It isn’t a secret that I’m huge dosa addict. Here again, dosa. The chutney is coriander and shallots with coconut, a juice of lemon. 


Vada & Pav

Breakfast or rather brunch was a plate of vada pav, pitla and green chilli chutney. The coarsely ground green chillies soaked in oil was still ridden with their intense heat, I had to borrow a bottle of their homemade lemon juice. They came in these little cute milk bottles, I bought a second bottle out of bottle love.. no it was not a takeaway, I had to give it back to them. 

I didn’t take the phone with me today, so no pictures of the vada, or the pav or the combination of light and deep friend golden brown brown, on yellow and dark green served on a dusky green leaf and paper plate. 

One of those Sundays when I walked out of home without the phone. No pockets, no sling bags, no totes… Therefore no place to keep the phone, and then it was almost raining. I can give n number of reasons but I feel so easy at heart when the data is off with the phone in hand, and easier when the phone isn’t around me at all.
But that said, I had some yum food this morning. Memory etched.

Chai & Biscuit

On a rainy day, when it pours like there is no tomorrow, the roads flooded, sitting in a cosy corner, an engaging conversation, and a cup of piping hot tea.. this time Irani chai … 

(I’m not your regular chai person, I love my cups of coffee more. But I drink tea, I’m not choosy that way.☺☺) 

But the highlight was the biscuit that came with it. That’s the combo they serve at soda bottle opener wala. It was that tasty I asked for a second one, flicked a third from my friend’s saucer ..and parcelled about 200gms to go home and relish .. 😂😂

Nankhatai, that’s what they are called. One of the best I’ve had in recent times. 

#monsoonfoodscenes: Parippuvada 

Rains and parippuvada (dal/masala-vada), go hand in hand. Enjoying my view from my window, munching on my parippuvadas while waiting for Amma to make me a cup of coffee. 

#monsoon #rains #rainyseason #keralamonsoons #monsoonfoodscenes

The Bombay anytime snack

Of course, the vada pav also has a history.

Land in Bombay in the wee hours of the morning, there’ll always be a vada pav and tea stall open, nearby. Late for somewhere, but hungry… Grab a vada pav. It again comes to the tummy and walley rescue. It is one of those on the move edibles, the Indian cousin of the burger, smaller in size, easy to eat and the best part which I love, nothing protrudes the other way when I bite into it from one side 😊😊 (that does not mean I don’t like burgers. I love burgers, but I love to eat it in the comforts of my room, not caring whether the mayo is dropping on the plate or my tee or that my hands are getting dirty…) At times, I take a knife. Cut the burger up into smaller bits, so it becomes easier to hold in my little hands (oh yes, I have small fingers, people who have met me can vouch for that) so that said, let’s come back to the vada pav. 

I wanted to share this video Vada Pav Inc. 

PS: If you are in Hyderabad, step into Universal Bakery. They serve these humongous chicken burgers… Yummmies! 

Cafe Churchill 

Cafe Churchill is this little place in Colaba. A few tables but great food. 

The Dosa Addiction 

The number of pictures I have of the dosa on my phone is evidence that I am addicted to the dosa, any hour, any time, any form … Ha! 

The drama queen in me wants to start a deaddiction centre for the “dos-adicts” Just imagine the variety of dosas from different flours, we can come up with to solve the addiction problem … 😊😊😊 any volunteers?

V: #atozchallenge’17

I need to order at least a vada when I’m at a south Indian restaurant. It’s become a habit. 

Paper Dosa 

It is an adventure, this paper masala dosa. Requires an entire side of the table to set, a lot of patience to dig in, and a tact to keep the table manners while at it

Bottle 😍

Krispy Kreame has started serving milkshakes. I walked in straight to ask them if the bottle comes with the order as a take away. And the woman behind the cash counter said “yes”. Now you know how I drink my coffee everyday after 😊😊

Flavour wise, their coffee frappe is the best (or whatever they call it) the caramel is too sweet for my taste, and the Alphonso mango is just about right. Mix together the caramel and coffee, it tastes yum.