As long as I remember I’ve had thick curly hair, but there are these photographs from my kindergarten and playschool days which has me in pin straight hair, showing off a mushroom and bob haircuts! As I grew older, started to give stage performances, my dance teachers nudged my mother to grow my hair longer. I was in class 4 then, my hair was growing longer, my mother was the caretaker of my hair– washing, combing, braiding, tying– everything related to it. I used to go sit in front of her and she used to comb it out for me, and braid it on two sides… The two braids kind of became my style as there wasn’t any other way to keep my hair tamed. As I went to college in a different city, a different water source, less focussed care and no mother around, I started to lose the thick bush on my head, but even today nobody will say I don’t have thick hair..

The point I’m getting to is, I was trying to braid my hair into two tonight, and I was sure I had both my crunchies/hair rubber bands by my side. But then I couldn’t find one when I needed it to tie one of the sides ..I looked everywhere, on the bed, the floor, under the pillow, over it, on the table.. it couldn’t be found until I looked at the wrist of my hand I was holding a braided strand πŸ˜‰


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

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