Let’s go with the #icecream 

The pink #guava #icecream  sprinkled with a mixture of #redchilli powder & salt. I’m a big fan, you would be too, if you like the taste of it..



The last time I was in Cochin, when I asked one of the ice cream guys to sprinkle red chilli powder and salt over my guava scoop, he looked at me as if I was delusional! How I wish I could make him see this picture.. Shock wasn’t exactly my reaction when my darlings came and told me about it, I was more amused. They bought me a scoop, waited for a reaction .. 



but I wasn’t prepared for the memories of many afternoons spent on a certain guava tree in the yard of my maternal home with my #cousins during school summerhols… It was quite similar to Gusteau’s run back to his childhood with his mother with a bite of Remy’s ratatouille (in the film)




Food does that too, but not in my wildest dreams did I think that an ice cream combo would bring back memories as far as when I was 5 years old.






I’m still in the moon mood from last night! I wish the sun hadn’t risen this morning, so that the moon could have stayed a little longer… Cradled like a baby among the clouds, she was visible from the leafy cracks of the tall trees. 



#wednesdaywisdom …. The stories the stars can weave … .. 

The Dosa Addiction 

The number of pictures I have of the dosa on my phone is evidence that I am addicted to the dosa, any hour, any time, any form … Ha! 

The drama queen in me wants to start a deaddiction centre for the “dos-adicts” Just imagine the variety of dosas from different flours, we can come up with to solve the addiction problem … 😊😊😊 any volunteers?

Breaking fast on Sunday …

Breaking the night long fast on Sunday morning with Poori, one of my all time go to items if I have to pick from a menu. I wake up at breakfast time on Sundays whenever the hostel folks serve any kind of poori…. 

Food at the beach! 

I met this woman as I made my way to the beach. “She has brought everything she had from her kitchen” commented a friend. We moved on a little further and found that she was not the only one who had packed everything from her kitchen. As we made our way further down to the beach there were others. And all of them women, they sat in a line, with their eatables spread across under the shade of clumps of casurina trees lining the beach.

They had a spread of cut fruits, salted nuts, sharpened knives, and coloured powders, when mixed together and served in small bowls made from palm leaves (i think) makes delicious snacks – especially on a hot day after a dip in the beach, fully drenched from the salt water and toppled by banana floats. 

I envied them that they were at the beach everyday, enjoying the beach air, of course, they were there earning a living, but it seemed fun to me, may be not to them. Or it could be that they just work out pleasure and work together. I wish they do enjoy their job.


I took myself home from the university on my second semester break, alone. That was my first solo trip. I booked myself into the 24 hour train the very next day after my last exam was done for the semester. My friends were waiting for the dates when the students concession rates would begin which was a week from then, I had no patience, and since then I’ve travelled soon after my exams were over, the same evening or the first mode of transport the very next day. A few of my friends have also accompanied me in the later semsters for they felt waiting was taking time away from beingin the comforts of home… relaxing, far away from work was the one point agenda.

I never felt I was travelling alone or I never had a feeling of “oh it was my first solo trip” I had a reservation for a side upper birth, and Somerset Maugham’s Ashenden for company. Every time after it has been the same set of feelings of no particular exhilarating feelings of travelling solo. 

Was the trip life changing? May be, I’m not sure. I made friends with the fellow passengers which is the case almost always even while I have company, watched out for the sunsets and sunrises, the painted horizons, the wind on my face …. Did I get more time to look at the nature around me because there were no distractions in the form of people? May be. But that was just the beginning, after which I have taken myself on different trips for leisure and work … I guess my parents would have thought their daughter had grown up to travel alone, that could have been the life changing impact, but they never showed it off 😂

Buzzfeed has come up with a list of shares on life-changing-solo-trips. Which brings me to the question curiously about how many of us travel solo? Don’t we all? May be we don’t plan many a vacation alone, but otherwise we have all travelled solitary. Solitary sounds better than alone as the word alone gives a sad ring to the context. 

Nowadays people travel alone and take selfies! Isn’t that the fad? I’m not into taking selfies either. There are trips where I have it all recorded in a note book and not as a single picture, like the recent pondy trip where I have it all in my head and my books and nothing in pictures. I can still see the people, the sun, the walks, the lights, the skies the dinners…   Some places sound lovely in the pages of a diary recollected as Wordsworth has said, in tranquitliy! 

Certain Bonds!

There are very few bonds I cherish, one of them was born today and became my godfather. He died a few years ago, 4 to be precise. I never attended the burial. In fact I haven’t stepped into his home after that day for I think he is still around, or just gone out to the super market to get me my favourite ice cream or the book store to gift me encyclopediae. He gifted me my first set of these big books when I was in class 2. I still go back and refer to them most of the time.

One of those days, today, when I am bound by emotions! One of those days when I miss making a call to wish my uncle a very happy birthday, a ritual my mother had started ever since I could speak which continued until he left forever!





  • I step out after a week or so after the fever and the world looks different up close!
  •  I find  the grass everywhere has become taller and greener
  • Somebody has trimmed the canopies of the trees..
  • The pigeons’ water bowl has been shifted to another corner
  • The paths are slippery, I need to be careful while I walk
  • “Where were you, you were missing for a week, all good?” When the carekeeper of the park asked me when he gave me the token
  • “our third friend and I were wondering where you disappeared, today, he has gone missing when you appeared” the two guys I meet in the park during the much needed rest. This is the first we have talked.
  • The one lick of my darling pug boy in the middle of the road, a little fellow who I meet when I cross the road everyday. His owner says, he was looking out for you..
  • “Here’s your Indian.. (Express) didn’t see you for a week” the newpapaper woman who sits at the corner
  • “Hot Mirchi bajji? Along with your vada pav” the vendor who packs my quota of two daily
  • “Dal vada parcelled, how many idlis today?” The idli guy of the corner
  • “Didi, I taught everybody your ha he li be song … ” my little Aladdin of the juice shop. I gave him the mnemonic for the next 10 elements in the periodic table.
  • I missed them too these so many days but I was surprised they noticed I was not around.
  • My Monday begins with big hurrah moments.. and finally, my taste buds are back in action! phew! what is life without taste, I can write a thesis on that today! 😀
  •  How has yours been so far ..
  • Who made you smile today?

between the cup & the lip

She came, sat down by the table, the next I knew was my mother was falling sideways! If my dad hadn’t the presence of mind to keep his hand at the corner that instant, she would have smashed right into that sharp wooden corner. That was the first I knew the body becomes stone heavy when it faints.

Circa 2010, Onam holidays.Together we cooked up the elaborate vegetarian sadhya as is the practice in the central parts of Kerala, decorated the veranda with a small flower carpet, and sat down with our cups of payasam after enjoying the lunch. Amma went down with a cold soon after. By the time she had woken up around coffee time, she was blocked all over! What better opportunity than this, Dada and I made her inhale like she makes us do all the time we go down with a cold (I know, evil us). We let her sleep the whole evening until the table was set for dinner. Food was the last thing on her mind, but she came and sat at the table to give us company. That’s when she fainted and fell sideways!!!!

It is pretty unnerving when you see your mother fall like that, and then be unconscious, turn blue, and refuse to wake up for few seconds! It was only a few seconds, but in those few seconds, Dada and I knew how precious this woman was to the both us. We rigorously rubbed her palms and feet, sprinkled water on her face, and when the woman finally woke up she asks, “stop being kids you two, I’m already down with a cold, the water will make it worse.” MJ was back! We just hugged her tight! and after we put her to bed narrated to her what transpired!

Our ever so jovial family ENT doctor who always knows there is some story whenever we turn up in front of him asked for the scoop. The last time we went to him thinking Amma had cancer because she had felt a lump some where in her throat! The entire night until we slept after she discovered it dada, she and I discussed the colour of the wigs we would buy and the hairstyles she could spot if at all… the doc laughed out so loud during that consultation, he said it is just some lymph accumulation, what do we do about the wigs now! :P. This time round, that passage between her ear and her nose was blocked for that little while. (or if there are any doctors here, they can help me with an explanation). Something similar happened a while ago! I can sit and joke about it now, but an hour ago when I was full of glee after a merry chat with a merry bunch, I heard him call che-chi!

Blame the neighbour & not me for the post :D

I was sitting by the table at my laptop reading some of your posts this morning, listening to some of my favourite Mohanlal songs like this one:

when suddenly I get this smell of fish fry! (These past three days, hunger has been the last thing on my mind. But for lunch today, I felt like Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani from a particular restaurant, ordered, got it delivered, had a little, and majority of it is safely stored for some other food friendly day!) So you can understand I was not hungry jealous of the fish fry next door or downstairs or where it was coming from 😀 But that fish fry or the smell of that fish fry brought these thoughts up…. Blame the neighbour and not me for the post 😀 😀

The smell of frying fish would be heavenly deliciously blissful for a fish lover, or most people from the coast but it would be atrociously irritating almost suppressing them to take a breath for more than a handful of non-piscitarians. They could even go far as change their kitchen locations accordingly (I’ve heard, source: a friend), “so that the smell of the freshly prepared sambar for instance will not get entangled in mid-air with the smell of say a well marinated fish fry😛 (it is popularly believed that an excellent sambar has a pinch of prawn powder in it 😀 😀 shshshshsh)

My current room in the hostel is very near to the mess hall, it is almost above the mess at an angle diagonal to it, (if you want to try do a mental to understand the space) … sometimes the smells of some spices equals memories of home, brings back memories of food eaten well, up to the uvula😛.

These are the times when MJ would say, (literal translations, mind you…) know your stomach and eat, why overeat because you love something.. the logic does not work at all most of the time and MJ knows that…. and I wait for that burrrrrrppp to release the tension inside… do sometimes it is a very long wait…)

or some foods just wasted away (not many a time) (at those times, the food finds a place in the neighbour’s (MJ :P) plate :)), or some bad memories like the radish chutney once that accompanied a plate of ultra soft idlis in the train while I was travelling to Bangalore once… such a let down that morning it was! the sourness of the raddish was so overpowering, I couldn’t even have the ldli which were drenched in them.!!😦😦

The first room I stayed in this hostel was bang above the kitchen of the hostel. There were days when chicken was being cooked, tasty to eat but almost all the time, I was welcomed by the sharp ‘stench’ of garlic in huge quantities, whenver opened the door to my room that I have fallen backwards😛😛Agarbatis/incense sticks came to the rescue, light a stick and almost after some time, the garlic was camouflaged by its fragrance

It seems jasmine the flower has the quality to absorb smells, one of my ex roommates used to buy a little bunch and keep it in the lab so that it absorbed the smells of shoes, the socks, and raincoats, and bags, and armpits, unwashed clothes and perfumes… ! A thought that immediately came to mind is a scene from the movie, Tomb Raider… jasmine, at the entrance to the temple in Cambodia

Smells and fragrances…then….