Have a Fab Thursday Folks :)

Forwarded messages rarely catch my attention, for they go into some folder somewhere in the InBox. Taking a cue from Nuttie, I opened that folder to find this and I liked it 🙂 I thought I should share… 

Have a fab Thursday Ppl… like I’m taking over from Aarthi from FB for a day 🙂

Shopping in/for Heaven

I was walking down life’s highway, back a while ago.
One day I saw a sign that read,
As I got a little closer
the door opened wide,
I was surprised and curious,
so I decided to go inside.
I saw a host of Angels,
They were standing everywhere.
One handed me a basket and said,
“My Child, shop with care.”

First, I gathered some Patience.
Love was in the same row.
Further down was Understanding
(you need that where ever you go).
Then I picked up Wisdom,
and a box of Faith.

I wasn’t sure what to get next
so a walked a little more,
the aisles were countless,
this was a HUGE store!
I continued on to find Strength
and Courage
to help me run life’s race;

By then my basket was getting full,
but I remembered I needed some Grace .
Peace and Joy were plentiful;
they right on the next shelf.
Song and Praise were hanging near,
so I gladly helped myself.

Then I started toward the counter

to pay my grocery bill,
for I thought I had everything I needed
to do God’s will.
But as I headed to the register
I noticed a display of Prayer,
Oh how could I forget
with it so splendidly placed there!

So, as I ended my shopping spree
I grabbed a bottle from the bin,
for I knew when I stepped outside,
I would eventually run into sin.
Then I asked the angel,
“Now, how much do I owe?”
She answered,”Nothing.”
“just take them everywhere you go.

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Wordless or Wordy … It’s a Wednesday – 2

Spotted & Shot: PNA
Or is it the other way round 😛
Too many spots and too many shots 🙂

Dear Sun, 
U are an inspiration as always 
PNA, Camera:)Oh! almost forgot: Spread Love Peeps, along with tea
Adrak or Green, I’m keen
Come Monday Morning,
We’ll see 
what all the teams come up to read :):)

Mr. Behrman’s Masterpiece?

  ” they found … 

some scattered brushes, 

and a palette with green and yellow colors mixed on it, 

and – look out the window, dear, 

at the last ivy leaf on the wall.  

Ah, darling, it’s Behrman’s masterpiece – 

he painted it there the night that the last leaf fell”

The Last Leaf – O. HenryPS: I found this story so boring in school and out of it too..

But this leaf, made me look it up 

And Yes I read,

I still like what he wrote about Soapy

in The Cop And The Anthem🙂

Spotted n Shot: PNA… somewhere up the mountains in Lonavla

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Soak No More….

… in Gossip! Unnecessarily.

It is weird that many of our actions are to please others. So that they don’t talk about us and always keep their mouths shut or if at all open them, they’ll only have goodie-goodie things to say, even behind our backs!!  So we dress right, walk right, talk right and don’t let our personal cats out of any of our bags.

Then there are those, many of them and us who act in peculiar ways to be talked about all over town!! This could be to spread the Word! As an action of dispersion, these molecules of tit bits spread and circulate in no time, rise up in foam, and at times stick to the minds, as others fly in and out of ears; in true Bollywood style to promote an upcoming film, the stories of many created juicy breakups and makeups between the cast and crew!

And lastly, those who don’t give a thought to those around them, they spread their vibes, unknowingly, they do not give a penny’s worth to what others think or say, they stand firm on their feet, rooted to the ground or in the air...They do bring in the comfort of relief! those few who exist for whom this society is just a happy living place and not the Blue book of conduct and space!!

Life will be one miserable hell if all our waking and sleeping hours are viled away thinking what others will have to say!! 

Gossip,”  she said, “is a form of Social Control” She did pique our curiosity that day! What are teachers for!

Us: Wasn’t it bad manners to talk about other’s private lives, or comment behind their backs!! 

T:But you still talk don’t you 

Us: Yes, they know it all, these teachers, have eyes all around them I say!…we weren’t saints but mere mortals and we did chat a bit!!

“Ok!” She asked, “Let’s find out”

“So, what do you think about the fluorescent lemon yellow top she’s wearing today”, pointing to a girl in class…

US: –too bright—
–we don’t need the light—
–to reflect or fight—
–between lesson and kites— 😛 😛 😛 😛

T to the girl in the fluorescent top: Mmmm… You still love your top now?

G: The last time I’m wearing it…

US: All because of our innocent talk 🙄 🙄 🙄

I say, so Lame of our classmate to reject her favourite top she was flaunting until a while ago and true to her word she never wore it to class again, all in the name of a little fun while learning something we are at almost every day, idle talk n Rumour for all you care 😛 But gossip does that to you, I guess!

Nevertheless, it’s surprising that even these silly chit chats we do about all and sundry has a theory to back it up!

It all boils down to Appreciation, Acknowledgement and Acceptance – the 3 significant As that make or break us.

They can sky-rocket our morale or pull down to the depths of the ocean…. Our Mantra then should be first, know our strengths and weaknesses, grade them, improve upon them, then, know our well wishers.

We should refuse to soak any more in the flattery and false glory the rest have to say! Give them an ear, but never take it to heart, otherwise, we would have a similar fate like the mellifluous nightingale who took the advice of the croaky voiced frog on music!

Trivia: It was Shakespeare, our great Bard who wrote something like:

[If u wanna] Go to a gossips’ feast and [then] go with me;
After so long grief, such festivity!

in his play The Comedy of Errors (1623) 🙂 for the first time (not me, but wikipedia which says,)
And also coined the word Buzzer in Hamlet (1603) meaning gossiper.

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This post is written as part of the contest at Indiblogger named The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest – What do you think when you hear the words – “Soak No More?

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Friday Fillers

Rise and shine, sleep and snore
The weekend is here
Two days of lore
Enjoy the party,
Enjoy the rest,
Enjoy every bit of staying up at best
Come Monday Morning
And we go to work
More Vada N Pav
On the way to work
Lazy Mornings
Late to Bed
Late to Get
The Pav for the Guest.

Happy Weekend Everyone

Spotted, shot n collaged PNA when AB munched into his pav with vada in it away:)
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Rambling, Ambling, Gambling….

So after reading so many posts from say 17:00 to 21:00 hours I had this burning desire to post something on PNA tonight.
However, since morning I have been sitting in front of MS Word and nothing seems to move my fingers to fly over the letters. And finally after all the posts from the bedroom snooze alarm game to digging old posts and having fun with the sender to remembering old Hindi album songs played on MTV Select and a thoughtful Thursday thought later over a glass of chilled Lemon Tang, I’m sleepless and the result is the above two sentences which summarises my blog hopping for today:)
Now I realise that, that is too long a sentence and would prove extremely difficult to read out loud if one were to, in one breadth…
And to think that I still don’t have anything much to add to that except to say that if I ever adopt, I’ll adopt a baby girl:)
Ok! So here’s the good news, two of my cousins, make it a sister and a SIL, delivered healthy baby girls this month and I’m excited. I’ve always been when somebody was pregnant. And like the mush question in the Hairy Tales post, I would wish it would be a girl…and my other cousin who had only a sister as a sibling would start a riot beside me and argue about the importance of a brother!!!
She: “U want a girl because U already have a brother for company!”
“Do U know the importance of that Male factor!!”
Me (blinks!!) “Really!!”
“Oh! Please!!!” I would say and run off to be a part of some other conversation.
Me wanting a girl cousin or a niece had nothing to do with the gender bias….I love girls, does not mean I hate boys, I love babies, boy and girl, they are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………
I’ve never understood her love for boys until today. It could be all for the sake of an argument. Like how she supported Monica Seles when she played against Graf; because I would be sitting at the other end of the sofa and cheering for Steffi:):) Like how she likes to praise SRK because I like Aamir or How she goes on about Bhajji because u know I’m the Kumble fan!
My mind has nothing in it today to write a post… but that does not stop me from writing extremely long comments at other’s post! And remembering fairy tales and my bout of absentmindedness too along the way….
It could be the jackfruit, I think! My neighbour knowing my love for the king of fruits passed on a bowl of it last night. So I had it all… and one more bowl in the morning of the yellow fruit later, I’m stuffed to the larynx…
I’m gonna call it a day, see u guys tomorrow:) Zonked!
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Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!

I think that’s a Sea Gull or a variety 
But it so reminds me of Shelley’s Skylark  

………………….Higher still and higher
From the earth thou springest,
Like a cloud of fire;
The blue deep thou wingest,
And singing still dost soar, and soaring ever singest.

(6-10, To a Skylark 1820, PB Shelley)

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Hi! 5

He had a blog going on at The Life of Me. And he mailed a link to read and comment, one day. And that’s how pinashpinash.blogspot.com was born! I lingered on his and hopped to his friends’ and friend’s of friends and soon there was something going on at Pins n Ashes. The profile picture has changed, but Lulu always remained as a picture on screen.

Have you tried clicking on that link Next Blog right on top! I found Vishwa that way. Through Vishwa I bumped into Nick Bytes. those two were my first blog mates apart from Sai, (his Life of me) and how can I forget Chez, who had great ideas going and we literally locked horns at the comment section on each others and Vishwa’s blog, comment after comment after comment in discussions and reactions…

The office too provided fodder and readers and discussions, and the gang, the foursome – the name sounded so much like coming out of an A rated porn siteCareless, Clueless, Blameless and Reckless…. (we chucked the fifth of the fivesome!! as she defined us with all the somes and we never liked too much of some! Careless has something nice at Chinks in Armour.  about the the (screw) less four.
And PNA grew on to become that part of me I could not live without, so I was back after a long break of 2 years and found all of u I have now…me reading u and u reading me, I was glad Vishwa came back too:) and Nick is still around with his Monday Morning Jokes and forwards…

And these days, after the Return I’m in the company of some awesome bloggers turned chat friends and blog friends in the line of becoming bum chums… Soul mates who think alike, every word sometimes…wow!

And then this time there was FaceBook to connect with all of you who write online,  in person and play games with. If I have to list, I have to list all of u:):):):):):):):):):):):)

So here’s the link to my online blog library @ Equal Portions and rest are u are on the Reader and in the mail:) Blog world has progressed, I say:) (do I sound like an old granny going nostalgic…haaa:)

Raising a toast in honour of all the bloggers and my blog mates still active and once active, I hope they come back too and join us, such excellent thoughts put across in different styles:)

A toast to the first piece I wrote on this space 5 years back (it’s PnA’s fifth birthday, yayayaya:) early on an April morning, a chilly morning at that, from inside the university computer centre, after a refreshing night shower of rains… (on a sad not, mmm…I lost all the comment on my old posts while changing to new templates!!!!!)


 one of days of excesses
Today is one of those days of excesses……there is an overflow of words and my chat friend wonders what’s gone wrong …….these are the days when everything can be detected with the click of a button ….but the mind still remains a mystery. And so I decided, I need a new vehicle of expression, in freudian terms a medium for my unconscious to sublimate and here I am on blog spot again …. I forgot my id, my password and therefore the delay and therefore the change …….the weather  I suppose ……it rained all night when I was under my blankets. The overcast sky puts me off in the morning ….I’m one of the kind who loves the sunrays striving to peep through my windows. the yellow and the orange and the mix of such colours ..such serenity ………. hey ! what’s happening ? is it really me ……… ya it is one of those days those days of excesses…..
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
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North and South at the Equator

Most of my schoolmates were clueless about the existence of my younger sibling, the kiddo. We never hid it, but that was how things were at school. Even the teachers never found out until the first term open house when my mother walked in with the two of us to collect the kiddo’s report card. It was funny and both of us enjoyed the scene from the balcony.

Obvious! We never looked and behaved alike in any manner, the kiddo and me were/are poles apart in our choice of activities and interests to this day. So for most part of his school years, there were no sibling comparisons, thankfully.

And then one day, when his class teacher was appointed my English teacher, she said as a way of introduction to me “U are Kiddo’s sister right, I’m so glad I’m teaching siblings the same year.”

I gave my happiest of smiles and was beaming and everyone in class knew why, acknowledgement at last and for the first time, I was known as “His sister” and not him as “My brother” which was always the case.

Accept it. Two people born from the same set of genes can be starkly different people. Permutations and Combinations of Genetics:) Why compare and make life miserable!

Enjoy ur Weekend Folks..:)

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