Airport – Brussels! Ah!

The first memory I have of Brussels is of the airport.. So is the last.. 🙂 but the lasting memory is of the two day lock down. The empty streets with a handful of tourists, the closed doors of the museums with sorry faced sign boards, the only sandwich shop which was open to serve food for a while.. and those two cops who walked me back to my hotel. They had walked in while I was placing my order in a mix of French, English & point and show language.

A second lasting memory is of that of a dilapidated airport.. It is a weird kind of deja vu.. when those two bombs exploded at the departure bay last month, I could picture in my mind the places I had walked past..  those same aisles.. looking up at the electronic display board to find out the number of my departure gate ..  sitting in a corner in Star Bucks with a bottle of juice and a brownie … !

l’l airport memories …

PS. Tulika commented for my last post with .. she liked my l’l memory posts… So be it.. L’l a to z memories it is for this year’s 26 day challenge 🙂

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