V: #atozchallenge’17

I need to order at least a vada when I’m at a south Indian restaurant. It’s become a habit. 

Paper DosaΒ 

It is an adventure, this paper masala dosa. Requires an entire side of the table to set, a lot of patience to dig in, and a tact to keep the table manners while at it

Bottle 😍

Krispy Kreame has started serving milkshakes. I walked in straight to ask them if the bottle comes with the order as a take away. And the woman behind the cash counter said “yes”. Now you know how I drink my coffee everyday after 😊😊

Flavour wise, their coffee frappe is the best (or whatever they call it) the caramel is too sweet for my taste, and the Alphonso mango is just about right. Mix together the caramel and coffee, it tastes yum. 


No words to explain. Taste it if you are near one of these icecream counters. 

Breaking fast on Sunday …

Breaking the night long fast on Sunday morning with Poori, one of my all time go to items if I have to pick from a menu. I wake up at breakfast time on Sundays whenever the hostel folks serve any kind of poori…. 

More of the Rainbow Cake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

#Earthday breakfast this morning πŸ™‚

The Chicken StewΒ 

The stew, a meat/fish/vegetables cooked in coconut milk, is a traditional Syrian Christian breakfast accompaniment with bread/appam especially on Easter and Christmas in Kerala. The one in the picture is a chicken stew which was had with Appam. Appam is again a Kerala Christian breakfast item on the menu, the second course during any major celebration. Made from rice powder, coconut milk and sugar fermented with yeast or the local toddy. 

I : #atozchallenge’17

I is always for ice cream … #atozchallenge that’s a Natural Ice cream – Mango. Natural is a very Bombay brand, known for their tender coconut flavour. I also love their jackfruit flavour. But these days I am all for mango ice cream, whatever the brand.

When I was younger and even now, people who know we say I’m all ice cream because I heart ice creams. 

Go ahead, have a scoop of ice cream & chill your souls 

Another H to end the day

What’s in a name: Banana fritters in English or ethakkaappam in Malayalam

Kerala is a land of bananas, we have many many varieties like there are varieties of potatoes in Uttar Pradesh. Ethakka, or the banana famous for the banana chips when ripe, make it extra ripe is sliced, dipped in a batter of maida/wheat with sugar and some tumeric (for colour) and shallow fried in coconut oil to make these banana fritters. 

To a malayalee this traditional snack will always be ethakkaappam or pazhampori, a reminder of beautiful times after school, over summer vacations, family time… Memories just trickle in … ethakka – is the name of the banana used, pazham is how banana is referred to Malayalam, though pazham can also refer to any fruit as such. Calling it banana fry is still palpable, but calling it Banana fritters sounds very alien to me. 

What’s in a name – a lot πŸ˜‚