Hunger & Sleep Pangs #PeriodPride

I am hungry most of the time during the two days that lead to the monthly cycle. Hungry, and mostly sleepy. I take it as my quota of tiredness of the entire month getting pooled in those few days of aching legs, a runny tummy, and the uncontrollable irritation in the lower back, that lead to and the days of the menstruation proper.

However, my folks would be thankful for the monthly cycle, for this is the only time my family and friends get a little respite from my chatter and non stop buzzing. Because all I can think of during these days is sleep, sleep and more sleep. The moment I am found sleeping all day long, or somebody finds me hunting for food at odd hours, they realize I am bleeding. Midnight snacks become the norm, there is extra food kept away if I wake up and feel hungry, oh I am teased for this everytime ;). And at times if we are all up for some odd reason, which is almost always the case, we get together for some coffee and pancakes. What joy! I enjoy my much needed monthly rest to the T, so do they, their ears, and their minds 😛

PS: Has it occured to that the discipline of Mathematics has a chapter on Menstruation in class 8/7. Then I realized the word was missing a few letters, and it spelled mensuration 😛

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The Moon is back on the blog :)

There was a glow in the night sky amidst the clouds around 10ish last night. And then very slowly, the moon rose, showing little of itself first, then a little more, then a more little and finally it was out there. Then it seemed like the horizon vanished to give the moon the centre stage for its soliloquy until it rose higher and needed to exit between another set of clouds. The clouds resembled a mock horizon for the moonrise, each had a silver lining, some even had a halo. There was also a bright hole in the sky from where the moon emerged. As for me, I stood there glued to the spot, wishing I had a camera that hour, to capture this sight and share it with my folks who love the moon, and to those who miss such a sights because they think they have better things to do!

It has been raining this side of town for the last few days, but the moon has been brilliant is the report I had received from my moon loving friends elsewhere. To keep me in the loop, they sent me pictures so that I enjoyed the moon as much as they did when they spotted it in their no rain-cloudless sky.

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It is not the prompt that made me write the post. I wrote the post, saw the prompt, found it suitable, so linked them. Now it stands part of the Friday Reflections and its prompt “what makes you smile, what makes you happy?”

In addition to the moon, conversations make me happy, they make me smile 😛 So you could write down a line about your little memory associated with the moon. It  could be any little detail such a song it reminds you of, a memory, a love, a hate.. it could be whatever that comes to your mind when you think of that white ball waxing and waning in the sky!

The Tie Knot Session

f89f25a6-c25d-4e16-9652-d9b7f58875c3One of the exercises during a session was to write down how to tie this tie knot. These set of classes I took are one of the best things I have done in life so far. I was assigned a group of students from the B Tech classes to help them with their reading, writing and speaking skills that year. This was one of the sessions I cooked up as part of it.

My friend and I who were conducting this session together that day had agreed on this picture of the tie knot! Beautiful I thought when I found this picture somewhere online! The picture showed the steps in details. Our wards had to word them into steps. The assignment was two fold, first, they had to describe each step as in the picture; second, read it out step wise, so that one of us could follow those instructions and tie the knot. They agreed. We were happy. We gave them half an hour to complete the task. Students by virtue of being students most of the time ask for more time to complete the task at hand. I am still a student, one of the mails I often write to my supervisor is asking for more time to finish my work (And I can anticipate a response for this line, like now :)) When they were done, my friend and I took turns to follow their steps with a stole one of us had.

The session turned out to be even more fun than we had expected. As it always happens, there are some steps most of us forget to write, which are in our head. How does the person standing across know about it if it is not communicated in writing. (This is exactly what my woman said a few days ago when I went to her with a written draft). Now the fun started precisely because of those gaps and those missed steps that remained behind in their heads. The stole in my hand and my friend’s took a lot of shapes and ended up in some other knot very different from in the picture. One of the students started off with the second step. My friend followed his instructions verbatim to which he asked “why you holding that in your hand, it is supposed to be around your neck,” to which she answered “you never asked me to. You told me which end to hold!” The boy asked for 5 minutes to go over his steps again …

I haven’t the faintest clue whether I’ve given a fair picture of how the session went on that day.. with each student, and the fun we all had as participants and as an audience when a small step was skipped or when the knot was done without missing out on a step. There lies the beauty of small things, however big or small every step is important.. together as a class we learned our lesson that day…

Source: The Tie Knot Session

When People Become Habits …

She’s this chubby little cute thing who was sitting beside me at the adjacent system in the lab, muttering to herself about some thing random. There were others who were making fun of her. I was new to this place, this was my second day in the department. She and I took the same courses that semester, we started talking about the readings, and assignments. We started having this routine of walking back to the hostel for snacks after class. Gradually, I started visiting her room, she came to mine, we used to sit on opposite sides of a table in the library and do our work so much so that the librarians would ask where is your friend today if we went alone. One semester down, 15 days into my month long break, she calls me and says, “Come back, I miss the walk and the talk.” I too missed being around her for all the chubby giggly girlish sisterly fun. D for me is that! She would have just returned from the department to take rest in the hostel, I wouldn’t have gone to the department at all that day. I’ll go knock on her door, pull her out and say, I haven’t signed today, come. And she comes, just like that, tiredness forgotten. Apart from my three, she is one of those few people I take this kind of extra freedom with somebody I can call at any hour to share an idea, and she in turn will be just as pepped up as I am, or she can say, I’m feeling lonely today, let’s have a pajama party at my place or I’m going mad woman, I’m going to rant, listen to me. or hug me! In the last few years, we have watched cricket matches on the big screen, attended concerts, fooled around doing nothing, let’s go to marine drive at midnight kind of urges, hit Mumbai roads on Ganesh Chaturthy and dahi handi every year walking the streets, make me understand what Husserl is saying, why does this man have to write so cryptic! By the end of this year, she and I may go different ways, living in different cities. I’ll miss this woman of mine like crazy, miss that corner in her room where I plonk down and talk, miss her love for Darjeeling tea when she makes me my cup of coffee, our shared love for gummy bears dipped in nutella spread, will miss shopping with her! when people become habits …

Food Memories: the Mango Thief..

I don’t think the 4 of us slept well that night, we tossed and turned in our beds discussing our plan in the dark. We were up at the crack of dawn and were walking out of the house through one of the side doors to the garden towards my mango tree in our pyjamas with our caretakers. All I can remember of the rest of the day is being woken up by my grandmother. She stood towering above the 8 of us, she seemed to be scolding us, a deep frown was pasted on her forehead! I couldn’t make sense of what she was saying, my eyes refused to open, my ears refused to listen..

What none of us realized is we had fallen asleep under my mango tree with sticks in hand between the wait to catch the mango thief:)

My maternal house is situated in the midst of fields and a lake. It is a small town in the adjacent district. For somebody like me born and brought up in a port city, summer vacations were mainly running wild in the fields, sleeping in the shade of tamarind trees, reading books perched upon the branches of the cashew trees that stretched sideways, climbing guaves trees with packets of chilli powder and salt.. and overseeing the rice and coconut harvest alongside my grandfather and his retinue.

This is about a time during those days before my grandfather’s untimely death when I was still in primary school. During the first day of summer vacations, he used to assign a tree each of each fruit to each one of the four cousins. Since mango was the prominent among the fruits, we were assigned mango trees

IMG-20150609-WA0051My mango tree stood in a corner of the garden that lay farthest from the main house! One day, as we were surveying our trees before the four of us began our siesta, we realized that somebody was stealing mangoes from my tree. My mangoes were the ones that were small in size, green in colour but ripe from the inside and really sweet. It was never cut into slices. It was meant to be had as is, using the skin of the mango as the cup.

We did not sleep that afternoon, but were on the watch out for the mango thieves. Four of us, two of us were in class 1, the younger ones were just starting school. I almost forgot to mention, each one of us had a caretaker.. after we returned home for the day in the evening we hatched a plan to wake up early the next morning and keep a watch over the mango tree to catch the thief.

Source: Food Memories: the Mango Thief.. Immediate Trigger & inspiration: When Healthy Eating reblogged this post, I thought why not share it with you again. One of my fondest memories of childhood!

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N-N-1 Picture Challenge

When a few of us bloggers got together and took a picture at exactly 7 pm wherever we were located on Saturday the 2nd of July, 2016, this is how it came out. N-N-1. Originally Norm began this as 2-2-1 (two people, two places, one time) and two subsequent 3-3-1 (three people, etc.). But then when more and more people came to know, like I came to know it through a post from Jan and the girl next door, it became n-n-1 (n number of people, n pictures, one time)

“The original concept was that all of the participants would take a picture simultaneously; then write a short piece about the picture. It worked. But with the addition of more people, in more time zones, it became apparent that either some people would be taking pictures in the very early morning, or the very late night. We didn’t want that. So a time was fixed.”

Enjoy what different people had to show you at their time zones at a particular time! Absolutely loved being part of it more so because it was a day my sister-in-law to be sent me my very first gift! All that the brother has to say is, his wife to be just won his sister over.. 🙂

A splash of my life...

After the last picture challenge that we had, Mr. Norm Houseman contacted me with this amazing thought that I could be trusted with the responsibility to host the next challenge. Oh, bless him! I took up the task promptly, super-excited, because it was the first time I was doing something like this on my blog. I emailed a lot of people from Norm’s and my contacts and I got a good number of people to respond! Trust me, I was beaming with pride when I was compiling all the pictures in the blog post! Everyone has done a great task and got my ‘Evening Vision’ to life in different time zones. As the host, I had the liberty to chose the time and date and I decided that it should be 7 pm on 2nd July. I don’t know why, but I feel the world looks the best in the…

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if I have to banish MNCs from my life..

If I want to take away the MNCs out of my life, let’s start with ….

  1. Can’t use the lift/elevator that takes me up to my room
  2. No Crompton Greaves (mm Indian firm, but as somebody just pinged, we’ll still have fans if they stop selling outside, fingers’ crossed :D.. ) ceiling fans – I have to get used to being sweaty hot!
  3. No Philips Tube lights – need to get used to working when the sun is up and about!
  4. No smart phones! – !! I’ll have a lot of free time on my hands now that the phone is..
  5. No Android!  because Google is or – all in the same bandwagon..
  6. No Google – no Word Press – will I have to stop blogging.. gulp! –
  7. What about dictionaries – Publishers are also..
  8. Will books go away too.. !!!
  9. Note books.
  10. No Gas Stove – because Prestige is …
  11. What about matchboxes.. are they, or are they not, if I want to make fire, ..
  12. I love my bread! 😦 local baker.. I love that scent of the bread at noon time when they make it ..
  13. No more silk … will have to plant cocoa trees
  14. Toothbrush! and tooth paste! – I’ll have to shut up permanently then!
  15. May need to be on foot because buses come from volvo or isuzu
  16. May need to contact the local shoemaker, hope he has elves to help him .. because.
  17. Can’t fly as Airlines are  .. may need to take swimming lessons and strength training seriously from now on!!!
  18. Just may be I can travel by trains .. but the parts are made of ..
  19. Add to the list.. let’s see how mundane MNCs have become in our lives..

In conversation with a friend, on MNC are devils in disguise! #inspired! in the background – Made in India

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  1. When I believe that WordPress will not fail me as I put together a post, but save the draft while my wifi is disconnected temporarily – Is that belief not trust?
  2. When I hire a cab/rickshaw to take me to the destination, is that faith in strangers and their vehicles, not trust?
  3. When the pani puri vendor who stands at the corner of the road gives me a plate of delicious street food,.is this habit of buying from the same vendor, not trust?
  4. When I sigh in relief as the mother board of my laptop does not crash after working non stop for 24 hours for days together, is warranty not trust?
  5. When the weather remains cloudy and does not rain until I have run my errands and reach home dry during the monsoons, this hope, not trust?
  6. When you suggest a book/movie to read/watch, are recommendation/review, not trust?
  7. When I ask someone a quick favour like a meaning of a word or a word translation is the act of asking that question itself not trust?
  8. When I follow the directions a stranger on the road gave me, is asking for information, not trust..
  9. Is taking something/someone for granted also not trust?

Inspired from a conversation with a friend. I was just wondering what is it we mean when we say I trust you or I don’t trust you. Tell me what you all think.. 

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(I think) I’m in love …

It has been a few hours, I’ve been thinking that it could be love, this what I am going through. The dreams, the desire, the wait, what else could it be…I’m re-reading the lines.. trying to remember the words, musing about it, I have that lost smile that pops up in the middle of other things.. I’m thinking back to that first flush, those giggly girlish way of going about things..  just may be I am lost in love with Adichie when she writes, “Princeton in summer, smelled of nothing … it is the lack of smell that most appealed to her, perhaps because the other American cities she knew smelled distinctly. Philadelphia had that musty scent of history. New Haven smelled of neglect. Baltimore of of brine, and Brooklyn of sun warmed garbage. But Princeton had no smell. She liked taking deep breaths here…” what is this if not love, if I have to even blog about it, and cannot contain my excitement. Coincidentally, the protagonist of the tale is also a blogger. From the time a friend passed on this book, I’ve been glued to it, sharing quotes to my interested & uninterested friends… reading sentences all over again! I’m kind of drunk in the readerly happiness….then a thought takes root..  what could Bombay smell of, would it be different from the way Mumbai smells.. just because they changed the name or is it just a habit that refuses to go away…

Inspired from my current read – Adichie’s Americanah (2013).

ps: in Malayalam, നാറ്റം/nattam (stink) is a bad smell, while  സുഗന്ധം/sughandham (Fragrance) is a good one.. what are the other words that qualify smell in the languages you speak, I would love to know..

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An idea of Rain

There were 10 topics. I chose ‘water’ because it was raining outside that morning while the exam was on. I was sitting next to the open window, feeling distracted by the showers outside! I could feel sprays that hit the edge of the wall outside the window splashing past me in a missed attempt to hit elsewhere. The rain wasn’t the only distraction, there were those questions printed on coloured paper. I sat wondering, who in their sane mind could be serious while attempting to solve answers on blue for the multiple choice, yellow for the short answers, and green for the essay! Plus there was the rain outside. I wrote gladly about water, was taunted by my two friends who wrote the exam with me! I think I even quoted the nursery rhyme somewhere to elaborate on the idea of water, as rain! 🙂 The funnier part of all this is, on the first day when Anna (she was to teach the culture of food/music) strode into class and haughtily inquired, who among us wrote on the topic of water for the exam. To our surprise and hers, 3/4 of the class of 18 had chosen water as their topic for the essay on that green sheet, and we were all here part of this class, admitted 😀 😀 in a city where it rarely rains! I don’t know remember whether she shook her head in exasperation, or in mirth.. but she did realize that she had a bunch of water romantics for students to deal with for that semester and the 2 years to come.

I was giving my entrance exams to get into the University that year, Like every year the exams were held in the middle week of June when Cochin city started to soak itself in the rains and started to enjoy its wet days!

Linking to Friday Reflections @ Write Tribe for the prompt “What’s your favourite season of the year?  Write a post about that either in the form of an essay or a creative piece & daily prompt:open. Since chai & pakoras have become inevitable part of the monsoon, linking an earlier post here.. 🙂

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Vaayadi Pennu

Amazon sometimes knows what to do best. and how to do best. Uma in passing suggested a Devdutt book. I took up the recommendation and ordered at Amazon on Saturday night. And early Sunday morning, I receive a call and the book arrives …. It was an ideal weather to laze around, read and rest. After all, a book in hand, chill in the air, a cup of steaming hot tea for a change this week and a few biscuits.. the idea of an ideal rest day emerged. … now, when the sun takes a day off, mortals like me just follow suit.

To all those detractors of the ideal, (me included ;)) these are the times when I feel the ideal exists.. because I am able to live the ideal of a rainy day for a book and weather lover …. 😛

With social media in use for…

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