There was this one visit home, I think I was returning from a conference in Pune or was it Nasik, I’m not sure, I craved making bread. All through my flight the only thought that crossed my mind was the oven, the baking, and the bread. The yearning for bread was so much I thought I’d collapse if I didn’t make any asap I reached home. I hoped there would be packets of active yeast at home, and there was. 4 days at home, 4 days of baking bread, my folks were fed up with my bread mania.

In the picture is a batch of garlic pull apart buns, almost ready to go into the oven. I used the Halogen Oven, the latest addition to the kitchen, and quite surprisingly the results were goody good in spite of my doubts. I added a few last minute additions — a handful of hard boiled quail eggs… when it reached the table, I called it the eggy garlic pull apart buns.


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

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