#deliciousdecember #throwbackthursday : the egg dosa

I love dosa, and I’m also a fan of eggs, mixing the two together in a pan, layer by layer, sprinkling loads of pepper … To that fusion in food and taste #throwbackthursday

One of my friends makes a weekly dosa batter, I try to be at her dining table with a plate to be served dosas. It is partly from her I too got into this habit of eggy dosas! She makes the yummiest of them all, esp on those nights when I’m hungry, I drop by and ask her for some food 😂😂

Friends who offer food, are always large hearted! 😂😎 They are friends 


Thursday Tattles! 

The age old wisdom goes, if you sleep laughing you will wake up with happier thoughts, and I’m sure most of sane India & Indians slept heartily after googling peacock sex and laughing uncontrollably thinking about the celibate peacock, and woke up to excellent Thursdays this morning .. 

That’s a chocolate pound cake laced with some melted dark chocolate to add to the breakfast happiness. 

In malayalam we say, orthorthu chirikuka..(that old joke that brings on a smile…) That is my avastha (state of being), I’m tearing up laughing, thinking of the peacock tears! Pun intended!  

The Bombay anytime snack

Of course, the vada pav also has a history.

Land in Bombay in the wee hours of the morning, there’ll always be a vada pav and tea stall open, nearby. Late for somewhere, but hungry… Grab a vada pav. It again comes to the tummy and walley rescue. It is one of those on the move edibles, the Indian cousin of the burger, smaller in size, easy to eat and the best part which I love, nothing protrudes the other way when I bite into it from one side 😊😊 (that does not mean I don’t like burgers. I love burgers, but I love to eat it in the comforts of my room, not caring whether the mayo is dropping on the plate or my tee or that my hands are getting dirty…) At times, I take a knife. Cut the burger up into smaller bits, so it becomes easier to hold in my little hands (oh yes, I have small fingers, people who have met me can vouch for that) so that said, let’s come back to the vada pav. 

I wanted to share this video Vada Pav Inc. 

PS: If you are in Hyderabad, step into Universal Bakery. They serve these humongous chicken burgers… Yummmies! 

Motivation … 

There are times when a group of little things don’t seem to work in a given moment like the breeze that was happily coming in from the window turned windy, my curtains flying high, my loose papers going haywire with it…the summer heat, the sweat sticking on to clothes and feeling itchy, the water not cold enough to drink, the thought would have passed without me making a note while the pen rolled out of the edge of the table on to the floor, all dusty now, I may look for a broom to sweep, meanwhile the laptop would have shut down because I forgot to plug it in to charge… Little things 🙂🙂
The other day when I was stuck somewhere in my head, a friend had sent me this song…all I needed to get out of the mood and back to work..  universe conspires, surely!

I know it’s all you’ve got to just, be strong

And it’s a fight just to keep it together, together
I know you think, that you are too far gone
But hope is never lost
Hope is never lost

Hold on, don’t let go
Hold on, don’t let go

Just take, one step, closer 
Put one foot in front of the other
You’ll, get through this 
Just follow the light in the darkness 
You’re gonna be ok        

I know your heart is heavy from those nights
Just remember that you’re a fighter, a fighter
You never know just what tomorrow holds
And you’re stronger than you know
Stronger than you know

Justice …

A group of men brutally rape a woman in inhuman ways in a moving vehicle, leave her to die on the road. While the woman dies in hospital during treatment, the men are caught, and today the Supreme Court has upheld their death sentence. A group of men she grew up with in the same village, slaughter all her family members, rape the women in her group, smash her little daughter’ head on the rock, rape her many times overs and leave her for dead, naked on the road. She survived and went to court for justice. The Bombay High Court upheld the decision of life imprisonment of the 11 accused …. 

The question is, are the death & life sentences a sufficient enough punishment for such heinous crimes? What if they were to rot in hell… I don’t know what rotting in hell exactly means, but hell seems to be the most difficult of places in a mythic universe to survive and the most inhuman of punishments to bear. 

Death seems to be a very mild punishment compared to what the girl may have gone through during her ordeal! And a jail term seems to easy a time for those men who killed and raped in the name of religious hate.

The imbalance of it all… 
Justice … 

The Noise over the Loudspeaker. 

I was at this bus stop the other day, that’s when I heard the azaan. And I remembered Sonu Nigam’s angst over twitter. Amidst the honking and the general noises on the road, this call for prayer was soothing. I too sent up a prayer unconsciously and wondered whether if I always have whenever this was sounded. I never have realized even if I did. I really tried to feel irritated over this call. I wanted to! But, it came and went so soon, all I could feel was a calm. Prayer does that to people, I guess.. 

I was brought up in a locality where I woke up to the gayathri mantra everyday around 5.45-6 am like an alarm clock. The day I was in hostel away from home, I realized how much the temple music was part of my waking hours. It could be that, that I have always been used to sounds breaking in or that I am deaf in my ear because of these sounds breaking in … 😂😂 

Indian Summers

Positively, FB is not for Indians, or rather not for me. I open and it tells me (I’d love to think it tells me alone, but😎) “the clouds have moved, enjoy the sunshine.” And I go ewwwww! Either FB needs to customize itself to an Indian summer mindset and say, “what’s up in the sky, are they black clouds, is it rain…” Or I need to wear tinted goggles to live under a cooler illusion. May be FB can hire me to customize it to more Indian loving clime… 😊😊😊 

Or, go ahead and watch a film and be chilled for 2-3 hours. Like Phillauri. Who cares that it is slow, nobody acts, and Anushka Sharma is a ghost flying around all the time leaving glitters in her path… The cool air inside the theatre makes up for all that faulty film making … I’d say watch the film for the twist in the end, never saw it coming, but by god! What a twist that was!!! 

A Recipe for Friendship

Cross posting from Melody’s blog. 

Recipe for friendship:

  • 1 liter of trust,
  • 1 dash of caring,
  • 2 cups of understanding,
  • 2 spoons of shared secrets,
  • 1 cup of  mutual affection,
  • 1 pinch of respect,
  • 2 teaspoons of common interest,
  • 3 spoons of listening &
  • 1 great deal of fun.

Friendship, I don’t know in how many forms it exists but thankfully that is not important. It exists and that is what it is all about, or is it not?

The really true friends, who matter most, are there whenever I need them to be. Just a text-message or phonecall away. No matter what kind of ‘need’ I am in, they are there. To know that, to feel it  very deep and intens, is a wonderful thing.

Then there are other people who one can call friends, like bloggers for example. Some of them I call good friends, some of them I call distant friends and some of them I call very good friends. Some friends stay in ones life for a short period, some come and never leave. In that last category I have a couple, just a handfull, but man am I a rich person!

So, today…. the day on which Love is the subject in most people all over the world, it was the only word for me to use for this edition of my abc-wednesday-entries. Love… is the only thing which can make you feel great and miserable at the same time, but nobody can do without.

I wish to all of you, that special feeling, to know by own experience how it feels to be loved by true friends. The love you feel back to that other one. Love is the base of life. Love is the base for any for of relationship. Love and be loved!!

Tuesday Tales : Strange Philosophy

I’m going philosophical as I wake up this Tuesday morning, (Masoom, the sun literally knocked me awake like you described yesterday) so, everyone bear with me for a sentence or two 😂 

(Philosophy begins) “life is about dreams and also about meeting strangers.” (Philosophy ends) two thoughts from two posts I happened to read yesterday, Fison and Akhila. 

And they make complete sense! Off the Cages is like a dream, let me see how far it goes before we run into boredom with it. But to think that the three of us got together for it is in itself strange because not so long ago we were strangers to each other. I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be talking to these nuts if somebody had predicted this in the beginning of 2016. 

How then does that bridge gets build from being a stranger to being not a stranger anymore? In some cases there isn’t a choice at all. 😂 poor Akhila,  I gatecrashed into her real life like that, but with a few others they walked right into mine and have stayed to be mine for as long as it takes with the eccentricities, at times coaxing me to write posts on random pictures 😂😂😂 

Tattling away … 

365 +365

Today is about this little boy who turns two. 365+365 days. He has been this darling to a few of us from the moment he has arrived because his parents are darlings to a few of us. Calvin as we call him affectionately among us, I wonder when he is going to find his Hobbes and begin his own dreamy world.