I found Clive Cussler & Dirk Pitt in a Reader’s Digest collection. They used to bring it out like that, 4-5 novels, shortened- abridged (I don’t know the word for that shortening process).

It was the Trojan Odyssey. After reading it, I had to go find the whole book, so I checked my school library first, and then my lending library, found many more Cussler books with Dirk Pitt adventures. Steadily Pitt became one of my fav characters to go back to, and read about. Gradually, I started buying the novels and expanding my collection of books.

Any fav characters and book series? We can compile a list ..



How did I realise it was Valentine’s day yesterday ..

  1. Police stood guard outside the cafes decorated with heart shaped deck and balloons
  2. Many many many wearing bright red clothes
  3. Couples in red (again) riding those brightly lit horse driven open silver carriages
  4. The balloonman outside the gate had only heart shaped balloons
  5. Unusually crowded lakeside, too many selfies taken at every part of the road

Which brings me to the question what is love.. we have all grown up with an idea of love, being loved, loving somebody, in love, out of love …

What’s your take on love.. is love also trust?


This time for Lent I decided to take out social media from my daily life. No WhatsApp, no Facebook, no Instagram for 50 days, plus no clicking pictures of, food or otherwise .. and read at least 3 different books a week.

Already uninstalling WhatsApp gives me a sense of liberation .. :-D, that urge to not click food or anything that catches my eye is temptation.. but what’s Lent without a few temptations?

Lent is for 40 days. But in the parts I live in, we start it 2 days prior to Ash Wednesday, count all the Sundays till Easter.



What temptations are you willing to take away, for a day, at least..?



I love celebrations, but, that said, I like to keep my birthday a very private affair within my innermost circle, .. this in the picture is the first of the many cakes cut that week with my folks …

How do you celebrate your birthday ..


This Sunday morning is lazy, mostly about eggs, bread and sausages 🙂

What was on your plate this morning?

#flavoursometuesday – the goan pork vindaloo

#flavoursometuesday – the goan pork vindaloo. Every kid’s taste buds are formed at their parents’ kitchen. Most often, the mother.



Therefore we grow up to judge taste using her dishes as the reference point, whether the mother cooks well or not. I’m fortunate to have an excellent cook in my mother and father. Have been spoiled crazy with food all my life .. 😊



This vindaloo is a family favourite. One of those just yummy yum, out of the world tasty dishes on the plate from MJ’s kitchen..
#vindaloo #porkdishes #mothersoffoodies #foodiesofinstagram #tasty #foodgasm.
#igers #taste #foodieforlife


The table looked beautiful with the colours of the veggies, the men were working with. It was a random decision to take a picture …

But then I realised that it looks like the Indian Flag. 😊

#2 – #breadandeggs

Day two of sharing a thought/moment. Today the moment comes with a picture alongwith it. This just happened and I couldn’t resist but share.



I’ll tell you want actually happened

I broke an egg to make a #bulleye or a #sunnysideup as it is also known as. As it was getting done I grew hungry, started munching on the left over #focaccia from last night. Thats when it all turned fancy 😂😁😂😁

This is how foodie thoughts and pictures happen in my life, so do blog posts .. so what did you have for bf this morning?

Aruvi (Tamil) #filmtalks

By now everyone in Tamil Nadu & Kerala, people with little knowledge about workable Tamil would have watched Aruvi .. the film came highly recommended. And I found in the first few minutes into the film, it wasn’t the difficult Tamil I couldnt understand but something I could without subtitles for most of the part. One barrier down!

I’d say watch Aruvi, it is a story of a girl.. a girl who grew up loving the rain, springs, nature in its greenest, until her family relocated to the city. It is a bildungsroman, we see Aruvi in the different phases of her life, but the narration is the highlight as every review would tell you! You may figure out the core reason for her motives early on,.. but the innocence with which she goes about with it, is what makes Aruvi different .. especially in the times we live .. shows how our minds are made to function/think in just one direction..

If you understood nothing or I’ve made you curious enough, go watch the film, come back and tell me what you felt.. I did switch on the subtitles for two long set of dialogue.. but otherwise, a non Tamil speaker like me, (I have minimal knowledge of the language) could understand..

Happy watching ! And there is a lot to smile..

Another book I read recently! #exitwest 

There are two reasons for today’s post. Two shout-outs! 

#1 my secret (blogger) santa sent me a book I wanted to read, it surprised me to no end that I was muted in my response in suprise and joy ☺️

#2 these set of comments ..

I love discussions on books and sharing reading experience. I’m happy a blogger bought a book I wrote about, happier still that they came back to share their reading experience. 🙂

Exit West has lovely lines, lines I fell in love with, and have read many times over since I finished the book

“I think it’s personal. Each of us has his own way. Or … Her own way. Nobody is perfect. And in any case -” she interrupted him. “I don’t pray,’ she said.

The plot is set in a war ridden, violent urban space, in fact, it is set in many war ridden violent urban spaces across the world .. war, refugees, migration, survival .. 

One’s relationship to windows now changed in the city. A window was the border through which death was possibly most likely to come. Windows could not stop even the most flagging round of ammunition; any spot indoors with a view of the outside was a spot potentially in the crossfire.

but the narration is intertwined with magic.

the effect doors has on people altered as well. Rumours had begun to circulate of doors that could take you elsewhere, often to places far away…Some people claimed to know people who knew people who had been through such doors. A normal door they said would become a special door, and it would happen without warning, to any door at all. Most people thought these rumours to be nonsense. But most people began to gaze at their own doors a little differently nonetheless…

I did gaze at my door to see if it led to another place, like 9 3/4 .. that said, the book drags a little here and there, I finished reading it is one sitting .. it kept me awake the whole night .. 

Ending the post with one of my fav images from this book .. 

…Saeed’s mother and father were both readers, and in different ways, debaters, and they were frequently to be seen in the early days of their romance meeting surreptitiously in the bookshops. Later after their marriage, they would while away their afternoons reading together in cafes and restaurants, or when the weather was suitable, on their balcony…