A couple of my friends have this condition called flat foot/feet or fallen arches, where the entire sole of their feet touches the ground/floor while they are standing. That is, they don’t have that arch in between, like most of us do, or the arch isn’t pronounced.

This in turn causes a lot of pain in the feet, heels, soles, calves, hips and back, many times it leads of the swelling of the foot while standing/sitting for long. We all have that one friend in our group whose feet swells up after a long car/bus/flight journey.

It is a condition that goes undetected in children and adults alike until it is brought to the patient’s attention as a result of constant pain, swelling or wear & tear of the footwear!

Most of these people feel comfortable walking in heels rather than flats as it helps them to even out the pressure of the body.

There isn’t any known cure for this condition, however, a corrective measure is to use customised insoles to reduce the discomfort! If anybody has an experience, please share. It will be useful to know in case

Check your feet!

Trivia: a podiatrist is a doctor who specialises in foot problems!


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