And just like that the 40th post rolls in. A Monday begins again, a Sunday ends, a week of a lot of fun ends, another week begins.

I went back to a few old films this weekend, watched them on Amazon Prime – the 3 films from the Lord of the Rings, I re-watched all 8 films from Harry Potter again through the week. These are films I’m never tired of. Not all of Harry Potter, I don’t like to rewatch the films # 5 & 6 as such, nor re-read those books, but this time I said, why not – let me go with the flow, the linearity and continuation in the way the films were made!

Obviously, the two sets of films brings about the oft talked about comparisons. It goes without saying, Rowling has read Tolkein, because there are key elements of LOTR prominently showcased in Harry Potter. She has adapted and sutured them into her tales beautifully.

Adapting an idea, like translation is also an art, a new work in fact, but re-vised to fit a different clime, age, country, people and culture into it.. that said (I’ve been using this phrase quite a lot these past few days), it needs to be acknowledged, not abt the grade, the borrowing in the films & books 😂! But that said, (a third time in the post today, phew!!!) there is a prize to pay and permissions to ask for copyrights! (I think somebody else can come and elaborate on that one)

Bottomline ( that’s better, I didn’t repeat it a 4th time today) always acknowledge another’s work if we have borrowed an idea ..


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