Trails and Paths


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Look Right! 👉👉 (whose right)

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Early morning when the sun just streams into my room :)

How a card gets made and sent on sunny days 😀

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On some days, & other days!



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Lap top :P

What’s your favourite prop to take pictures, mine happens to be my laptops.

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In Flight …


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The (Best) Mango Cheese Cake


A random question to you? How do you order food at a restaurant?

There is always the menu card to choose from, but often I find myself becoming attracted to other tables and the food plates that come out of those swinging kitchen doors 😀 I have often asked a fellow eater from an adjacent table what their dish is whenever it has excited me and ordered the very same.. And they have obliged 😉 (that is very important) I’ve found people bond over food very quickly, conversations become easier … and genuine joy and the fondest of memories comes out during such.

The mango cheese cake was on the festival menu, like an appendix to a thesis.. It was served with a dash of mango pulp and freshly cut mangoes. And I would say, a scoop of the cheese cake, a bit of the freshly cut mango smeared with the pulp was an all time high food orgasm 😉

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Thursday Photos – Multicolour


K had sent this picture over, of his mid day snack, a few days ago. It shows quite clearly that the guy at the fruit counter in his office has a sense of colour and taste.. He could have cut and arranged the bananas, muskmelon, water melon, papaya & pineapple in any which way he wanted to. But this graded fruit plate is how he serves it to his customers…

(I may be overthinking here,) but I’m in love with people and in awe of them, who bring in a charm in the the most mundane jobs they perform, effortlessly, the keywords being mundane and effortlessly. Making their jobs more interesting with their little twists and creative impulses.

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I walk into the kitchen and see a plateful of chopped beans for a side dish.. #many for photo promt at spun with tears.

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Thursday photos – Everyday


Today’s theme for Thursday Photos is Everyday. My everyday mornings at home begins this way 🙂

Give it a try .. The second jumbled word is Grief. Bikram has guessed the last one as Thirst… Will post the answers soon 🙂

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