Fast & Furiousย 

I watched the latest edition in the Fast & Furious franchise at a 3D-4DX hall. And I think that’s the best way to enjoy the film. As always there is not much of a storyline, but when the seats are sensitive to every movement on screen, when puffs of air explode whenever there is a bump in the road, there are flashes of light when a shot is fired, a gust of wind when the cars speed away, when we seem to move down with an aerial shot .. I guess that’s the thrill and excitement of the film they try to get to the audience. 






A Supper Plateย 

Veggies around the rice – Brinjal, Lady’s Finger, Mango

R: #atozchallenge’17

The cake is special because the person who gave it to me is somebody special. If you are anywhere in Bombay, walk straight into a Theo store and order these lovelies in a mug and enjoy the smoothness … 

How to eat ..

How to eat is as important as what is in our plate. My colleague came back from Kerala and complained that she choked on the puttu I lovingly talk about as it was very dry. It turns out she ordered puttu but didn’t order anything with it and therefore she ate it as is ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„, she was too shy to ask around how to eat it. Often thats our problem. Haven’t there been times when many of us have been caught in a similar situation?

So here you go, one of the many ways to relish puttu, one of my favourite combinations – mash the ripe bananas into it, so that none of you will choke on it dry when you find it served on your plate. 

The Ball Curry #keralacuisine

Ball Curry, as we call it, is minced meat rolled into balls and slow cooked in coconut milk. A very Kottayam Christian dish served with rice. 

Sakhavu, a Siddharth Shiva Film starring Nivin Pauly

Sakhavu in Malayalam, (Comrade in English) tells the story of the left movement in Kerala. It spans over two generations of comrades both lead by roles played by Nivin Pauly. Although there is a wait for when will the interval appear…. the film works well as a result of a good script and its mersmering music and background score. 

Any day better (conceived, acted & executed) than the earlier release last month, Oru Mexican Aparatha, on a similar theme with Tovino in the lead. But Neeraj Madhav stands out in that film with his mature acting. 

The degree coffeeย 

Neither degree nor coffee begins with O, but coffee it is, and I love coffee so it is on the blog. If anyone knows why there is a degree before its name please share. Thanks.

Cheering away with a cup of coffee in hand, waving with the other 

The Universe Conspires…

Many of us have quoted “when you want something ….” in places known and unknown to make points, further arguments, to silence another discussant, to inspire a friend in a dire situation, for self motivation… I’m also guilty of having used it many times, what is there, it is very inspiring quote, it only helps. Kochavva also found Paulo Coelho interesting for some reason, and quoted his “the universe conspires …” theory to everyone and everywhere he went in the remotest parts of his village. But Appu took it to heart. He began to believe that the entire universe would conspire to make his dream of boarding a flight come true. Appu is boy of 8 years old who always wanted to take a flight to somewhere. Kochavva and Appu are characters in Kochavva Palo Ayyappa Coelho a Malayalam film released last year. But that brings me to this..ย C9Wh4CMV0AE7K8y.jpg

That said, have you had any intense deep seated desires like this little boy Appu?

I started to write this post while the film was being telecast on tv this morning an hour ago, was waylaid elsewhere and then I found this picture quote that coincided with what I was writing. It said what I said in the exact way I wanted it to be. Is this the universe conspiring?


L: #atozchallenge17

So day 12, L – one of my favourite sweet heavens in the world – the ladoo. 

I used to be this big time ladoo fan during my school days. Whenever my dad used to call everyday before coming home, I’d ask him to buy one or the other kind of these balls of yum…. the yellow ladoo made of smaller ladoos, or that yellow ladoo with a smooth finish, or the white one made of coconut or rava, or the one one that oozes all the world’s ghee from it. And he used to get them for me without fail. Nowadays MJ has a craze for these ladoos which oozes out ghee … 

L for ladoo..the Indian sweet balls … Bliss balls… 

H: #atozchallenge

H has been playing hide and seek. Tomorrow is Monday, Monday is a day for H, and I have something for J, and nothing for the letter H.

I read the sentence I just wrote again, and I find that word hide and seek begins with the letter H ๐Ÿ˜€ That I think is the power of writing it all out. This was a random post until it struck me that I have (a word beginning with h) something to say about hide and seek, a game we all have played one time or the other – many hide, one seeks. Have you played the blind version of it we call Dark Room?

Dark Room is hide and seek without lights, ideally played during nights in rooms which are pitch dark. The seeker here has to find the ones hiding in the dark inside a dark room. If we were playing during the day, we would block the lights with black curtains or cloth or some such. Whenever we played this game in my maternal home, we’d play in one of the middle rooms, where even during the day, no light came as those set of rooms were surrounded by other rooms on all sides and did not open to the outside.

One of my cousins once hid in/on a chair, the rest of us stacked the chair with clothes, making it a chair-drobe (chair +wardrobe). The cousin who was the seeker tired of not finding any of our hiding places in the dark, sat on the chair.. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€