Brag Lol!

I love to blog because I love to write….

I love to read because I love to discuss and interact….

And to know people and make friends (the gregariousness of the Aquarian sun sign playing its role to the T) … therefore the Pinash

You can find Pins N Ashes updates on Facebook @ Of the Hour with PNA

And for other things shoot a mail to 🙂 for anything and everything, some cheer guaranteed 😀

Welcome to VaayadiPennu;), earlier known as Pins N Ashes… my little abode in the world wide web 😛

“When there is an overwhelming desire to bring out an idea.. as in literal pregnant effect, the blog post happens.. I’m very bad at following deadlines, and and organizing posts.. almost everything happens within a matter of 5-10-15 minutes, the writing, the pictures, and hitting publish .. and then the blog waits for another such pregnant moment to happen and there the process starts all over again…” (As I wrote elsewhere when asked about how often and how you post)


PNA/Pins/Ashes/Pinny/Pinsy/Pinoo/Ash… and now, VaayadiPennu, Pennu, Pennezy.. that’s a record of names 😛

26 thoughts on “Brag Lol!”

  1. So I landed on ur blog and found that u r also an aquarian!!! Soo u just celebrated ur bday or going to??? chalo let me go back to posts nw 🙂 btw.. i m also aquarian 🙂 gregarious one too 🙂


    1. Thanks to you, Usha…. makes fodder for another post or posts when I’m really in need of one, in the blocked writer’s mode 🙂

      Beaming Me 😀


  2. Hi Vaayadipennu,
    Good to meet yet another Indian (Mallu) blogger at A to Z pages
    Nice to be here, I am here via A to Z blog page,
    Good to know that you registered for this years challenge.
    A Warm Welcome Abroad. C U @ A to Z Pages.
    Hey, I just noticed that you haven’t embedded a to z logo at your sidebar. kindly do it.
    Have a happy blogging time ahead.
    Keep informed.
    Best Regards
    Philip of philipscom

    PS: Do you write in Malayalam.
    I have a blog in Malayalam:


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