Ode to my phone

My phone died yesterday…. I am in mourning and in black!! boooooobooooo. It fell into a tub of water, slipped from my pant pocket when I was sprinkling water on my sleepy face… now if it is a detailed narration of events that you want. boooooo boooo It was just a month or so old, one of those ones where I could listen to music and the radio (though I rarely used to), could take pictures (which I indulged in, my roommate being my model) and the for recording voices. boooo booooo. It came to life yesterday evening after I dried it the whole of day before yesterday. and today it refuses to switch on!! booooooo. Maybe I should just take it for servicing, they could change the battery and give me and my phone a new life…….. but booooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I hate to be disconnected! Lost my mobililty, handicapped untill I get hold of a new one, or an old one whatever fits my wallet, or my dad’s wallet!! (devilish grin)!! booooooo

On a serious note, the loss of my phone made me realise that I have been addicted to it ever since I got a phone in my hands. (me who prided at not being one to anything on this earth) different matter I am a fan and in love with half a dozen lovely and not so lovely things … Missed call routines have been effected, also the breakfast routine, as a matter of fact, the absence of a phone gives me more leg exercise as I have to walk up and down two to three times to see whether my co-breakfastiers are awake……..ya the only edilble food we get in our mess…… Now that we are at the hostel, the routine of the mess secretaries are known. The first two morning of a fresh month, preferrably we avoid BF as we hate the site of rava or semya uppma, or pongal or the much hated kichdi…… rice items early the morning with that despicable groundnut chutney…….wow! how I loathe the taste and feel like giving a piece of mind to the mess secretary for those “wonderful meals” early in the morning when I am famished!!
My only source of knowing time, unlimited in time and space……. I roam around, what is the time anyway ……… is it 1, 2 or 3 ? booo !! my phone!!! booboooo ………….

Was counting the number of spectacled people on Campus today.

Too many to count on my fingers and toes together. The motive for the search came while sitting in class for a lecture of course, who can sit and listen with rapt attention to critical theory for more than 20 minutes especially when the topic of converstation is Foucault (No hard feelings, but today wasn’t the day). I like the power dynamics, still when one has slept at 3 in the morning and sitting in class with a stomach chiding for skipping breakfast and now on the verge of doing the same with lunch, well, one has no choice, I say!! I counted and recounted after the stock caricatures and doodling bored me. 11 out of 13 had nice reading glasses resting on the bridge of their noses!!

On the way to the library that is the place I am writing this stuff from, well, I encountered a lot more of these species with the attachment. Even the the 31/2 year old boy who was kidnapped yesterday morning had specs on, tender age. Do they come with specs from the womb itself!!
No arguing at this, it is an aid to help us!! what if in a survival threat, one loses one’s glasses – blindness – part of thought process while doing a course of survival instincts and catastrophe. To top it all there are these people seem to blind inspite of good eye sight. Characters who walk the world or rather as it started from the place I now reside in, the university.

Comparisons occur unknowingly, because all except the ideal are imitations… not wantingly quoting Plato … a fact of life, we disregard quite often. Swades was screened on Independence Day at the University and well what can I say, the moment I saw the singing SRK in the caravan, my review was sealed. Another movie in the likes of Lagaan, of course, from AG, with a superstar who is just himself in every movie!! Every take was converging to the finish to make the man look great, creating electricity and in love with an actor who couldn’t move a limb or utter a word with grace!!
Exclamations fill my page…..
Why oh why Mr AG did you make it. Wonder what goes through the minds of the directors who make hopeless movies like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom pre release. The hype brings the audience, I was one too on the second day and second show unfortunately, the exit being on the other side, prevented me from running out !! exclamation again! Swades if compared was much much better. However, it will not survive a comparison with Lagaan. Hummable songs just sung out of the blue jusr for inserting a song!! exclamation again,
Mood Spoiled, but the rain soon after cooled our minds and washed away all the woes preparing us for a good night’s sleep!!
Cribbing!!! sigh…..
My girl who sat next to me saw the movie 4 times…….. kudos to her!!

Just overwhelmed!! back to the uni for some more studies and it feels like heaven, the familiar faces in the department, the same trees, grass and god know what all, I see beauty in these days of comeback to the university……… Wonder when the mood changes, maybe when my supervisor asks me to re-write a chapter when I just wanna sumbit the whole darn thing I was working some time in the future!! The selection came with warning, I will make you work, scrap some good work, all ears for the bad words and the bad works……… don’t crib later, take ur decision carefully!! well why else am I back… my brain needs a shock treatment, I need to get it back to the some recognozable state it was in before, I went hopping into the MNC culture………. I love being back…… that is the feeling…….. mood swings do happen…….. afterall a loooooooong waaaaaaaay to go!!

between Happy Friendships Day……… 🙂
I like Kumble, Anil Kumble the Indian spinner who retired recently. Ask me the moment I decided I will cheer for this guy, go gaga googoo over him, see all his matches at a stadium and collect his photos and paste his poster all over my room or desk… I have no clue. In fact, I haven’t one picture of him, no autograph of his with my name on. I haven’t watched him bowl live, and about the posters, I never stuck paper to wall in my room… no inclination. Still, I was a fan… a great fan… no membership whatsoever. Pride swelled in me when he took those 10 wickets against Pakistan, I distributed sweets or rather I was expected to because I was a fan of the guy who made headlines for once… I still like him, [but the Kumble with the moush was better, I feel (generally, I like men with thick upper lip hair, courtesy growing up in South India, I suppose)] but can’t sit to watch a cricket match… I can enumerate infinite reasons… These days I even find watching 3 hr movies a big trouble… Growing impatient…. Signs!!

Careless has this concept – match yourself with the chair in the office café. Considering there are only 4 colors, we show great enthusiasm when the two Cs match. Careless would have been scandalized if she had seen Ms Purple Slippers this morning.

I wanted to be where Master Junior Seller was – in the open, enjoying the breeze, behind the van atop the sack of veggies for his store. With this wonderful weather, working on the terrace seems plausible. Should suggest that to the management who is running around densifying the floors for lack of space!!

5 minutes and I lost out on my daily dose of people who passed that way. 5 minutes early or was I late. Anyways it was not the same 5 minutes I am usually at my friend’s place first thing in the morning in the cab.

The Saint Bernard with its equally unkempt and sleepy tattooed owner going for the walk; the chai-walla and his bandi always filled with breakfast goers; school has started at last and the bustle of school kids, their parents in toe and the buses. The woman with the green slippers, I till can’t figure out whether she wears them to match her dress or just like that, but mostly her dresses are green, not the green of the slippers though!! The usual morning walkers, the granpa with the dhothi and the churidar aunty with reebok shoes.

The usual gang at the cricket field is missing. Wonder what the field would feel if it has a mind of its own. No rains but there are those dark clouds reassuring of rain, any time. As Amma remarks, “I feel the chill while you have the sun and its stroke.” The climate changes of a huge country like ours!!

5 minutes here and there!! Will see them tomorrow

You know what, I had this feeling of extreme fatigue this morning.

The usual Monday morning syndromes or Thursday syndromes as it is nearly the end of the week. So I look at the mirror and find a very refreshed face.


I thought the face was a mirror to the feelings from within…..
But good in a way, why let others know about your fatigue!!

Used to happen when I first went to stay in a hostel.

You don’t seem homesick, they said.

Should I have looked out for a shoulder to bellow on…..

Had this problem right from school.

No tears roll down my cheeks when they have to and punishments follow….

So how will they flow when I don’t want them to at all…..

Tears too have their own will, I say!!

Transience of every node that makes life to us and all around us provoke some minds to meditate, others to initiate action, some to research, some others to simply not think at all and yet another group to party hard. However, a vast majority would have been so oblivious to this, ask them an opinion and a blank face is drawn. Strange, this diversity ….. even in our very thoughts …. one’s own …..

I was happy in the morning (early at that), all ready to apply my mind for some work…An sms from cab mates got me thinking, should I call in sick!! No Fever, no cough, no nothing, normal temperature and my voice had no trace of choking or phlegm in it. I set out, and now after 2 hrs… I feel aches, my hand, my legs, my head, ….. completely drained….. Influence, or reality…..


Often we are desperate to end the work we do without realizing that the beginning or the process never will matter once it is closed, sealed and the names printed on it forever. To end is just two of the simplest words in English (may be to type), the most difficult in practice. If done systematically, well some are, it goes well. No tensions. The 11th hour has always been my companion. We meet quite often on a day to day basis and greetings are exchanged. Just happens that for some, work only starts when the clock strikes a few minutes before they say closed. Some quality work has been accomplished this way. Way of life, but never to make an habit. Because there are times in life when the last minute just ticks away without a murmur and the consequences (don’t even think about them), life insurance for instance (my limited knowledge on the subject tells me it works in installments for long long years). Cheeni Kum is yet another (Hummable Illayaraja music….. Sarcasm with Tabu and Bachan, and long lectures towards the end!! ) The End.