Spiderman Homecoming (2017)

All the reviews say it is awesome, the best in spiderman movies so far, so on and so forth. But the second half was hopelessly long.. There were points were I sat there watching because I was a fan! Sometimes some things act as compulsions, one of moments….  The teenager, the classroom, the excitement of being part of saving the world team, tom Holland ….. spot on, but … there are many many many buts after they set all this up in the first half.. 

Would love to know what all of you made of it.. 

Naam Shabana & Baby

A group of us ( we are a let’s-go-watch-every-film-kind of people) went to watch Baby, on high recommendation from a common friend. After the initial 15-20 minutes, we saw that those recliner seats behind us were not occupied, so all of us trooped in to a seat each, put our legs up and slept off … I never knew until I watched Baby again for Rana this time that the girl from Pink, Taapsee Pannu and Rana were part of that film then. That was the interest level the film had for me or that I was too tired that the recliner lulled me into sleep. But, the fact is Baby put all of us to sleep during that show. The recommender also had a earful for guiding us to the theatre! 

I am a sucker for these thriller films, but Baby never worked for me. Neither did Naam Shabana. But I loved Special 26. And that’s the exact reason why I looked forward to, went and watched Rustom because after A Wednesday I’ve always looked forward to a Neeraj Pandey film. Rustom turned out to be melodramatic on screen and dramatic during the National Awards! Anyways! 

Musafir … (Tiger)

Musafir is a key villain in a Malayalam film titled Tiger. A police procedural with Suresh Gopi in the lead investigating a murder of a top official,  a notorious NRI influential main villain who has bought many police officers and govt officials….. It is a regular Suresh Gopi, macho, dialogue heavy, dishoom dishoom film. But this is one film I go back to every once in a while. It is freely available on youtube for one, that could be a reason. But I go back to see how this villain named Musafir is revealed, and his cover is blown! 

Take-off (2017)|Mahesh Narayan|Parvathy, Kunchacko Boban, Fahad Faasil

Takeoff is a well made film in all its departments, conceived, and executed well by its technicians and actors. The only problem I had with the film was, to me, it seemed more like a documentary, which is also is a way of filmmaking. There is no doubt the film will amass awards, Parvathy, in particular, who has held the film together from start to end. I loved Fahad Faasil’s role as the Indian Ambassador, Manoj Abraham, the best among the key characters. 

Takeoff is a Malayalam film released in 2017 based on true events surrounding the rescue of 46 nurses held hostage in Tikrit, Iraq in 2014. The film on top of that, is a tribute to late Rajesh Pillai (d. March 2016) the director who gave Malayalees, Traffic, touted to be the film that changed film making in Malayalam in recent times. 


Now that I know who Kattappa is (I watched the first film in the series last night), every meme falls into place. And I can empathise with whoever is/was anxious about the why and the frezny … 

I’ve had my share of sleepless nights, theorising when Rowling had killed Dumbledore in The Half Blood Prince and the final book in the Potter series was still 2 years away! Dumbledore can’t be dead! Similarly, why did the very loyal Kattappa kill his favourite Baahubali? If a storyteller be it a filmmaker or a writer can grab the attention of their audience and sustain it for over a year or more that is indeed the success of their art. 

I know why Kattappa may have killed Baahubali, 😊😊😊. 

For the uninitiated, 

  1. Baahubali is a two part epic fantasy that has captured the trends in social media and most of the Indian film going audience since its release in 2015. The second and final sequel released over the weekend putting an end to the suspense 😊. 
  2. Harry Potter is a 7 part story in the school story genre of a young boy in a wizarding world imagined by JK Rowling. It took the reading world by storm post 9/11 though the first book released in 1997. 

C/o Saira Banu (2017) Malayalam | Manju Warrier, Amala Akkineni, Shane Nigam

Manju Warrier dons the role of a postwoman, Saira Banu. She lives with her college going son, Joshua Peter played by Shane Nigam. That’s the mystery the trailer leaves you with. Keeping the religious parentage mystery aside, the story moves on to a murder of a Bengali worker in a freak road accident one night. Joe, short for Joshua is implicated on multiple charges, arrested and in prison in remand. Amala plays advocate Annie John Tharavadi who is convinced about Joe’s part in the road accident. The crux of the story is none of above, but about motherhood. Watch the film to know the tale. 

There are major lip sync issues especially with Amala, who also has only one smiling expression all through. It is difficult to believe she is the one who sat in a corner covered in blood in the last scenes of Ulldakkam! Shane is a very cute guy on screen, Manju Warrier still needs to look out for a role that can give her a comeback boost. 

My Great Father (2017)| Mammootty, Arya

The plot is simple – when his daughter is sexually ill treated by a masked man, the father takes off to find him and take revenge. A very natural reaction, most of us would have, if we are in a similar situation.

The larger story of the film is about this pedophile at loose, who has been kidnapping little girls, and staging their deaths. There are motifs which the crew of the film uses to dramatise the plot. A special cell in the police are also on the hunt for this man! but that’s where the treatment of the film gets dodgy! There is something very disturbing in the way the film handles the theme of pedophilia. 

video direcred by director Jude Anthony starring Nivin Pauly on the good touch and bad touch has been released. The video is in Malayalam with subtitles in English. Very similar to the Aamir Khan video from Satyameva Jayathe and many others released there after. Children need to know! Tell them and pass on the message. 

The Universe Conspires…

Many of us have quoted “when you want something ….” in places known and unknown to make points, further arguments, to silence another discussant, to inspire a friend in a dire situation, for self motivation… I’m also guilty of having used it many times, what is there, it is very inspiring quote, it only helps. Kochavva also found Paulo Coelho interesting for some reason, and quoted his “the universe conspires …” theory to everyone and everywhere he went in the remotest parts of his village. But Appu took it to heart. He began to believe that the entire universe would conspire to make his dream of boarding a flight come true. Appu is boy of 8 years old who always wanted to take a flight to somewhere. Kochavva and Appu are characters in Kochavva Palo Ayyappa Coelho a Malayalam film released last year. But that brings me to this.. C9Wh4CMV0AE7K8y.jpg

That said, have you had any intense deep seated desires like this little boy Appu?

I started to write this post while the film was being telecast on tv this morning an hour ago, was waylaid elsewhere and then I found this picture quote that coincided with what I was writing. It said what I said in the exact way I wanted it to be. Is this the universe conspiring?


Goof up in G #atozchallenge

I had great expectations for the film Rustom. A Neeraj Pandey film, the trailer seemed wow, I had to go watch. And when I finally did, I felt a pang of why did I fall again for such publicity …

On top of that Akshay Kumar winning a national award and Mohanlal winning a special mention yesterday  – smells extremely fishy, especially when director Priyadarshan headed the committee this year.

We all know Mohanlal-Priyadarshan have given Malayalees many films to look back at – Chitram,/Killukam, Butterflies, Vandhanam to name a few. When Priyan went to Bollywood, he found Alshay Kumar most suitable for the Mohanlal roles he re-adapted into Hindi for a Bollywood audience.

Mohanlal is one of my fav actors, but the films chosen for the award this year!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 makes me question the creditbity of the committee and the national awards. But it is not just Priyadarshan alone, whenever Ramesh Sippy was heading this committee, Ambitab Bachchan has won. Thilkkan lost to Bachchan. It is time to think whether a few actors truly are great because they won this award!

What’s the first memory of you? | Lion (2016) | Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, Nichole Kidman

What’s the first memory of you from long long time ago? I remember the night my brother was born, when my mother came out of the bedroom and told my father, that it is time to go to the hospital. A rainy night in August, it was around 11 or 12, a Saturday night therefore I was awake that late.

After effect of watching the film LION. A boy is lost when he was a child. 25 years later he goes in search of his mother and brother. The trailer is pretty intriguing too.

PS. It takes about 53 minutes for the back story of the film to come to the present and begin the search. The narration is linear, no flash backs. The pace keeps the interest going. and the trauma of a boy who remembers his past brings up an emotional connection. it is quite an adventure. the younger Surru is adorable!

It is always the little memories. In case of Suru (Dev Patel) it is the jalebis/immerthis that rekindles his urgency to get set go and search for his mother and elder brother. I remember a birthday of mine when my maternal uncle gifted me ladoos, 9 ladoos, for my 9th birthday because I was crazy about them, but the size of the ladoo was 5 ladoos put together, I could hardly finish one.