“I hate endings. The truth is I hate beginnings, too. I like middles, the steady sameness, comfortable forever.” Korsak

Like almost every other day, somebody in my book group had put up a question, “what’s everyone reading today?” Somebody said Tess Gerristen. I was curious, googled her, and found her books. In a week’s time I was reading one of her thrillers with Detective Jane Rizzoli and the Medical Examiner Maura Isles. As I warmed up to them google told me there is a tv series by their name. I started watching them an episode a day after a day’s work, and steadily, the actors became part of my life. To the point whereI was shocked to learn that the actor playing Detective Barry Frost was no more one day.. one needs to live with a character in a book or/and a film to go through the cycle of grief and loss.

This line from the last episode of the series, is one of my favourites. Season 6 & 7 were so so, but I enjoy watching them once in a while.

I like beginnings, and endings, and most often even though middles are comfortable, I kind of am bored soon. What about you ..


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