I’m elated the three Billboards lady won the Oscar I’m not too happy about The Shape of Water winning the best film, which brings me to, what is the criteria for winning .. as an Indian, I’m not too pleased with the hail Churchill kind of incomplete depiction of a story of a man in a film either!

As part of the anniversary celebrations for my department in college, a group of us were entrusted with conducting an elocution competition. We had to decide the topic the participants will speak on, decide on who’d judge them, and also decide on a set of criteria their final judgement would be based on.

We were newbies at this breaking down criteria bit, I always have assumed, the judges had magic wands to decide who wins.. but all the three judges refused in turn asked us to break the criteria down they’d judge on. This in a way got our little group thinking .. brain storming

It is a speech competition, therefore, the winner should speak well but what does speaking well mean ..?

Speaking well meant

  • Speak about the topic given to them. So.. Content requires a column! The content should be relevant – how do we judge relevance.
  • There shd be a level of communication – what they are talking about, clarity of thought abt the topic – they she be audible, shd keep at least the judges engaged.. pronunciation, otherwise what’s the point of the person speaking well but nobody understands?
  • But shouldn’t we be convinced? Doesn’t that require marks? Or is that a criteria at all.. (as I would grow older, I’d figure this was a niche area called audience response ..
  • In addition to all this we decided to let the speaker choose their posture – we could provide them with a choice of a lectern, and a chair-table, a wireless microphone .. They can use the stage as they wished in those prescribed minutes .. walk, talk, how they used the space, the mic would also be judged.
  • Therefore there was a column for interaction with the audience in addition to modulation, intonation, tone .. and creating discussions ..
  • We changed it from an elocution to a speak and discuss debate kind of a competition ..
  • Of course, the participants needed to know the criteria so they could prep accordingly ..

It was an experience to think thru something like this then ..


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

26 thoughts on “#34”

      1. Oscar is all different, the way how it been promoted at premiers among the disguised audiences matters.. and they have to throw lots money and make people bragging for their films.


          1. The Only Criteria.. I have seen an interview, of Vetrimaaran (Tamil Film Director) how was the experience of being at Oscar, he was promoting his film called “Visaranai”, that interview was an eye opener, how these things works at Hollywood.


              1. Link Let me search it.. (I dont think it was subtitled)

                Its all about wines you know..

                and even for Adamanite Magan Abu they didn’t had the funds to promote it over there. It roughly cost around 10 cr for these activities, i felt sad cuz if Mamooty or Lal was in lead they found have surely find the money and it would have been promoted for sure.


                1. True! Salim Kumar is not a superstar. But that said, what’s the use spending that much money for promotion .. when a new film can be madeπŸ€” what’s the guarantee a recognition at the Oscars or any such award ceremonies is going to take the crew and cast places for ever?


                  1. It about making history. . simple as that. Then we should think about those good for nothing Macho movies, did that gave any benefits to the producers or the crew..


                  2. But, our super stars should have made a joint venture and promoted it, its kind of give back to the industry, but again its their choice.


                    1. Sure.. Hope you understand English.. πŸ™‚ But yeah.. we can talk anyways.. lets gossips about these awards πŸ˜€


            1. But even otherwise, the most prestigious awards, the recipients either nominate themselves or are nominated by people close to them, no committee arbitrarily sits and selects. Like the Padma awards, these recipients are informed before hand they won, and then they come out with award wapasi and such drama after.. !!!

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                1. All awards!! The public doesn’t know/may not be interested to know as well how these work – even the book awards!! We are happy certain writers and their books are awarded .. but the behind the scene? God knows who slept with whom & and drank with whom, and bought what for whom!!!

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  1. That is a lot to think about.. very difficult to judge..

    Oscars well i lost interest in them now as it is all about money don’t understand how one is judged.. its becoming same as Indian film awards now..


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