The sky grew yellow, the winds grew stronger, colder, the smells of the wet earth came riding up to my windiw., And then it went on pitter patter pitter patter … It was an awfully humid Saturday over the weekend that transformed into a comfortable chilly weather later in the night as it rained in #mumbai for the first time this monsoon season.

As I went down to be in the rain, a 7 something sister, her 4 something younger brother were standing facing the sky with folded hands as if in prayer.. their mother was equally amused to see her kids in the act, and that’s how we became the rain buddies for the night. I walked around splashing water on my way intentionally jumping into the puddles, while they splashed around water on each other. Everything was fine, a little splash of lightening here and there, the thunder rumbled not so loud enough to scare any of us .. until the boy splashed water on his mother. Two older boys enjoying walking passed them from the other side, me going towards them from another direction, the kids in the centre .. the boy clarifies … I’m not saying sorry Mummy.. I just scored a sixer in my football practice game…



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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

2 thoughts on “#mondaymusings”

  1. 😁😁 rains and getting wet is a great feeling.. reminded me of the smell when the first few drops fall on the parched earth..

    Brought some memories god its been so long since i splashed in rain water…


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