One of my fav cities ..


A #Friday night traffic-lined, people going home mostly after a long day at work, people going to work for their night shifts, people going to celebrate after a work heavy week … Fridays are precious for everyone who needs a break from routine, it frees them, it brings in hope, a laid back joy ..

The only trouble is, i work mostly on Saturdays & Sundays .. freer during the week. Where does that leave me, a whole 5 days of rest 😂🤣


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I’m still in the moon mood from last night! I wish the sun hadn’t risen this morning, so that the moon could have stayed a little longer… Cradled like a baby among the clouds, she was visible from the leafy cracks of the tall trees. 



#wednesdaywisdom …. The stories the stars can weave … .. 


So world book day today… Sending all of you who love to read a happy day. Which brings me to, what kind of a reader are you? Does that question sound weird? 

I have my reading days where I cannot put down a book, and continue reading without a care for food or drink, rain or shine. Then there are those set of days when I have my reading blocs where I wouldn’t touch a book if I can help it. Then there are days in between where I have a book or two around me which I’ll be reading from. My prof tells me to read at least 1000 words a day, and read three books at the same time, a morning, lunch and evening book varying in plot, its degree of intensity and genre. 

I just finished reading “The Killing of Polly Carter” a few days ago. A breeze of a read, a very similar style to Agathe Christie kind of murder mysteries and solving them. It reminded me of one of Mrs Marple’s cases she solved in the Caribbean when she was on vacation. 

A Word with the Sun on a Wednesday

One of those days when I’m up earlier than usual surrounded by my little lights in my room, beside a window which is pitch dark on the other side, but coming alive with sounds of birds waking up… the pitch dark blackish on the other side of the window will turn a shade lighter with every passing minute, until it is 6:35 and boom, there comes a light.. the horizon out there at the far end gets a tinge of orange from below, giving me the signal, the man has started to rise and in a few minutes will come by with streams of light through the foliage of the surrounding trees. The birds become quieter during that time, they make the loudest tweets just before dawn breaks, they are too early riser. May be they sit and preen their feathers to welcome the day and the sun.

A Wordy Wednesday then



Monday Motivation – Wake up and roll. the day is ours to move mountains (that last bit was a little too much, ignore that part, think of waking and rolling, but if you want to move mountains you are welcome to do so :P)

PS: I’m not Garfield, I kind of love my Mondays. but I don’t particularly like Wednesday for some reason, anybody with me on that 🙂

August 1 (1989)|Siby Malayil| Mammootty, Sukumaran, Sreenath

Another Mammooty- Sukumaran starrer from 1989. Unlike Utharam, this story is set in the offices of the chief minister of the state and its other back stabbing chambers, where a plot is being hatched to murder the main man by his own party members.

The film begins when Sreenath, a journalist of a local newspaper receives an anonymous call tipping him off about the imminent murder. Sreenath reports it to Mammooty, who plays the role of Crime Branch Officer, Perumal, who are also close friends and college mates of the stubborn and righteous Chief Minister, played by Sukumaran.

An official inquiry into the matter begins which leads to the knowledge of a hired professional killer, who unfortunately is always in disguise, therefore, not traceable. Whether Mammotty and Sreenath are able to save their beloved chief minister or does the hired assassin win this round in finding an opportunity to shoot his next target is the suspense element of the film.



Hot & Humane!

Phase 1
Phase 2

Spotted and Shot: D. (borrowed a friend’s picture) linking to ABCW – H

It is kind of double edged. I’d be thinking twice before drinking water from this water cooler in this building. But on the other hand, I’m impressed at the animal’s presence of mind to figure out where to go and what to do, when thirsty. Then there is the man who helps another living being in distress. 

What’s the feeling I’m getting, summers are in, they aren’t approaching they are in. 

G – amidst the greens!

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Sometimes samosas are just so right!
See, I told you so .. 😂

One Sat Morn 

“Scale back your long hopes

to a short period. While we
speak, time is envious and

is running away from us.

Seize the day, trusting

little in the future.”