Vada & Pav

Breakfast or rather brunch was a plate of vada pav, pitla and green chilli chutney. The coarsely ground green chillies soaked in oil was still ridden with their intense heat, I had to borrow a bottle of their homemade lemon juice. They came in these little cute milk bottles, I bought a second bottle out of bottle love.. no it was not a takeaway, I had to give it back to them. 

I didn’t take the phone with me today, so no pictures of the vada, or the pav or the combination of light and deep friend golden brown brown, on yellow and dark green served on a dusky green leaf and paper plate. 

One of those Sundays when I walked out of home without the phone. No pockets, no sling bags, no totes… Therefore no place to keep the phone, and then it was almost raining. I can give n number of reasons but I feel so easy at heart when the data is off with the phone in hand, and easier when the phone isn’t around me at all.
But that said, I had some yum food this morning. Memory etched.

Spotted & Shot 


Who is a friend? Monday is. Because that’s a day I look forward to begin a million little and big things. 

The thoughts count 🤓

Chai & Biscuit

On a rainy day, when it pours like there is no tomorrow, the roads flooded, sitting in a cosy corner, an engaging conversation, and a cup of piping hot tea.. this time Irani chai … 

(I’m not your regular chai person, I love my cups of coffee more. But I drink tea, I’m not choosy that way.☺☺) 

But the highlight was the biscuit that came with it. That’s the combo they serve at soda bottle opener wala. It was that tasty I asked for a second one, flicked a third from my friend’s saucer ..and parcelled about 200gms to go home and relish .. 😂😂

Nankhatai, that’s what they are called. One of the best I’ve had in recent times. 

mom (2017) 

The film goes into the interval saying the oft quoted mother’s day lines, god couldn’t be everywhere, therefore he created mothers. How cliched can a film get! We should have a cliché meter or some such for these kind of films. 

It is a collage of many films, coupled with bad acting, unwanted drama and a pace that made me get up as soon as it said end and run out of the theatre. (If any of you have watched a film with me, you’d know I’m the last one out of the theatre after all the credits have rolled up, applies to films other than Marvel too). Sridevi of English Vinglish is nowhere to be seen, instead we have an actor who is constipated! … Even if one argues, the film is about the sentiments of a mom, even that needs to be presented .. Unfortunately, no. 

As always I love the way justice is meted out to people who slip away from the law as a result of money, influence et al. That was fun to watch otherwise, they try to show a lot, but fail to present it in a manner that is compelling to be anywhere near serious. I didn’t laugh out loud initially because of courtesy, but there were tears rolling down my cheeks because of all that laughter I suppressed even in the most serious of scenes..

Nawazuddin looks different, at times when he did that gimmick with his tongues I thought he resembled a character from xmen! 

Summing up: Clichéd, dramatic and predictable, lousy acting. The plus point, people now will head to Georgia the landscape is outstandingly beautiful! 

Sun’s day! Before & After me series😂 

This was from the night walk from last night. 


Am I?

My chatter is mostly interspersed with potter phrases and charms, but I don’t even have a bookmark saying potter, nor glasses, nor any connected amulets.. collected to say I’m a crazy potter fan. Am I?

Ive connected and disconnected with people because we have potter sitting right between us… 

I have read all the books and a few of the sub books Rowling has written, watched all the films, re-read, re-watched.. And engaged in infinite potter conversations everywhere i’ve been, there has never been a better conversation starter. 

Now, my doubt is who is a fan? Or who is rather a trueblue fan? 

I guess we all are.. Who have loved and enjoyed, the books, lived in the imagined wizard world away from our muggle upbringing thinking we are witches and wizards. . making up our own charms, spells .. And making little Hogwarts wherever we go.. 

To 20 years of a reading gem! 

Before – After 


4 o clock snacks. 

How I like my eggs between my slices of bread with some slices of cheese … 🙂 #anytimesnack 

Thursday Tattles! 

The age old wisdom goes, if you sleep laughing you will wake up with happier thoughts, and I’m sure most of sane India & Indians slept heartily after googling peacock sex and laughing uncontrollably thinking about the celibate peacock, and woke up to excellent Thursdays this morning .. 

That’s a chocolate pound cake laced with some melted dark chocolate to add to the breakfast happiness. 

In malayalam we say, orthorthu chirikuka..(that old joke that brings on a smile…) That is my avastha (state of being), I’m tearing up laughing, thinking of the peacock tears! Pun intended!