Childhood days 

This just happened. I saw this in the 

newspaper this morning, and the first person I wanted to share it with was my brother. Because it is with him, I’ve read and shared most of my comicbooks since childhood. 

Certain memories can only be shared with certain people to maximize the excitement. Guaranteed. 


I call them butterflies .. 

I call them butterflies. They are smaller in size, they come in solid colours, fully yellow, at times fully white. If i find them in another colour, I can update. They go about fluttering around, sitting on a thorn of a cactus plant or a leaf or a flower. They don’t fly that high.. They usually sit on smaller shrubs.. Little restless butterflies.. Why are butterflies called butterflies.. Do they make butter like honeybees collect honey? What do you call them? 

Wordy Wednesdays 

On certain days when I sit and wonder if I ever have to move out of this comfort zone where do I take and replant these roots.. #rooted #roots #change #move #lifequestions 

Rain Tales …

Arundhathi Roy made this regional rhyme “Paa para para perekka …” famous through her The God of Small Things. Two years later in 1999, director Badran introduced this song through Mohanlal in his film Olympian Anthony Adam. Remembered both of them when I saw the guvavas hanging from the tree this morning. (Perekka is the Malayalam name for the English Guava.)

And it begins #mondaymusings

And it begins, this year’s monsoons. Raining, cooling, summer be gone. Be kind please, don’t harm our land and crops because we were prayering for it for so long  #monsoon #mondaymotivation #kerala #home #breakfromwork #rainvacation 

What is …


… Wild as the night, it soars high towards the moon, shining bright against the dark blue sky …

(In conversation … )

The Dosa Addiction 

The number of pictures I have of the dosa on my phone is evidence that I am addicted to the dosa, any hour, any time, any form … Ha! 

The drama queen in me wants to start a deaddiction centre for the “dos-adicts” Just imagine the variety of dosas from different flours, we can come up with to solve the addiction problem … 😊😊😊 any volunteers?

The Mango Weekend continues

During scbool days-summers, one of my main rituals in the morning, almost daily, was to make Mango Fool. MJ would help me pour them into bottles, and store them in the refrigerator.. So that when we come back tired from all the games and plays in the sun, we can go straight to the refrigerator, open it’s door, and relish the chilled mango fool to our heart’s content. Mango Fool is ripe mango blended with an amount of milk/cream and sugar (if needed) to get this creamy texture. I don’t really know how it is different from a milkshake but that’s what we have called it ever since childhood. 

 I’m inundating the blog with mango pictures. The mango weekend continues … We all have mango memories.. Would love to hear .. 

V: #atozchallenge’17

I need to order at least a vada when I’m at a south Indian restaurant. It’s become a habit. 


No words to explain. Taste it if you are near one of these icecream counters.