My first tryst with nosepins & rings came during those events at the dance school during school days. They were a mandatory part of the styling of a dancer for a performance. I used to feel uncomfortable especially with the nosepins to be worn between the nostrils. It used to start me on a intense sneezing session that usually ended in the pin flying off with an ultra violent sneeze.

I’d like to go back to dancing, learning to begin with. I had restarted it a few years ago, the adrenaline rush it brings in to push myself to dance at a stretch, sweat dripping, heavy breathing resulting in a kind of an unexplainable joy. That…

I’ve been thinking of wearing nosepins recently, I like the lotus and peacock designs in silver the best. I may, I may not.. because it is about the nosepins, I may not pierce at all, to avoid the pain, stick to my no pain policy on the body, I can always use a clip on.


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

2 thoughts on “Nosepins”

  1. I am a person with zero tolerance for pain. And I pierced my nose not once, but twice! And both times, it was a nightmare, God I should write about it. But I loved the look of a tiny little stud on my nose (when I used a stone bindi as a makeshift stud before actually piercing the first time). And I am still scared of the pain, so I dint bother changing my pin ever, despite friends having given me to-die-for designs of nose pins and rings. How I would love to have a ring, but I give in to the scare of unsahikkable pain 😀

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