Sun’s day! Before & After me series😂 

This was from the night walk from last night. 



I’m still in the moon mood from last night! I wish the sun hadn’t risen this morning, so that the moon could have stayed a little longer… Cradled like a baby among the clouds, she was visible from the leafy cracks of the tall trees. 



#wednesdaywisdom …. The stories the stars can weave … .. 

The Moon is back on the blog :)

There was a glow in the night sky amidst the clouds around 10ish last night. And then very slowly, the moon rose, showing little of itself first, then a little more, then a more little and finally it was out there. Then it seemed like the horizon vanished to give the moon the centre stage for its soliloquy until it rose higher and needed to exit between another set of clouds. The clouds resembled a mock horizon for the moonrise, each had a silver lining, some even had a halo. There was also a bright hole in the sky from where the moon emerged. As for me, I stood there glued to the spot, wishing I had a camera that hour, to capture this sight and share it with my folks who love the moon, and to those who miss such a sights because they think they have better things to do!

It has been raining this side of town for the last few days, but the moon has been brilliant is the report I had received from my moon loving friends elsewhere. To keep me in the loop, they sent me pictures so that I enjoyed the moon as much as they did when they spotted it in their no rain-cloudless sky.

Write Tribe

It is not the prompt that made me write the post. I wrote the post, saw the prompt, found it suitable, so linked them. Now it stands part of the Friday Reflections and its prompt “what makes you smile, what makes you happy?”

In addition to the moon, conversations make me happy, they make me smile 😛 So you could write down a line about your little memory associated with the moon. It  could be any little detail such a song it reminds you of, a memory, a love, a hate.. it could be whatever that comes to your mind when you think of that white ball waxing and waning in the sky!

Waxes n Wanes

One of those nights after dinner, I walk into my room, and the moon awaits.. surrounded by the clouds, amidst the eucalyptus leaves, there in the is a sight to behold, especially when the room is dark, and the door opens directly to the window.. I can sit for hours courting to the moon.. watching it rise up in the sky…

There is a bridge at the extreme end of campus from where I can see the moonset in the wee hours of the morning a little before the sun rises. I wake up and I’m on the bridge often to say goodbye to the moon, and also to welcome the sun. Bliss

Daily Prompt: Moon (Can’t resist when it is about the moon)

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On lovely Nights!

She caught my attention as I stepped out of the gates on to the road. I had found her after a long time, yesterday. I smiled. The children on their way home started to look up to see what I was smiling at. A few curious adults looked in the same direction. How could they miss her, I wondered. At first sight, she seemed to stride across in all magnificence in her veil of white clouds against the night sky.image

Window Chronicles: Silvery Poetry*

oct 28 2015

My fascination for the Moon enters Day 3 as of today 🙂 The Moon as seen in Bombay between 9:29-9:36 pm tonight.

Q: What lies between me and the moon? A: The window, the grill, a bunch of Eucalyptus trees.

 *The title is a comment from a friend when I shared the picture with her

Picture Challenge: Curve