The table looked beautiful with the colours of the veggies, the men were working with. It was a random decision to take a picture …

But then I realised that it looks like the Indian Flag. 😊


#2 – #breadandeggs

Day two of sharing a thought/moment. Today the moment comes with a picture alongwith it. This just happened and I couldn’t resist but share.



I’ll tell you want actually happened

I broke an egg to make a #bulleye or a #sunnysideup as it is also known as. As it was getting done I grew hungry, started munching on the left over #focaccia from last night. Thats when it all turned fancy 😂😁😂😁

This is how foodie thoughts and pictures happen in my life, so do blog posts .. so what did you have for bf this morning?

#2 The Bread Upma/Poha #everydayproject 

There are certain things my sibling makes and certain things I do, we rarely interchange or encroach. For instance, he has been helping MJ make the garam masala since school, and now when I need the recipe I ask him when the mother is not around. Or, the Shahi Paneer he learnt from a friend, is his trademark dish ..  or the Bread Upma/Poha. 

But today as he wasn’t around and there were two loaves of old bread lying around MJ asked me if I wanted to do something with them. I stepped in to try out the bread as an upma/poha 

My daily dose of entertainment! 

I’ve begun to refer to her as my daily dose of entertainment, this chirpy househelp who cannot stop talking and being cheerful. I thought I talked the most, but this is serious competition 😂. She sings while she scrubs the floor, and wipes it clean. And in between, she talks to me. 

May update, stay tuned! 

Yana Navotna 

The first memory is of that final at Wimbledon against Steffi Graf in 1993, she had almost won. In my head she was serving for the match in the second set. But in reality, she had lost the first to Graf, won the second, was 4-1 up in the third. I cant recollect which other match I’m confusing this with. I thought it could be that quarterfinal between Venus and Hingis at Wimbledon in 2000. It is not that match either. But Hingis sure did take the second set that time after losing the first to Venus, was it a match point save, I may need to go back and watch the highlights. Could be that as she won it 6-4 after which she went on to lose to Venus in the third .. that year Venus won Wimbledon against Davenport. It was also a special year at Wimbledon, need to go check that too. 

When the news of her death flashed, the first person I pinged were my folks, (my mother is this crazy tennis buff who skips social functions to watch matches.) But the thing with technology these days is, everyone is on the same page. All of us, my mother, my brother and me had the same memory of Yana crying on the shoulders of the Duchess in 1993. I was/am a big time Graf fan, but I don’t recollect now whether I was sad Yana lost that day. 

The second person I pinged was a friend from school as we had discussed this tearing part recently. But since India was unexpectedly bowling well in the final session against Sri Lanka in the first test match at Eden, we drifted quickly to wishing the boys could take 3 more wickets for a win. The lights played spoil sport! But who’d expected India to bowl this well? 

Her match with Graf lingers on. I didn’t know we shared a connection. Strange, but there is a bit of me upset that she is no more today. 

Thank you, Yana for all the excitement and the memories.  

Childhood days 

This just happened. I saw this in the 

newspaper this morning, and the first person I wanted to share it with was my brother. Because it is with him, I’ve read and shared most of my comicbooks since childhood. 

Certain memories can only be shared with certain people to maximize the excitement. Guaranteed. 

in my Daddy’s Shoes #windowchronicles

Two little feet in a tan lace up shoes, walking, more like dragging those shoes along. I can see him through the bars of my gate, walking towards the road, behind his mother and little sister. They do this walk every day in the morning, to see his dad off. The mother and her two children, but this is the first, he found his dad’s shoes. 🙂

I’m sitting by the window sipping my coffee, looking out for my bulbul who comes and perches on the guava tree. My little bulbul for the day today walked in tiny feet in a pair athletic daddy shoes.

I call them butterflies .. 

I call them butterflies. They are smaller in size, they come in solid colours, fully yellow, at times fully white. If i find them in another colour, I can update. They go about fluttering around, sitting on a thorn of a cactus plant or a leaf or a flower. They don’t fly that high.. They usually sit on smaller shrubs.. Little restless butterflies.. Why are butterflies called butterflies.. Do they make butter like honeybees collect honey? What do you call them? 

Before – After 


Wordy Wednesdays 

On certain days when I sit and wonder if I ever have to move out of this comfort zone where do I take and replant these roots.. #rooted #roots #change #move #lifequestions