There is this tree outside my window whose leaves have turned a pale pink over the last two weeks. The trouble is I cannot rest until I find it’s name, common or botanic. I’ve been keying in searches into our dear google, but google gives me the 9 tallest, and most common trees in India but none of them seem remotely similar to the one I see in front of me. I searched for trees with red/pink leaves, I got a list of results of trees with pink flowers!!! They all look absolutely brilliant, but they aren’t related to my neighbourhood tree.

The leaves look very similar to those of the Ashoka tree, they are long but the tree it self isnt lanky like the Ashoka, it is tall with a rounded canopy more like the gulmohar, but it covers most of its trunk. From this distance I can’t figure out whether it has compound leaves!

Any idea? It stands out with its light pinkish leaves among all the green canopies around it.


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

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    1. Will check with Archana. thanks BB. This had an entire canopy of young leaves in pink, it stood out among the rest of the green canopies in that line ☺️. As for the picture, the tree is too far away for a clear picture, will try!

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