Everyone and everything has a story” – #castle. I’ve been looking back at a few episodes and this quote stood out when he talks about this stick man he found in Becket’s desk drawer.

I look around to spot this cup on my table, the cup I had my coffee from a while ago.. and I remember I still carry it around, drink from it on days when I’m a little overwhelmed or need to think through something .. my hand automatically finds this cup on those days I am battling something in my head. Na.. I am just kidding ;-);-)

But I’ll not throw this cup away because it is a gift from my aunt on the first day I joined this course, she was my local guardian as long as she was here . . . It stays.

I’m not the sentimental type, characteristically Aquarius that way, but certain things remain on my shelf.. I do remember stories .. like everytime I bite into a Puranpoli i remember a certain person who used to make a few extra ones for me, or whenever I apply that aloevera gel, I think of this person who gave it me on a hot summer itchy day in hostel, or the blue bottle my sibling holds on to as it is a gift from his colleague .. in that case there is always a story behind every little thing.

Do we care to remember?


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

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                    1. Oh ya,..all my old posts exported of old blogs..300+ are there and I am just posting….it was little sultry in my previous blog and I post a little on that and giving rest to mind to get more ideas πŸ™‚

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