a Dumbbell for every room..


Like in the song, all our bags were packed, we were ready to go, the taxi was honking by the door.. but the door was jammed and its lock refused to let me out! My folks who were outside the room trying the keys, I was locked in! When that did not work it came down to how to break this lock or should we break open the door. but how was the big looming question in front of us! Also it was a choice between who all should go to the airport or shall we all go..

Google images
Google images

These are the times when you look around and think what can be used to get the task done!! in this case, breaking that door open and getting out. The door was the only way out, the windows had grills, so I could not jump down, (even if I did, would have I risked that from the 11th floor) the grills in turn were cages in itself so I could not climb into other rooms of the house. So while they tried the locks from outside, I sat down for a moment and looked around. That’s when I realized this was also the gym room. There was the barbell (I think I would have broken the door open if nothing else worked :P)..  the resistance bands, the yoga mat, the ball! Ya I was sitting on it blobbing up and down, that’s when I found the dumbbells and the dumbbells bars. I took one of the bars and started to attack the lock with it.

Google images
Google images

It was one of those press locks kind of door knobs which had no external screws.. just press and the door gets locked! Three-four hits and there was a hole in the door. The lock gave way from both sides, but the door was jammed!! We saw each other, shook fingers through that hole .

I needed some kind of tweezers to pull out the spring. They passed me the kitchen tongs. it was one adamant spring! but these are the times when you go .. go on, go on, don’t stop. and the door was wide open, after the spring was loosened and three-four kicks from the 3 of the outside.

The joy of a victory under such pressure, because the only other alternative in front of my folks was to leave me in that room and head to the airport! We had a hurrah moment! in no less than 20 minutes, we did it. me from the inside, they from the outside!

The damage, the door has a hole where there was once a lock! Next time, if in such a situation, we have set a target of 15 minutes. But it is in moments like these that we get to know ourselves.. our strengths, our weaknesses, we never realized we had in us or knew about it but did not know the extent of it! Presence of mind, is definitely my plus point, and buckling under pressure is not is proven yet again! Moral of the story! have at least a pair of dumbbells at home, in each room would be more ideal.. comes in handy.. 😛 not just to break open the door… ! 😀


The story of a key chain

I live a hostel, and I have more than a few friends. That said, I also have a few keys to some of their rooms, which translates to, if there is an ‘on the spot competition during a New Year Eve’s party for ‘the highest number of keys in a key chain,’ I may be a strong contender and even win it. The last count on that key ring of mine was 14. To accommodate all the keys, another friend gifted me a key pouch.. where the keyring and the keys are cosily zipped inside a pouch. This ensures there is no more clings and clangs when the keys strike against each other or a jing-jing sound as I walk with them.. 🙂

Airport talesIt was during this while, a friend’s friend came to visit, she wanted a room to stay for the time she was here. Since one of my friends was away, and I had a key to her room, with prior permission, of course, I removed a key from my key ring and gave it to her, making the number of keys in my ring to 13. (13 .. the number comes with so many many connotations :P) Two days later, as she was leaving after her stay, she returned not just the lone key, but the key in a key ring. The story of how I have a koala bear key chain.

Now the koala bear has become friendly with my elephant on the rack…wp-1449811357601.jpg

Blogathon ’16 Day 20

Why not Karna and Prof. Snape

Hindu mythology would have a ready answer in karma for what happened to Karna.. it may also have an explanation that he chose to be in the evil company of Duryodhana and his scheming brothers rather than the five Pandavas…  however, who would side with the castist Pandavas after what they said to him during the exhibition match between the two set of cousins.. However, the epic is written with a teleological argument where the good triumphs and here the good was always the Pandava brothers from the every beginning. It is a different matter that in the end who was seated in heaven! 🙂 😛


It is not a similar argument with Snape. However, Snape did what he did out of his unending love since childhood for Lily Potter. He did join the Voldermot’s army, the villains in the Potter series for his own reasons. He then came back to seek Dumbledore‘s help and later help the headmaster to bring Voldemort down for years at end. In the process the man secured the hate of every “so harry potter fan” character in the book in spite of his expertise in the dark arts or the different times when he saved Potter and the rest of the school.

Two characters that are layered, like a stack of cheese.. or say like well made parantha or a kerala parota..

The troubles when a character who is inherently good, (please do note that good is always in relative to the bad, there is no stationary trait of good or bad) is shown from the beginning in bad light and hated for their daily ways. In case of Snape he is consistently shown as he is for over 7 books. In the case of Karna, almost the entire epic, except in bits and pieces. However, in the case of Karna, the reader always knew his lineage….. in case of Snape, nobody knew anything, except some of us die hard readers of Potter profess we had an inkling about him 😛 😉 Is that an injustice to a character….

It is but natural that as a reader we are prone to dislike that bad character because for the ardent reader in us, it is the hero of the book who is the loved one with all their flaws. So we have a tendency to love Harry Potter, and not to love/like Snape even when it is revealed in the end of Book 1 that Snape was trying to help Potter rather than sending curses to make him to fall from his broom for the Quidditch. So anybody who does anything against Potter, is our enemy, therefore Snape becomes ours… anybody who is against the 5 brothers and sides with their opposition has our dislike… therefore in spite of knowing about Kunti‘s teenage fancy, we have an empathy towards Karna, but no like 😉

If we need to compare two characters, why not ProfSnape from Rowling‘s Harry Potter series and Karna from the Mahabharata. Two characters of great merit, in the space of the story they were born into and matured. Nevertheless they are part of the rival team. Or more aptly, they seemed to be part of the rival team by the majority of the characters in the story as well as the audience for most part while  the story progresses, until may be it is time for the climax that leads to a hurried resolution. Such that, their so called bad character and their traits are remembered for the most part, rather than the last bits where their true sacrifice and stature is revealed.

However, we talk about them like in a blog post or in an article in hindsight, which is the best appreciation for a role… 🙂 😉

Work in progress..

Piggy backing on an earlier post I wrote on between breaks.. Images courtesy: Google

1 more day & it is 2016


This year, in 2015,  began with my tryst with a pigeon, a mud pot and two eggs. And as they say, what happens on the first month 😛 of new year repeats the entire year.. It has been pigeons wherever I have gone..

I caught this one on a branch of a mango tree beside my window, as luck would have it, the windows had tinted glass. I stood there watching it, stunned the delivery boy who had come to deliver the food as I was standing on the bed looking out of window with a camera (I had left the door open, as I did not want to be interrupted) I asked the curious man to climb on to the chair and take look. (He had to wipe all his foot prints later, he even changed that chair.. )

Ending this year with a pigeon pic, the one fellow who walks up and down, trying to sneak in the moment it gets a chance.


This, the pigeons was indeed a start of something new for me, this year.. Now think of something that repeated in yours.. spill the new year beans.. all ears, here. (I was making that up, about the what happens on new year.. I happened to in cities surrounded by pigeons ;)) Now think and spill, or make connections..


I was surprised to see one of my own e-cards as a Christmas greeting over whatsapp in two large groups I am part of. (They were posted by people I had no clue about… ) I take it as a compliment that people found those e-cards I made beautiful enough to pass them on and share (thoughtful or not). However, whoever passed it on did not realize it was signed and for them alone (sad face). [fast paced as we are today, most of us rarely stop to read or listen.. ]

On a happy note, waking up to my own creation as a greeting to me was something. Stranger things have occurred but I was happily surprised 🙂 😛 [it seems almost like somebody buys a cake from me, gifts it to somebody else and then that somebody else give a slice to me when I visit their home!]

I’m delighted : Two friends of mine on seeing the cards I sent them asked me if I could make cards for them for new year on a larger scale! Unfortunately, I can’t that up at the moment because I am swarmed with work! (which is an excuse I don’t like to say at all, but I am) so they will have to wait for another time. November -December-January are the busiest months of my work year, every year for the last few years.

These people are my close friends so they understand… But they have given me a thought to think about, two alternative career options in the offing in case I am bored of the present one I am in 😀 Last year this time I was baking a dozen or more cakes for my mother for her Christmas party. This year has been making cards and customizing it my way. I wonder what I’ll be up to next year this time.. time will tell.

Plus, I made those cards out of a kind of affection for a few people I have known for a while, that affection unfortunately is not for sale at the moment 😉 😉

Monday December Musings!

A year end..  and like always I feel it rushed in to bring in the end of 2015. I enjoyed this year and relished all its posts, I never thought I would write so much here, but I did. I wrote, I hopped, I commented and I wrote again.. it has been a productive year in writing blog posts, and I’m very happy about it.

A quick round up then, 2015 began with a blogging marathon challenge, (for the 2016 edition click here or see Vidhya’s comments on this post) my first which I completed without any hassles. I was surprised I had so many things to churn out and stories to share! I don’t usually complete things which I begin, I get bored mid way because of all the over enthusiasm I show and do in the beginning.. Just like I may not make anymore cards in a few months because I have made so many this past few weeks! But this was different.. This way the year began on a note of determination to write 31 posts, know more blogs, read more bloggers and i did, I did I did… and through that challenge, I met Vidhya

I loved writing out my experiences with strangers on my travelling days under the category of Hello Stranger.

The category window chronicles took a new turn with specific attention to pigeons, all courtesy that pigeon who found my mud pot outside the kitchen to lay and hatch its eggs in the beginning of the year. She, her eggs and her kids featured in a major way during the marathon month. If 2014 was all about bumping into squirrels and mynahs, this year round I bumped  into pigeons wherever I went, pigeons of all colours and temperaments…. I was even able to capture some candid pigeon pics and I am very very happy. The pigeon takes second place on the podium next to the squirrel now like I have a folder on my system marked “just pigeons.”

The moon makes an appearance in many posts, again as part of window chronicles.. where I was fortunate to be in the right places and time to watch the moon rise on many consecutive days in its waning and waxing stages. I also watched the moon set on a few occasions, the bliss of it all..

I think the post category that lagged behind were those on books, very few book reviews this year, though I read close to 80 books. Making a note of the pending book reviews to be done next year. A colleague of mine has started a book blog.. you need to hop on there..

There have been a lot of film talk on this blog this year.. but not all the films I watched were reviewed. During this last month I had this conversation over comments with Tenny at his and mine, and it was fun.. For the film talk, I made it a point that I will review only the films I feel (feelings could be of irritation or of love and admiration) about at least for a week. So, the handful of film reviews I did this year were written on those lines, I think most of them have been Malayalam films, somehow, I happened to watch a lot of Malayalam films this year, I think I have watched almost all that’s been released! almost.. is the word not all 😛

And I met my blog friends again.. spent time, exchanged thoughts, took pictures.. indulged more so in food photography.. as in it is only these folks who actually understand even while hungry about that ocd to take pictures. many pictures, many many many pictures.. hahaaha.. Such fun we have had. It has also been a year of reunions. Met my girl gang more than a couple of times.. we have become closer than we were in those years in college..

So next year, I don’t make resolutions.. but I’ll try to stick to at least 52 books 52 films, 52 new handmade projects, 52 blog posts. I’ve written over 130 posts this year! wohoooo! I’m feel like painting to take up the canvas and splash colours..

Waiting for it to snow here in Bombay.. winter! it is full swing .. brrr brr cold .. drink cold water and a chill runs down my entire body and go shivvvvvvvvvver gitttttttter.

more food :)


Christmas’15 Sights & Sounds

The city streets, the restaurants, offices and homes have been decked up for Christmas. Almost everyone has a Christmas tree up, a few even have a crib… the carol singing is delightful, the acoustics of the old churches is simply mind blowing.. the different kinds of baubles that hang from the ceiling, the little line of stockings and santa heads that adorn the walls and chairs

Some of the few sights n sounds I came across and captured over the last week at different places, in the company of different people..

Hungry tummies to Christmas lunch now 🙂 It is the season to be jolly …

Christmas Cheer

You all know I had been thinking of sending cards via the snail mail, for that extra surprise this Christmas. it has been very awkward asking for postal addresses when I tried!!! But I finally found a way…

Spreading Christmas cheer my way, customized 🙂

I’m off to celebrate Christmas .. (it has been Christmas pretty much this entire week.. :))

Happy Holidays everyone