When the Mother reads & replies to a blogpost..

She sends her breakfast pic 😉 & says Pork Vindaloo, leaves it at that with a haloed smilie 😛

Upma with Pork Vindaloo, and some fish curry

I had Parotti 🙂 Parotti is a name I came up with while making my favourite Orottis this morning. Now, Orottis … Linking MJ’s breakfast pic to Mundane Monday Challenge #63

Source: What did you have for Breakfast this morning?



You fill up my senses …

Prompt: who else, but the morning rains, 😉 Bombay is set to monswooooon


in this moment of unprecedented joy, I feel John Denver wrote the Annie’s song as a metaphor for rain 😉

………..you fill up my senses

And it began to rain
Just like that…
Uninvited, out of the blue.
The morning walkers ran towards the shop shelters
The coconut man covered his green seeds
The drenched tar turned a shade darker
Even the pigeon, surprised looked at me eye to eye,
I opened the window wide,
To let the chill glide in
And it began to rain
Just like that.

… come fill me again …

ps: Hehehe, the prosaic tries to versify :P, rain you little devil 😀 linking to The Daily Post: Pure, Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 28 – Glorious (Glorious Weather), 18W (Welcome) ABC Wednesdays

Write Tribe|100 Words on Saturday

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

We never realized when the conversation gave way to silence from the other side of table.

Their eyes were riveted at something behind us.Unaware, we continued talking, sipping our coffee until we were met with loving gazes 😳 😳 They went past us…. 🙄 🙄 to a point behind us. 🙄 🙄

We were all at the mess hall for snacks, as usual, at our private restaurant table with the view 😆 relaxing with our daily dose of fun.

 ……….Had we looked back, we would have also just gawked at it 😆 :lol:…. riveted, with similar love, to set out 💡 right away 💡 for our very own share.


bread talk cheese cake


Write Tribe: 100 Words on Saturday

“So you think you know it all? I don’t know.. do you, really?”

“Yes I do,” she said.

“How come?” I asked

“I do, therefore I know…” so saying she gave me a half of the last piece of the chocolate cake in her plate and left.

She always walked away mid sentence, in the middle of a thought, in the middle of an argument, in the middle of a fight…


with that confidence, ya! even the air parted to give her way…….

I admired her for everything, specially for the halves of the last pieces of cakes and prawns. 

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