Indian Summers

Positively, FB is not for Indians, or rather not for me. I open and it tells me (I’d love to think it tells me alone, but๐Ÿ˜Ž) “the clouds have moved, enjoy the sunshine.” And I go ewwwww! Either FB needs to customize itself to an Indian summer mindset and say, “what’s up in the sky, are they black clouds, is it rain…” Or I need to wear tinted goggles to live under a cooler illusion. May be FB can hire me to customize it to more Indian loving clime… ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š 

Or, go ahead and watch a film and be chilled for 2-3 hours. Like Phillauri. Who cares that it is slow, nobody acts, and Anushka Sharma is a ghost flying around all the time leaving glitters in her path… The cool air inside the theatre makes up for all that faulty film making … I’d say watch the film for the twist in the end, never saw it coming, but by god! What a twist that was!!! 

V: #atozchallenge’17

I need to order at least a vada when I’m at a south Indian restaurant. It’s become a habit. 


No words to explain. Taste it if you are near one of these icecream counters. 


So world book day today… Sending all of you who love to read a happy day. Which brings me to, what kind of a reader are you? Does that question sound weird? 

I have my reading days where I cannot put down a book, and continue reading without a care for food or drink, rain or shine. Then there are those set of days when I have my reading blocs where I wouldn’t touch a book if I can help it. Then there are days in between where I have a book or two around me which I’ll be reading from. My prof tells me to read at least 1000 words a day, and read three books at the same time, a morning, lunch and evening book varying in plot, its degree of intensity and genre. 

I just finished reading “The Killing of Polly Carter” a few days ago. A breeze of a read, a very similar style to Agathe Christie kind of murder mysteries and solving them. It reminded me of one of Mrs Marple’s cases she solved in the Caribbean when she was on vacation. 

More of the Rainbow Cake ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

#Earthday breakfast this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

A: #AtoZ Challengeย 

Since I can’t say A for coffee, I’ll tweak it and say, A for Assam tea. You can ignore the original from the board ๐Ÿ™‚ what’s my theme? Well, I’ll key you into it tomorrow, if I post on something similar.. 

a-z challenge 2017 

3.14 Jouissanceย 

This week, dutch goes the photo celebrates pi (3.14)… The clue is to put up a picture about anything remotely circular or a relative. Also linking to ABCW for 20J, J for Jouissance

This picture above was the first view of my holiday from the weekend that went by. The sun, the sands, the moon, the water … Greeted by the setting sun, made at home by the rising full moon, the waves changed colours from orange to silver … as we went along with the flow of the salt water for hours at length. The Aquarius me can never get enough of water 

A Word with the Sun on a Wednesday

One of those days when I’m up earlier than usual surrounded by my little lights in my room, beside a window which is pitch dark on the other side, but coming alive with sounds of birds waking up… the pitch dark blackish on the other side of the window will turn a shade lighter with every passing minute, until it is 6:35 and boom, there comes a light.. the horizon out there at the far end gets a tinge of orange from below, giving me the signal, the man has started to rise and in a few minutes will come by with streams of light through the foliage of the surrounding trees. The birds become quieter during that time, they make the loudest tweets just before dawn breaks, they are too early riser. May be they sit and preen their feathers to welcome the day and the sun.

A Wordy Wednesday then

Tuesday Tattles: The Kite on the Eucalyptus Tree

The kite comes everyday.

DSC01537It makes sounds. hovers around for a while. And, it then sits on his favourite branch on the Eucalyptus tree, out there outside my window. The joy of spotting it again on the second day, again on the third, then on the fourth. After 4 days the Kite has become my official neighbour, working of course, next door on its branch on the Eucalyptus tree.

It takes a while to settle down. Unsteady from its flight, it first sits on one leg, then on the other and then sinks into its knees (they too have little bends in their legs). It takes time to settle its feathers, flutters them around a bit, flapping away the dust it caught on its way here this morning.

But, at times it just flies away just like that, in the middle of this flapping.. or in the middle of keeping a watch. I think the Kite is here to watch over some thing or some one, may be it is the new official over seer of the tennis court. Up on that tree, it will not miss even a little flutter in the hedges below.

Therefore, it sits with its back towards me? When it looks out to the horizon, we form a line one behind the other.

It used to go missing after noon to return around 3. But then I found it keeping a watch from another tree left of our Eucalyptus tree. Shifting tables and changing arrangement in the room has these kind of advantages, now you see.

From morning to until it is 4, the Kite sits watch, on its tree. A partner comes by at times, and flies off after it settles down on its tree. No other bird sits on this branch, shoos away the partner when it tries to perch.

Whenever it comes closer to my window, I have a question ready, “what is your job profile?” Kite…

I wonder who it has at home in the nest and who are its friends..

The table by the window, this time a kite up on that tree sharp at 10.30 everyday in the morning.

It brought back memories of a morning in May, an exam day, when my Prof stopped me outside the classroom to point out to a bird in the sky. “Look at the tail,” he said. Some of the these birds have forked tails and some have none, the forked ones are kites or are they hawks……. I forget. It was exam day…  a table by the window, this time it is a kite ..

G – amidst the greens!

Linking to ABCW-  G, flowers for a change  ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚