Pingami (succesor) is a 1994 film in Malayalam with Mohanlal & Thilakan in lead roles. 

Unlike the usual everyday life* of a character whipped up by Sathyam Anthikad, this is a thriller. Therefore, when the film begins with a familiar scene of a friendly conversation at a bus stop, a captain returning home for his annual vacation, the audience will not suspect a hidden mystery.  

However, Captain Vijay Menon (Mohanlal) like his audience will soon find out that Kumarettan (Thilakan) whom he found severely beaten up, left to die, on the road has a key role in his life unknown to him until then. 

The plot begins to gain a certain momentum when on the next day, Kumarettan’s death is reported in the newspaper as a hit and run lorry accident. When an irritated Vijay confronts the duty doctor and the editor he finds their careless attitude towards the death of this man disturbing. On further enquiry with the locals, he finds out that the deceased was a journalist, known for his fearless exposes of corrupt politicians and businessman. The hit and run was a successful attempt to take his life. Vijay determined to get to the bottom of this murder, visits Kumarettan’s home to get access to his personal writings and space. 

The story that links the two men takes on a depth when Vijay reads a diary entry about a tragedy 18 years ago. Little did he know when he took this man to the hospital out of human concern, that he had been the sole witness to the brutal murder of his father considered until then to have committed suicide.

At the beginning of the film, Vijay finds a letter posted by Kumarettan protruding out of the post box. He tries to push it in, unable to do so, he takes it out, and makes sure it drops into the box safely this time. That letter becomes a key to solving the case. How he later links Kumarettan of the road accident as the sender of the letter, to finding out the secrets behind the death of his father, and missing mother and baby sister, is how the film ties the lives of the two men together in the plot. 


Kamaladalam* (1992)

Today, as I re-watched Kamaladalam, I wondered about the immense trust Sibi Malayil & Lohitadas, the makers of the film, had in Mohanlal* to play a classical dancer. Lal had proved to be an excellent dancer in his earlier films, however, in Kamaladalam his character demanded him to behave like an expert in Bharatanatyam with his actions and performance alike. Usually, in such a case, a trained dancer is brought in as cast, like Faasil did, to pair up with Shobana’s Nagavally* in Manichitratazhu*. 

Looking back, this was a gamble Malayil & Lohitadas took with Mohanlal. But Mohanlal has done really well. During the release of the film, there were rumours that Lal used a body double for his dance scenes, which is possiblity, but I’d like to believe it is Lal and Lal only. 

*Kamaladalam is a 1992 Malayalam film written by Lohitadas and directed by Sibi Malayil. This was released in the same year the female lead actor of the film Monisha died in a gruesome car accident. 

*Mohanlal is a well known actor & superstar of Malayalam Cinema. 

*Shobana bagged her first national award for actor in a leading female  role for Nagavally/Ganga in Faasil’s Manichitratazhu in 1992. 

*Manichitratazhu is one those cult films in Malayalam which has recently been remade in Tamil, Bengali and Hindi. 


It isn’t a secret that I’m huge dosa addict. Here again, dosa. The chutney is coriander and shallots with coconut, a juice of lemon. 

when solo went south!

If this doesn’t work, then I’m giving up on writing this review.



Solo (like the number of letters in its name) is an anthology of 4 tales, played out by 4 different DQs, four different female leads and a spread out supporting cast of Suhasini, Nasar, Manoj K Jayan, Ranji Panickar, Ann Augstine, Dino Morea, Soubin Sahir, Sheelu Abraham ..  the list goes on.




Let me try to get this right. I’ve been trying to write a less scathing review of Solo without giving away any spoilers. Less scathing, that’s right, because the concept of 4 romantic tales about 4 couples in the guises of Shiva and an accompanying element works only in parts. Beautiful frames all through the film, and DQ has done an excellent job in bringing Shekar, Thrilok, Shiva & Rudra alive. Personally, I loved Thrilok, the vet, and his story for its pace. But the element of air which it is linked to, isn’t evident. In the story of Shekar,


Dulquar gives good performances in the backdrop of beautiful frames but weak scripts. The film drags. The stuttering Shekar and his lady love, the blind dancer was a drag



Solo is a bbilingual anthology released in Tamil and Malayalam, directed by Bejoy Nambiar with Dulquar Salman in the lead. In fact we get 4 Dulquar Salamans, with 4 different heroines, in 4 different tales of love. 4 is a prominent number in the film, it decides the length of the tale, either 4 years ahead of the present time or 4 years in the past. 



It could be that my understanding of Shiva and the 4 elements are a little less. Therefore, I couldnot fully grasp the links between the elements and the different avatars of Shiva in DQ.



Verdict: If the stories were as compellingly excellent as the cinematographers’s frames and the music score, this experiment from Bejoy Nambiar’s camp could have become viral and gone on to be one of those memorable films in Malayalam. For the rest .. 

#Roshomon from Solo.

I’m hooked to the song. Wow. The next sensation after #Jimmikikammal could be.

in my Daddy’s Shoes #windowchronicles

Two little feet in a tan lace up shoes, walking, more like dragging those shoes along. I can see him through the bars of my gate, walking towards the road, behind his mother and little sister. They do this walk every day in the morning, to see his dad off. The mother and her two children, but this is the first, he found his dad’s shoes. 🙂

I’m sitting by the window sipping my coffee, looking out for my bulbul who comes and perches on the guava tree. My little bulbul for the day today walked in tiny feet in a pair athletic daddy shoes.

Ironically, an October 2

The irony of the day that was is, here in India it was Gandhi Jayanthi, a celebration of a man who popularised non violent peaceful ways of resistance (of course, I’m bracketing off my reservations on him, here), while there in Las Vegas an older man not so gently, fired at a crowd killing 58, injuring 500 plus.

I’m not setting out to compare the two men, however, the extremities of the day cannot be ignored. The 148 year old Gandhi, if he were alive,  would have told Paddock to take to Satyagraha instead of using his guns. That said, what’s this world of people who start to fire, take up weapons to lynch, and gather together to conspire really want to say? Are these violent means their way of expression of a resistance? Then what’s this about killing innocent people they catch hold of, rather than targeting the ones who have caused them harm? Unanswered questions at the moment, I know,  

Now, somebody should have caused them some harm, sometime, otherwise why would somebody react.. like Newton’s third law .. is this mass murder an opposite reaction to some earlier action? Or this guy could be unstable in the head, therefore, brainwashed .. who in their right mind would go shooting into a crowd? But their reactions filter down to the non actors who become the victims of their rage, like they did today. The culprits walk scott free. 

One of those days that will go down in history … 

Vada & Pav

Breakfast or rather brunch was a plate of vada pav, pitla and green chilli chutney. The coarsely ground green chillies soaked in oil was still ridden with their intense heat, I had to borrow a bottle of their homemade lemon juice. They came in these little cute milk bottles, I bought a second bottle out of bottle love.. no it was not a takeaway, I had to give it back to them. 

I didn’t take the phone with me today, so no pictures of the vada, or the pav or the combination of light and deep friend golden brown brown, on yellow and dark green served on a dusky green leaf and paper plate. 

One of those Sundays when I walked out of home without the phone. No pockets, no sling bags, no totes… Therefore no place to keep the phone, and then it was almost raining. I can give n number of reasons but I feel so easy at heart when the data is off with the phone in hand, and easier when the phone isn’t around me at all.
But that said, I had some yum food this morning. Memory etched.

Spotted & Shot 


Who is a friend? Monday is. Because that’s a day I look forward to begin a million little and big things. 

The thoughts count 🤓