The Chicken Stew 

The stew, a meat/fish/vegetables cooked in coconut milk, is a traditional Syrian Christian breakfast accompaniment with bread/appam especially on Easter and Christmas in Kerala. The one in the picture is a chicken stew which was had with Appam. Appam is again a Kerala Christian breakfast item on the menu, the second course during any major celebration. Made from rice powder, coconut milk and sugar fermented with yeast or the local toddy. 


Cups of Coffee!

I love my cup of coffee first thing in the morning and the last thing before I hit bed, and many times during the day. Don’t roll your eyes at me, like that! Before you even think of a remark, ask me about the size of my cup 🙂

More coffee tales to follow!

Of course, it is mother’s day today

I’ve always been very selfish about my mother (are you?). I want my morning cuppa of coffee from her or her call when I wake up first thing in the morning.. I want her full attention when I’m telling her about my day, the stories that come to mind anytime. I want her to respond with equal enthusiasm when I discuss and argue about every possible thought that crosses my way.. I get irritated when she feels lazy about things I feel strongly about she should be doing. I am a very stubbirn daughter you see 😛 (in her I find my model…Though she will never agree.. Ask her and she’ll say I’m the only person she fights/argues/breaksup with 😛 mothers & daughters 😛 😛 but that’s the bond we share … Somebody I can wholeheartedly fight without an inkling of feeling judged! Oh yes, fighting is very important to me, if I can fight with somebody it is a indicator that I like that person – quirky Aquarian trait;))

But, I have been fortunate that I am born to a woman who has consciously kept aside time for these little things about her children in a day. Mothers are of different kinds mine turns out to be this way. After all the time I take from her, she still finds time to do all her personal work, her 9 hours of sleep, stays happy, rejuvinated and refreshed. That’s the lesson learnt .. 🙂 if I plan to become one, I do have a big shoes to fill..

oo oo oo oo oo oo

There is some strange connection between food and books, more than the two Os right in the middle of their names. Books have stories of food, and food times can also be book times.. (Not juat reading, it can be a time to discuss books too) (Although it is not a very good practice to follow) I am kind of intrigued by this connection, a connection that has made itself evident because books and foods are part of my favourite things.. I love to cook, and take pictures of food.. Some recipes come through books, such as my initial cooking experiments were all done from recipes in these cookbooks from MJ’s collection (I used to cook so that I could surprise them for snacks at coffee time in the evenings) habits die hard.. I continue to do the same even now when I’m at home 🙂

Regarding reading, I am not a compulsive reader at that. I read at my own pace, I enjoy my books, I live the lives of the characters, re-read my favourite parts, make customized bookmarks for each book, jot down memoirs of the book purchases and the book journeys .. Discuss books extensively with book crazy friends, rip their narratives apart as part of work and find interpretations, make connections partly because of my training and partly because it has become second nature.


As far back as I can remember, I remember a stack of books next to my mother wherever she sat in the house. A stack of all kinds of dictionaries, books, magazines, newspapers, bits of papers that came as covers for things.. And the practice continues with the next generation through me. Wherever I stay there are always books around so many so that sometimes, I use them as table stands and such 😀 to manage space. Regarding lists of books read, since my way of life I choice is reading I happen to have read a lot of genres… At a least all those books listed in the must read group of 100 and 1000 books of the millennium and the century and the decade courtesy course work and curiosity.

Do I read while I eat.. Not really. I listen while eat .. (Audio books as they are called and it does open a whole new world).

oo oo oo oo
PS. Habits die hard .. The habit of blogging for the last 31 days stays on the 32nd day..

an idea of home :)

There was nothing earth shattering about it.

Nevertheless, when I put my bags down and sink into my bed, tired from a journey, I feel a hug. I sit back and rest my body to my wall. A glance around the room tells me, I’ve been away for a long time. My window smiles with the sun shining in. The trees outside beckons.. The table is dusty, but looks forward for my papers and instruments. There are some stray feathers on the window sill. There, on the right, my lamp waits to shed some light. There are earrings dangling from their stand, the books looking out from their shelves. I look around the room, the kettle needs a little cleaning, dust has made its home on its lid. It looks set to take some water in and start a boil. The mug is on the table.. the pens in their stand look ready to ink my travelogue…

Nothing earth shattering about it. Nevertheless, I feel I’ve come home. I feel I’ve come a place where I want to sit back and begin work again. A place where I feel free to lie down and procrastinate where I can wake up to late mornings, tuck in for a long siesta, order my kettle for a coffee, set some biscuits beside the screen, watch the latest on rizzoli and isles, download a film or two…

The idea of home … in a room, inside a campus I’m in for 3 years.


It amazes me that the moment I set foot on Mumbai roads, I felt like I was home, the same feeling I  revel in when I enter Cochin.

There is something earth shattering about it. Indeed!IITB Tennis courts