Ahalya (2015) | Sujoy Ghosh

Staying with short films. I wrote this post last year in the week it was released.

By now, almost everybody would have watched Sujoy Ghosh’s 14 minute short film Ahalya (2015). If you haven’t, here is the link. By now, you would have also come across the 5 minute animation film, Alma (2009) by Roderigo Blaas . Here, is an article that links the two films.

I happened to watch Alma first, a few minutes before I sat down to watch Ahalya. Because in order to watch Ahalya, I had to brush up my mythology a bit, I vaguely remembered the outline of the story! I was too lazy to do for a while, and in the meantime as I doodled around, I clicked on the link to Alma…. How I learned about Alma is long story.. a friend suggested it over breakfast the next morning Ahalya was trending .. she in turn had found it on her FB timeline. It was shared by our common acquaintance..  Alma was a passing reference

I saw Alma and loved it. Spooky.. in fact it is spookier than Ahalya, I thought. The spookier feeling could be because of the child… (I’m thinking, was Hansel and Gretel spooky..?)The lure into the shop was so genuine. Only the innocence of a child and their sense of curiosity can drive them to push through a door like that.  May be not, we would too, as adults, if we were to encounter ourselves like that at a shop window!  … (another word, and the story will tumble out of me..)

In the case of Ahalya, a knowledge of the myth is mandatory to make its ending worth the watch! So before watching if you think you have to remember the story, please do. The story of Ahalya retold and cast into a feminist frame.. here’s an article on the whys and hows of the retelling of the myth

A wiki search for Ahalya after the watching it yielded more sources.. Alma was not one of them, but Prof Shonku was. Prof Shonku is a character in a science fiction series by Satyajit Ray. One of the stories has a similar plot about a world famous sculptor who makes miniature dolls of world famous people. Shonku finds out, how he does it and finds a way to escape from becoming the next doll!

Thank god for my darling friend, who happens to be a Bengali.. I pinged her and she told me she’ll read up the Bengali tale by Ray and sit with me for a story telling session word by word.. While she was enjoying a story from her childhood days, I was trying to find an English translation. In between, another Bengali babe who I know gave me an outline of the Shonku story.

You know I love making connections, the actor who plays Gautam Sadhu in Ahalya played the sleuth Feluda .. the other famous literary character Ray created .. and Ahalya in turn is inspired from yet another Ray’s story! coincidence as the article I linked above quotes in real life and reel life! But these coincidences, intentional or not, make a text more interesting! and our mind is pulled in so many directions because of it .. 🙂 🙂 In this connection, I suggest the Malayalee film lovers to watch a film, Chirakodinja Kinavukal (2015), a spoof on the making of Malayalam films! While watching it I was listing the films I wanted to revisit and remembered so many memorable moments with those films!

I’ll wrap up with one more trivia.. two songs I listened to today had the word Junoon in it.. one from the film New York, the other from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.. if you know of any more songs, add to the list, we can make an inventory, there was a serial with the name Junoon on DD, long time ago…. some #justlikethat fun 🙂


Short Film: Interior Cafe Night | Adhiraj Bose

I stumbled upon this short film by accident on the previous day of Naseeruddin Shah’s birthday. It was important because he plays the lead alongside Shernaz Patel. The short film is Interior Cafe Night. I found it kind of cutely done the way two people meet after years, and how they recollect their little things in the most natural way. The story is also something else, but that is for you to watch and smile! I generally don’t miss anything from Shah, I enjoyed Waiting to bits, and this one came as a surprise! He looks very cute when he says some lines.. as always, the actor that he is. Shernaz with her presence makes it sweeter! Enjoy.