One of my fav cities ..


A #Friday night traffic-lined, people going home mostly after a long day at work, people going to work for their night shifts, people going to celebrate after a work heavy week … Fridays are precious for everyone who needs a break from routine, it frees them, it brings in hope, a laid back joy ..

The only trouble is, i work mostly on Saturdays & Sundays .. freer during the week. Where does that leave me, a whole 5 days of rest 😂🤣


#mondaymusings #mondaymotivation


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

41 thoughts on “One of my fav cities ..”

                    1. Varathan didnt live up the hype created for me. Knew it was a remake! Esp the last half an hour the reviews talked of as sooopper thrilling action, i was laughing my gutts out 🙂


  1. Since I work on Saturdays too, I can’t relate to the whole TGIF thing. It’s more like TGIS as far as I’m concerned. A whole 5 days of rest. Now that’s the dream life, isn’t it? That’s a beautiful pic btw. How have you been?


    1. TGIF is all a trend ya! Take a break anytime, i love a mid week break on a Wednesday/Tuesday’s rather than pile and burden everything like some weekly retirement plan on saturday & sunday.

      Been well doc. Where you stationed these days?


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