Kuttanadan Marpappa is a lovable but horrible film, if I may so myself. Released over Easter, the film stars one of my fav actors, Kunjachacko Boban, with the girl from Alamara, Aditi Ravi. 😶. The reason why most people may watch this film will be Shanti Krishna. Dharmajan and Pisharody bring up the supporting cast.

John Paul (KB), nicknamed marpappa is a wedding photographer in Kuttanad & parts. Therefore the title. The film works in scenes, an entry scene of the lead actors, the so called Villain, the stereotypical bragging newly rich NRI family, a strong willed widow, lousy comedy in most parts, and songs. There is a Tamil dance song, a dream sequence song, sad song, and many in between songs at every turn. Then there are people, Soubin comes in, Nadir Shah comes in, Salim Kumar comes in .. almost like the director had to give them scenes as they are his friends .. you know.. horrible enough?

But I wasn’t angry at the makers at all, I’m still trying to find out what the reason is, therefore, the lovable in the description.

The one joke about Google map was good! As most of us often experience!

Watch at your own risk, is all I can say!


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