tongue”. Thankfully even my so called chat friends weren’t expert typists or trained in typing but they achieved that skill through chatting.
Practice makes the man perfect therefore I got along well with them in terms of speed. But chatting did definitely increase my speed and that was an advantage.
However, typing without looking at the keyboard and only at the screen at a good speed is indeed a good skill to brag about.

I know my father, who types very fast but still only with his forefingers . I know my friends who take an extremely long time to type…..each word…..Mind u the software that teaches to type makes us lose our confidence in ourselves and slowly raises it while we attain a certain speed.
So that‘s where I am and I ‘m proud to say that the joy of typing is a joy in itself….it is like any other challenge we take up. There were lots of hurdles and the time spent on it was like a huge load …….but then when one receives a congratulations in the end for all that effort done ………..the feeling is ecstasy.
On the day I finished my typing there we others too who were struggling to get past that 50 words and the happiness that spread on all our faces as we received our certificates from that printer has no words to explain.

something different.

“Hi it’s me again……………….same time same day next week…”

These are the standard dialogues of the anchor persons seen on TV…..wonder why people just copy and not change their style. Is it that all the combinations for a good announcer been exhausted from the dictionary? I really don’t know.
It is like nowadays, we the listeners or the couched potatoes can mouth their dialogues with them or guess at what they are going to say next.

So if this is criticism, I think it is constructive but what is it that will make them change their current style or their way of presentation?
Or is it that they stick to the same old mundane style because their audience love them and don’t want them to change?
I think that is it sometimes… because nowadays the standard dialogue one hears from people all around is that they don’t have time and it is this timeless-ness that turns them into copycats ………or has people been lacking creativity ………Questions questions questions….!!!!
There should be answers to all these questions because it is just one universe and we are to have all the queries within it. Now this doesn’t mean that the answers has to be in today or tomorrow but maybe some day we might be up there in heaven (or who knows hell at that particular time?)
So questions can always be answered but the fact remains why the stereotyping always now and for ever……

why are theses here because i’m talking about arrangements and arrangements could be in pearls too…….
the flowers are awesome to use arjun’s term……….i meant the arrangement……….

nowadays i’m fascinated by flowers arrangements. not those typical ones but ones like these above i just sont know why but my job requires me to look at them sometimes once in a while and therefore here i am collecting them as wall paper and screen saver material. so as one doesn’t have to stretch one’s imagination to realize that these are my current screensaver pics …..

so what is so special about them …..i really dont know …..there is something that attracts me to such arrangements nowadays….maybe i’m tired of seeing those old fashioned arrangements…who knows ……..i get bored with things easily..
and not only things but with habits and people ….may be that is an aquarian trait……..but even if it is i think it is too late to change now as habits die hard……….
habit is the only word i know of which looks what it means………
ok here we go …i ‘ll demonstrate……. oh its

ok here we go
habit …………HABIT…..
………..We remove the H and A BIT remains………..
……….We remove the A still …….IT remains………..

a nice arrangement…. Posted by Picasa

this arrangement is beautiful. i dont think this is an arrangement but sure is because it looks like one though as if somebody has just plucked them from the farm or the fields…..
this is just wonderful ………..i am fascinated with the colour………and the roses …
they are the most difficult of palnts to grow i guess ,,….the most careful of all taken care of …….
that’s all i can think of now ………. Posted by Picasa

fun time is could be like this too….

Once in a way we should have fun and the best way to have fun is, if we have no other crazy thing to do….. is…… watch a movie. A movie that can really take one out of the reality and place you elsewhere for a period of time….
If that should be the definition of an ideal movie, I guess one should go watch the first half of “salaam namaste”……..or the whole of “no entry”… the way both are names of Bollywood movies which were recently released………I guess all over the world…….a few weeks back……….

Now we had an argument, argument I guess is too harsh a word, I should rather put it as a discussion with a teacher once upon a time when in school. So by now whoever is reading this would have understood who this “we” is ……..we the students of my class in STD XII….. I guess…..we were just talking and of course it was an English class so we talked about drama which is one of the genres of literature and which eventually led to the movies… all languages….Hey I never thought about it that way before….u know something, there are some things which we never think about deeply and so never have an opinion about it,…..but there would be a trigger, a hidden thought about any passing scene or talk or action… if I say that’s what I think… would be 100% true.

Back to having fun… can have fun in innumerable ways according to what stuff one is made of …….now by stuff I mean the sOmeThInG that is fed into the brain while  growing up in this society…….that is like a sentence plucked out of a sociology text book! But that is the way it is…….we never know what all weird thoughts one individual has in the entirety of his/her lifetime,….but that’s personal nothing to cribbing about…… when there are millions of people in this world and there will be no shortage of ideas….now whether they are appreciated by the other half of the community or not is the big question?????  Usually they are not ……..people are a bit jealous as always….when others do crazy things …..Appreciation is a like success … elusive in nature….something fake and sometimes from the wrong people.!!!!

….but if a movie or a book or something like that can purge u like Aristotle says then that would be the best experience ever…I guess and that’s why Aristotle did say that once upon a time and it still is not over layered by any other theories…..

Now, why I started off telling about movies …..because I saw a movie last night and that was salaam namaste ..the person sitting right next to me has seen it thrice already so I really didn’t know what made him come once again…u bet I knew the reason,…it was a team thingy from office and going with a team is a different experience all together even if it is a movie one has watched alone or with dear ones….

The movie was not all that bad as it was made up to be. It is a one time watch and take my word there are areas where one could laugh and will laugh…
So jobless people have to entertain themselves with movies at least every weekend so ….

Any movie-going is a fun activity and I’m sure we all do it once in a while.
If not! take a break from the small screen….stop being a couched/ mouse potato and enjoy the Broadway or the silver screen…….