I’m still in the moon mood from last night! I wish the sun hadn’t risen this morning, so that the moon could have stayed a little longer… Cradled like a baby among the clouds, she was visible from the leafy cracks of the tall trees. 



#wednesdaywisdom …. The stories the stars can weave … .. 


Sky gazers…

Oh! yes, I was awake last night to catch the total lunar eclipse and the pinkish-reddish-yellowish moon.

A big round of applause to the clouds and the rains for containing their joy by being still at the time of the spectacle.  and let sky gazers watch it without the scare of the moving clouds or drops of rain 😀

What the spectacle was… read here

Pulled up a post from the past <pinashpinash.blogspot.com> during an eclipse 🙂

I woke up early unlike other days to witness the great celestial spectacle. And lo! The room was in total darkness. Oh! Was the eclipse already in full swing? And I ran around the room to find the door. This was my first time in this room with absolutely no light, not even the ray that is emitted by the night lamp or those red devils that flicker from the switch board, put purposely to scare the hell out of me. I scampered for the torch, my phone and somehow without much incident or accident and very little noise I reached the handle of the door and yanked it open. There was still time for the eclipse to begin, another 45 minutes. 

This was one of those few times in my life I hated it when I saw the rains and the clouds. Furious! I went back in to find the remote of the television, when I realised that the darkness in the room was the result of a power cut.  Disappointed, I went back under the blankets to be woken up at 7:30 by the husband. Read on…


Solar Eclipse Superstitions …

This my third solar eclipse. I caught one in 95 or 96 and one a few years back in 2005 (I think), both partial with x-ray films atop the terrace of the respective building I was put up. The first was at home and the second was at the university. The university one was a tricky one, because all of us who wanted a peak at sun had to sneak past the room of a wing mate who had warned us about the after effects and the superstitions surrounding it. She stopped us from dining at the mess for breakfast and lunch and to drink water. When it was time for the moon to cast the shadow, we kept her busy and ran up the steps to catch the sun.

Next in line 🙂

The next eclipse is in January 2010 visible to the Sri Lankans and southern Indians….

Until then…Mr. Moon keep fit and be healthy, gym a little and muscle up your craters. Convey my regards to the Rabbit.

Image Courtesy: Your Zodiac forecast from Jonathan Cainer 

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