Am I?

My chatter is mostly interspersed with potter phrases and charms, but I don’t even have a bookmark saying potter, nor glasses, nor any connected amulets.. collected to say I’m a crazy potter fan. Am I?

Ive connected and disconnected with people because we have potter sitting right between us… 

I have read all the books and a few of the sub books Rowling has written, watched all the films, re-read, re-watched.. And engaged in infinite potter conversations everywhere i’ve been, there has never been a better conversation starter. 

Now, my doubt is who is a fan? Or who is rather a trueblue fan? 

I guess we all are.. Who have loved and enjoyed, the books, lived in the imagined wizard world away from our muggle upbringing thinking we are witches and wizards. . making up our own charms, spells .. And making little Hogwarts wherever we go.. 

To 20 years of a reading gem! 

Before – After 


4 o clock snacks. 

How I like my eggs between my slices of bread with some slices of cheese … 🙂 #anytimesnack 

Thursday Tattles! 

The age old wisdom goes, if you sleep laughing you will wake up with happier thoughts, and I’m sure most of sane India & Indians slept heartily after googling peacock sex and laughing uncontrollably thinking about the celibate peacock, and woke up to excellent Thursdays this morning .. 

That’s a chocolate pound cake laced with some melted dark chocolate to add to the breakfast happiness. 

In malayalam we say, orthorthu chirikuka..(that old joke that brings on a smile…) That is my avastha (state of being), I’m tearing up laughing, thinking of the peacock tears! Pun intended!  

Wordy Wednesdays 

On certain days when I sit and wonder if I ever have to move out of this comfort zone where do I take and replant these roots.. #rooted #roots #change #move #lifequestions 

#monsoonfoodscenes: Parippuvada 

Rains and parippuvada (dal/masala-vada), go hand in hand. Enjoying my view from my window, munching on my parippuvadas while waiting for Amma to make me a cup of coffee. 

#monsoon #rains #rainyseason #keralamonsoons #monsoonfoodscenes

Rain Tales …

Arundhathi Roy made this regional rhyme “Paa para para perekka …” famous through her The God of Small Things. Two years later in 1999, director Badran introduced this song through Mohanlal in his film Olympian Anthony Adam. Remembered both of them when I saw the guvavas hanging from the tree this morning. (Perekka is the Malayalam name for the English Guava.)

And it begins #mondaymusings

And it begins, this year’s monsoons. Raining, cooling, summer be gone. Be kind please, don’t harm our land and crops because we were prayering for it for so long  #monsoon #mondaymotivation #kerala #home #breakfromwork #rainvacation 

“Where do the old birds go to die …

And why don’t the dead ones fall likes stones from the sky ..” These are Sophiemol’s questions from Arundhati Roy’s Booker winner, The God of Small Things. Today an extract of her second novel has been circulating, and it begins with the same title about the birds. Hope the books fullfils all the expectations the eargerly waiting readers of Roy have had, and have been holding to since she announced her second novel. Let’s see. 

The exclusive extract

Edmund Dantes 😍

Ever since I met Edmund Dantes in school, I’ve liked him a lot. I think it was in class 3 or 4 when the school librarian handed over an abridged The Count of Monte Cristo to me. I enjoyed every bit of the book especially the part where he tunnelled through with the Abbé Faria to escape the Chateau d’lf  off the Marseille’s Bay, learned new languages and history, and that part of the treasure hidden on a island. I read the original sometime in high school, and it remains one of my favourite books till date. So, when I accidently pick up a book by Archer, and come across a plot where the protagonist Danny is falsely accused in a homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment where he shares a cell with Nick who looks very similar to him… Bingo… I look for Dantes! And good of Archer to mention Dantes in the text as a way of acknowledgement. 

Re-reading my fav parts from Monte Cristo. 

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