There was this one visit home, I think I was returning from a conference in Pune or was it Nasik, I’m not sure, I craved making bread. All through my flight the only thought that crossed my mind was the oven, the baking, and the bread. The yearning for bread was so much I thought I’d collapse if I didn’t make any asap I reached home. I hoped there would be packets of active yeast at home, and there was. 4 days at home, 4 days of baking bread, my folks were fed up with my bread mania.

In the picture is a batch of garlic pull apart buns, almost ready to go into the oven. I used the Halogen Oven, the latest addition to the kitchen, and quite surprisingly the results were goody good in spite of my doubts. I added a few last minute additions — a handful of hard boiled quail eggs… when it reached the table, I called it the eggy garlic pull apart buns.



Kuttanadan Marpappa is a lovable but horrible film, if I may so myself. Released over Easter, the film stars one of my fav actors, Kunjachacko Boban, with the girl from Alamara, Aditi Ravi. 😢. The reason why most people may watch this film will be Shanti Krishna. Dharmajan and Pisharody bring up the supporting cast.

John Paul (KB), nicknamed marpappa is a wedding photographer in Kuttanad & parts. Therefore the title. The film works in scenes, an entry scene of the lead actors, the so called Villain, the stereotypical bragging newly rich NRI family, a strong willed widow, lousy comedy in most parts, and songs. There is a Tamil dance song, a dream sequence song, sad song, and many in between songs at every turn. Then there are people, Soubin comes in, Nadir Shah comes in, Salim Kumar comes in .. almost like the director had to give them scenes as they are his friends .. you know.. horrible enough?

But I wasn’t angry at the makers at all, I’m still trying to find out what the reason is, therefore, the lovable in the description.

The one joke about Google map was good! As most of us often experience!

Watch at your own risk, is all I can say!



Another year, yet another Maundy Thursday ..

A blessed week to those who celebrate, a long weekend to the rest .. ☺️






A tale of two (thirsty) crows one Sunday morning Spotted : Pins & Shot: K

Even they feel the heat!


Raid is a 2018 Hindi language film directed by Raj Kumar Gupta with Ajay Devgan and Saurab Shukla playing the leads.

Though he has doned different roles, to me Saurab Shukla will always remain Gopi from Tehkikaat. That funny assistant who looks up to his detective friend, Sam (Vijay Anand). In this film in the role of the villain, Thauji, the landlord who is raided, he has the maximum scope of emotions.

Turns out, I don’t remember the last film I stepped into a theatre to watch Ajay Devgan act. It could be as long as more than 10 years with Bhagat Singh or his home production, Raju Chacha. Was he a part of that political drama based on the Mahabharata starring Ranbhir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif with a mother who couldn’t act – Rajneeti. Even that film seems to be a long time ago. You get the point don’t you?

Here, he plays this ‘ultra’ honest ‘patriotic’ officer (you should here his lines about nationalism and mother India) who is also shown to be madly deeply in love with his (newly wedded) wife (Ileana D’Cruz). If their romance was the so called comic relief in this terse drama — it turns out to be more of an irritation, incumbrance & subversion to the plot!

Picture this, Devgan as Amay Patnaik, 10-15 of his department colleagues, with a blue bus full of police troops (think guns, helmets, troops running out to make a boundary line) is at the house of this (most) powerful man, Thauji (Shukla), searching his haveli (mansion like house) for the black money and the records he has kept hidden. Apparently, this is a secret operation so that nobody in high places can tip off this influential man, also a politician, also a member of the parliament to hide his illegal assets elsewhere!

The ‘beautiful’ dainty wife walks in with a tiffin box at lunch time for her IRS officer husband saying, you’d be tired, or the wife knows everything!!!! Comic relief, absolutely. Initially I was horrified, the emotion turned to irritation and finally sarcasm! πŸ˜‰

The film would have retained its seriousness without this couple angle! Nevertheless, the wives and the kids (when they are present) is the pawn to coerce the honest officers into succumbing to the corrupt villain!

The plot is based on true events about the longest recorded raid in the history of Indian Revenue Service (IRS) – roughly 2 days in 1981. The ending is inspired from a couple of incidents from real life, the aftermath of raids in these towns.

I agree that more films should be made on the stories of these honest officers who dared to enter the lion’s den to thwart corruption under unfavourable circumstances of liaison between the rich, the police, judiciary and the politicians. However, it can be done with a seriousness it requires to get the message across, not resort to unwanted drama like the romance and presence of Dcruz in this film.


The 50th post has to be on a Monday, about a sunrise in Bombay. Since Bombay is on the western coast, Marine Drive will have sunsets and not sunrises, like Pondicherry will have sunrises as it is on the eastern coast and not sunsets!

So we went up to Malabar Hills, those high set of building and lights we can see from marine drive… to look back at the city when the sun rises!

– an early morning walk at the Kamla Nehru Park. #phonephotography

When the sun slowly rose up. .

Steadily rising up

The hue.. the fog/smog “the might heart is lying still” Bombay in its morning silence before the hustle, bustle & the noise begins

It was time to play with the setting in the phone .. ☺️

One for trends! This lake had two-three lilies blooming ..



Photo credits:

Spotted: Pins | Shot – J, M & P.

(I still stuck to my – I will not take photographs until Easter resolution) .. I behaved like these guides to tourists who go abou5 directing – that angle is good.. come hither, click it from here .. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Went up to Malabar Hills this morning to catch the sun rising across amidst a foggy (was it smoggy) Bombay skyline … The silence of the morning with walkers, joggers & cyclists doing their regular rounds , a non crowded Girgaum Chowpatty from afar, a number of boats, big & small anchored in different parts of the still waters against a backdrop of a slightly orangish sky as the sun was making its way up from the horizon ..

Where to catch the sunrise in Mumbai – Kamala Nehru Park, opp Hanging Gardens.



Instance #1

When A’s mother died a while ago, I remember telling my HOD that she wasn’t a friend, so I wouldn’t know if she was married, had kids, or who her next to kin was if we needed to contact anybody in future.

Technically, she and I should have known about each other better as we share the same supervisor, work, and meet at least once a week. However, we don’t. We kept our relationship strictly professional.

Instance #2

while talking about her mother adapting to a village clime after being born and living in an urban space all her life, B said, she has a smart phone, a net connection. Who cares about where we live physically

Do we all have are loves glued to the phone and media these days?

I’m kind of uneasy with the relationships I maintain or am asked to maintain these days. Everything unreachable about somebody gets conveniently pushed into a box on the topmost shelf labelled private and boundaries. Of course, there is stuff that we shouldn’t ask people, true. But where do we have to draw the line, when does that become – not talking about the self, sharing at all?

Not that I know inside out about my friends and family’s life, but there is a transparency, an openness about in these relationships. Simply put, there aren’t any top national security level secrets, plus if something is amiss, we can all walk up to each other, pick up the phone, and ask what’s the trouble?

Do you feel what I feel?

Labelling something as private, and marking out my space, is indirectly shutting off people, we don’t want/like. Teenagers call it parental interferance, the older children come up with the excuse of generational gap, peers say, nobody can empathize, siblings may term it as bad vibes or wavelength troubles, spouses may also call it much the same .. see, how many different ways we are shutting out people, how many different phrases do we come up with to not open up, confront, talk and shut out people ..

To make matters worse these days we all have our phones, online friends and social media. We look to them for entertainment or/and consolation ..

I’m trying to figure out what’s the deal here – are we afraid to face people we interact with daily or is it easier to talk to a screen? Or is it something else totally.. all.of us would have gone thru one or two of these terms at some stage ..

Om a personal note, I feel relieved that I am off that app called WhatsApp. People who want to talk to me, or I want to talk to, call. We don’t send random good morning/good day greetings to each other, or random forwards to prove that we are alive or are trying to participate in a group activity. Or write long messages which we can’t talk in person ..!! I love this kind of personal..

otherwise in the age of instant messaging like C said, “my mother was worried and enquired if all was well when I called to wish her on her birthday” instead of the messaging on WhatsApp.


Everyone and everything has a story” – #castle. I’ve been looking back at a few episodes and this quote stood out when he talks about this stick man he found in Becket’s desk drawer.

I look around to spot this cup on my table, the cup I had my coffee from a while ago.. and I remember I still carry it around, drink from it on days when I’m a little overwhelmed or need to think through something .. my hand automatically finds this cup on those days I am battling something in my head. Na.. I am just kidding ;-);-)

But I’ll not throw this cup away because it is a gift from my aunt on the first day I joined this course, she was my local guardian as long as she was here . . . It stays.

I’m not the sentimental type, characteristically Aquarius that way, but certain things remain on my shelf.. I do remember stories .. like everytime I bite into a Puranpoli i remember a certain person who used to make a few extra ones for me, or whenever I apply that aloevera gel, I think of this person who gave it me on a hot summer itchy day in hostel, or the blue bottle my sibling holds on to as it is a gift from his colleague .. in that case there is always a story behind every little thing.

Do we care to remember?