Ferdinand is a 2017 animation film about a big bull who loves to smell flowers & has a big heart, that the descriptor. It starts off well in a farm, a calf growing up among other calfs bred to compete with matadors in the Spanish bullfighting ring. But this little guy doesn’t want to be a fighting bull like his father or the fathers of his friends or his friends at this stable. He wants to grow and smell flowers, roll around mountains and hills, spread love … etc etc. The humour of the film also comes from this disconnected image of a fully grown up bull rolling down a hill of flowers like he used to when he was a calf..

Ferdinand runs away from the stable/farm after he witnessed his father’s death. He is found by a flower farmer, daughter and their dog in a ditch/well who rear him like their own. Amidst them he grows up to be a gentle bull running after butterflies, and being the best friend to the farmer’s daughter until one day .. as fate would have it, he ends up at the farm he ran away from, to be taken back to the bull fighting ring.

A so-so story, it is cute at some level, but it does not sustain. Then there are these oft repeated stereotypes. It almost seemed like a bull replaced the dragon in how to train your dragon story Unlike the dragon, the bull has no popular bull qualities. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Coco.

In compariaon, Coco, which as you know won the Oscar for the best animation this year, is a story of Mexican boy who loves to sing, but is born into a family that hates the sound of it! This is because his great great grandfather, the musician, left his wife and daughter to pursue to his music to never return. The story is seeped in familial and kinship traditions, of remembering and honouring the dead, steeped in Mexican myths with Christian undertones .. on one such day, similar to the all souls day in the Mexican calendar, Miguel finds himself accidently in the world of the dead. He needs to get a blessing from an ancestor who loves music to return to the land of the living if he has to pursue music again, so the goes in search of his great great grand father ..


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