#Nov8 demon tales – 2

One of those nights, this is again a week post Nov 8 we went into our fav biryani place around the corner for supper. The other option was to go home, cook and eat by 1 am since it was already nearing midnight. 

Those were the days when eating out was decided on one question alone.

“Is your POS machine working.” 

The man at the counter replied with a sad no. Crestfallen, we were almost half way through our about turn when he said, “I take the old currencies.” 

I felt like hugging that guy that day and smother him with kisses, because the other option in front of us was to go home, and sleep hungry after this long weary day, because we were in no mood to cook. 

it has been 365 days since the 8pm speech by our dear PM. 


Hindi Medium (2017) | Irrfan Khan

Exaggeration always work, like jokes do. It brings home the point. Hindi Medium is a satire on school education, the status around a fluent knowledge of the English language in parts of India, and the pathetic state of government schools. Through it’s narrative and the antics of a family who does everything to secure an admission for their 4yo into the best school in their city… It trudges along to the point where there is always that speech … Initially the laughs are laughable, but then it becomes stale..

I’m a diehard Irrfan Khan fan, I go watch all his films if possible.  

Samurai Jack ends! 

Samurai Jack ends. I felt it ended too soon. The two episodes before the finale could have been put to more use that dishing out mush! But the series comes a full circle, Jack travels back to his own time, and hopefully will live happily for more than a few years… 

Unstable …

The excitement lies in the instability! 

A Biscuit Porridge!

One of the best snacky edibles in life .. Biscuit porridge. 

The Moon tonight! 

It is almost a half yellowish moon tonight, rising among the clouds in the sky. She greeted me as I walked in through the gates! Mersmerized, I stood still gazing at her, until the watchman called to ask, if there was any problem. When he came closer I pointed to the moon rising amidst the trees. He walked me to my building, both of us looking at the moon…. I’m sure he’s going to take his chair and place it there, from where he can see the moon tonight. What a sight … 

Sweet dreams! 

The Sun sets ..


On Sun’s Day




It rained last night. 

the tip tap tap tap tap murmurs

flashes of light 

claps of thunder 

wet earth 

chill that blows in 

heat is gone now feeling

Rain memories that come back