On Fridays, I don’t get the bus striaght after work but instead I go to the Tesco Metro around the corner from the office and buy a Margherita pizza, some Chianti and two big bottles of Glen’s vodka. When I get home, ineat the pizza and drink the wine. I have some vodka afterwards. I don’t need much in a Friday, just a few big swigs. I usually wake up on the sofa at 3 am, and I stumble off to bed … (5, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine)

Since I was with Eleanor even before I called it a night, I felt like eating a pizza for breakfast this morning. Do you feel like tasting the food the characters of a book have while reading it? If it is available, what’s the harm in giving them a try. This is not my first time, but I do, I have cravings 😋

Oh oh not a Margherita of course, I’m not into just the cheese and tomato as such in a pizza, I need some more spice and heat, a few pieces of shredded chicken I ordered a chicken BBQ with extra jalapeno delivered before the scheduled time. My breakfast was my cup of bru gold instant coffee, slices of pizza and a green pear. (What was your last meal like?)

It is nearly summer here in India. The day grows hotter as the sun passes over to its position overhead at noon. My daily intake of coffee has reduced significantly. There are days in this past week I didn’t drink even a single cup on a given day! Coffee, and jalapenos they are making me sweat today!

Dreading the hotter summer days ahead! Be kind, April & May, be kind.

PS: the hyperlinks on Eleanora will lead you to a few reviews I’ve read – good, bad, incomplete, half read, it is always a good practice to know a n all round review than mere glowing ones!


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