The woman in the window has kept me engrossed for this weekend. I’m following Ann Fox through her house – what she does, what she sees, what she hears..



Let’s talk #fifa

Okay before I begin, tell me your fav team, and other teams you are interested in. Do I sound like a blog FIFA app 😉

I’m not your daily football lover, I know the sport, I watch it, I’m glued to it whenever I’m home and every four years when the world cup is on.

What’s your story?


I happened to watch Ek Ta Tiger a couple of weeks ago, and had this burning unquenchable desire to watch it’s sequel, Tiger Zinda Hai. That’s when #hotstar had it in its listing all of a sudden! I watched, fell asleep halfway, and thought of re-watching the Malayalam film, Take Off. I didn’t know the stories of both these films revolved around the Indian nurses held as hostage in Iraq. That said, if you want to watch Salman Khan, you need to watch the Hindi film. But for a better taken film on the hostage situation, you can head to take a seat for Take Off.


The sky grew yellow, the winds grew stronger, colder, the smells of the wet earth came riding up to my windiw., And then it went on pitter patter pitter patter … It was an awfully humid Saturday over the weekend that transformed into a comfortable chilly weather later in the night as it rained in #mumbai for the first time this monsoon season.

As I went down to be in the rain, a 7 something sister, her 4 something younger brother were standing facing the sky with folded hands as if in prayer.. their mother was equally amused to see her kids in the act, and that’s how we became the rain buddies for the night. I walked around splashing water on my way intentionally jumping into the puddles, while they splashed around water on each other. Everything was fine, a little splash of lightening here and there, the thunder rumbled not so loud enough to scare any of us .. until the boy splashed water on his mother. Two older boys enjoying walking passed them from the other side, me going towards them from another direction, the kids in the centre .. the boy clarifies … I’m not saying sorry Mummy.. I just scored a sixer in my football practice game…



Sol kadhi/khadi is a digestive drink from parts of Konkan in Maharashtra ..

#CSK or the Chennai Super Kings is a franchise cricket team based in the Indian Premier League (IPL), captained by Dhoni.


I’ve asked MJ to make pancakes for me ever since i can remember, by the time I was able to light the stove, make a batter without her help, I started doing it on my own dishing out pancakes to her .. under their supervision of course. I’ve cheated many times. So, i’d sneak into the kitchen, when MJ would be taking her siesta and whip up some pancakes .. she’d be happy, but also wild that I went into the kitchen and played with fire… Class 3/4

After that immunity challenge of making pancakes this week i wanted to make some, and I did a day after that.. and a day after that day my first pancake for the first time ever gave me this brown cover . Blisssssss! What do I say ..

A Self Obessessed Thursday

I’ve come to realize I’m quite the creature of secret. I have more secrets than many, and I don’t mind keeping them that way. The irony is I thought most people I interact with knew everything about me.. they don’t!

What do I make out of it, either they don’t notice or I don’t tell or I don’t want to tell, or they don’t want to discuss what they notice. But few people who break that barrier are my friends 😉 It came as a huge surprise to me!

So what kind of a person are you on a scale of secretive to open to people around you ..

A couple of dried roses ..

A friend of mine was into drying roses, that’s how I got into this business. You know, being friends-girl friends we tend to follow each other and end up with the same hobbies.. that’s her room I was inspired to dry flowers like she did …

It is not a major pain to get it done, still the hanging them from somewhere when these bunches can be easily in a vase near the bed stand or the table.. that’s definitely easier ..

I’ve a bunch of yellow roses dried for 3-4 days now.. the sun was beaming today, I couldn’t resist, so I took them out on a stroll to take pictures ..



The pose …