Indian Summers

Positively, FB is not for Indians, or rather not for me. I open and it tells me (I’d love to think it tells me alone, but😎) “the clouds have moved, enjoy the sunshine.” And I go ewwwww! Either FB needs to customize itself to an Indian summer mindset and say, “what’s up in the sky, are they black clouds, is it rain…” Or I need to wear tinted goggles to live under a cooler illusion. May be FB can hire me to customize it to more Indian loving clime… 😊😊😊 

Or, go ahead and watch a film and be chilled for 2-3 hours. Like Phillauri. Who cares that it is slow, nobody acts, and Anushka Sharma is a ghost flying around all the time leaving glitters in her path… The cool air inside the theatre makes up for all that faulty film making … I’d say watch the film for the twist in the end, never saw it coming, but by god! What a twist that was!!! 

A Recipe for Friendship

Cross posting from Melody’s blog. 

Recipe for friendship:

  • 1 liter of trust,
  • 1 dash of caring,
  • 2 cups of understanding,
  • 2 spoons of shared secrets,
  • 1 cup of  mutual affection,
  • 1 pinch of respect,
  • 2 teaspoons of common interest,
  • 3 spoons of listening &
  • 1 great deal of fun.

Friendship, I don’t know in how many forms it exists but thankfully that is not important. It exists and that is what it is all about, or is it not?

The really true friends, who matter most, are there whenever I need them to be. Just a text-message or phonecall away. No matter what kind of ‘need’ I am in, they are there. To know that, to feel it  very deep and intens, is a wonderful thing.

Then there are other people who one can call friends, like bloggers for example. Some of them I call good friends, some of them I call distant friends and some of them I call very good friends. Some friends stay in ones life for a short period, some come and never leave. In that last category I have a couple, just a handfull, but man am I a rich person!

So, today…. the day on which Love is the subject in most people all over the world, it was the only word for me to use for this edition of my abc-wednesday-entries. Love… is the only thing which can make you feel great and miserable at the same time, but nobody can do without.

I wish to all of you, that special feeling, to know by own experience how it feels to be loved by true friends. The love you feel back to that other one. Love is the base of life. Love is the base for any for of relationship. Love and be loved!!

Tuesday Tales : Strange Philosophy

I’m going philosophical as I wake up this Tuesday morning, (Masoom, the sun literally knocked me awake like you described yesterday) so, everyone bear with me for a sentence or two 😂 

(Philosophy begins) “life is about dreams and also about meeting strangers.” (Philosophy ends) two thoughts from two posts I happened to read yesterday, Fison and Akhila. 

And they make complete sense! Off the Cages is like a dream, let me see how far it goes before we run into boredom with it. But to think that the three of us got together for it is in itself strange because not so long ago we were strangers to each other. I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be talking to these nuts if somebody had predicted this in the beginning of 2016. 

How then does that bridge gets build from being a stranger to being not a stranger anymore? In some cases there isn’t a choice at all. 😂 poor Akhila,  I gatecrashed into her real life like that, but with a few others they walked right into mine and have stayed to be mine for as long as it takes with the eccentricities, at times coaxing me to write posts on random pictures 😂😂😂 

Tattling away … 

365 +365

Today is about this little boy who turns two. 365+365 days. He has been this darling to a few of us from the moment he has arrived because his parents are darlings to a few of us. Calvin as we call him affectionately among us, I wonder when he is going to find his Hobbes and begin his own dreamy world.

Strangers of the Day

“Wait Madam, let me think” was his answer.

And I let him think and take his time to start the rickshaw which was not more than two minutes before he started to move.

My morning today was a rickshaw ride around my new home with a rickshaw driver who patiently helped me to find, buy a bouquet of flowers I was insistent on having for the day.

As I got into his vehicle, I asked him “I need to get some flowers, do you know of any place near by.” Though he took a while to think and then make up his mind to take a road, I started to like the earnestness in the guy. Of course, he would be paid more as the meter would run more if we take lots of rounds in search for a bouquet of flowers. But what happened is, my wish became his, and we navigated together through the lazy Sunday morning traffic, asking a few people when we reached dead ends, and finally finding a florist at a corner not far away from home.

In a day and age when people tend to be selfish and value their thoughts and time more, this act of humaneness this morning touched a chord.


Certain Bonds!

There are very few bonds I cherish, one of them was born today and became my godfather. He died a few years ago, 4 to be precise. I never attended the burial. In fact I haven’t stepped into his home after that day for I think he is still around, or just gone out to the super market to get me my favourite ice cream or the book store to gift me encyclopediae. He gifted me my first set of these big books when I was in class 2. I still go back and refer to them most of the time.

One of those days, today, when I am bound by emotions! One of those days when I miss making a call to wish my uncle a very happy birthday, a ritual my mother had started ever since I could speak which continued until he left forever!




NM#13 Madras Meals

A plate of rice, sambar, a mango pickle, a side dish of grated carrots and homemade chocolate peda for dessert served by an ever smiling Uma. My kind of heaven! the pictures and taste remains with me, and my taste buds.

If I say I don’t remember when I began following Uma’s blog.. that would be cliche. So what do I say, I’d say, when I decided I’d be in Madras over a weekend, one of the three people I called up was her. When I landed and called her up, I told her I was bringing a friend along. Asked for her address, walked into her apartment, removed my shoes, plonked on the floor under the ceiling fan, and asked for some water. The rest she writes was fun.

UmaS Reflections


For this November blogging, I made this decision to write about the goodness around me. But then what about the goodness that happens to me? 😉 I feel a strong urge, almost equivalent to thrill, to share this here.

Yesterday, was a day to remember when my home was filled with laughter and non-stop chatter for nearly 4 hours, when I listened and listened and smiled and laughed along with her. Yes…am talking about the awesomely lovely Pinoo with her impeccable laughter!

When she called to say that she’s coming, the first question I asked was “What do you want to eat at  home?” And she was like “How about Rava dosa?” – she just knows the way to my heart.

But then yday, she went suddenly like “Can you give me Sambar rice?” How can I refuse a request for food?! Made capsicum sambar and loved watching her love…

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… there are times when I grow very silent,

I rather not talk, not even listen, I want to just reside in my head!

Which is very rare for me because most often I am surrounded by people one way or the other.

A vacation for me then is to sit by myself in my room, or a corner for 10 minutes just like that holding my cup, may be get some quick reading done…

There are days when I just run away from the crowd, switching off my phone and not letting anybody know, where I’ve gone….

I may be day dreaming, sitting at a roadside cafe watching the crowd on their paths to somewhere


at a window sill watching the vehicles on the road, the clouds moving across the sky, the birds fleeting by.

I love to stand on the sky bridge and watch the traffic for hours from up above…

I love being alone, without a soul around me, not a soul to talk to, nothing to listen to, just me and my silences, the sound of a song (may be if at all) interrupting my intake of breadth.

#Vaayadipennudiaries  – (I’ve always been the talkative one, always, ever since I began to talk when in my 9th month. And I’ve never ever shut up since)

Idea 19I

When a friend asks me to give her an idea for a dress.. 😊😊

Linking to  19 I, ABC Wednesday

Picture Memories

I just realized today that I share plenty of little and big memories but not a single picture together with a friend I’m very close to. I hunted my entire gallery and found like 1 picture as a group.

“Pictures do jog memories” she told me when I relayed this random observation to her “may be it is time we pose for one, let’s take a selfie next time we meet or ask someone.”

“But does it really matter” I asked

“May be it doesn’t, that’s why we haven’t until now” she said


“Just for kicks, on those lonely senile days when I want to see you, but can’t remember how you looked back now…”

“Ah … ”

“Should we?”

“I think the moment we remember our conversations, all else will fall in place”

“You think so?..”



“But how come we don’t have a picture together!…”

“Let’s take one when we meet tomorrow…”

“I want modaks too”

“Already kept your share in the fridge ”

“Cutie pie you…but”


“Okay, but.. how come..”

“Sleep now, or I’ll forget to get the modaks for you :D”

“like our picture together … I know. sd”

“you’ll take the picture of the modak and forget again about the two of us, you’ll see”

“True that .. but…”

“shshshshssh now… go dream”

“and let you sleep 😀 :P”



“the modak … ”

“will act as the trigger”

“Now you see..”

“We have loads of pictures together that way”

she sends a smiley

“Dream in peace…, I may take a while “