Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Mussouri is a 2017 film (Oscar nomination) as the title says is about a grieving mother’s public howler to her town’s police chief, Bill Willoughby & force.

Most of the rest of the film is a bunch of reactions to her this action. That said, this isn’t another crime thriller, or about a wailing mother who lost her daughter crying out for justice .. it is about this unrelenting gritty woman who has separated from her husband on reasons of abuse, wants the shake up the police force from their laid back routine. Three billboards puts this quiet town on prime time TV, and gets its people talking, enraged ..

Since the content is serious, there are times when as an audience we’d wonder, what is that that made us laugh about particular scenes. And we do laugh out loud often, continue to laugh at the verbal and situational humour during a dead serious conversation.

“Did she say begets ..?” is one such point, but it also encapsulates the theme of the film in one stroke!

A teenage girl is raped, burnt and murdered in this town. Her mother is irritated that the police force in spite of a diligent officer in charge hasn’t caught the culprits responsible for her daughter’s cruel fate since 9 months. She pays to paint her messages up on three billboards on a less frequently travelled road on an impulse, but that act makes her the target of the ire of the (almost) the whole town.. They, the priests to ex husband, do everything –go from giving her advice to hurling objects at her, her car, arresting her friend under false allegation, beating up the owner of the advertising co who leases the billboards, to setting them on fire– but she stays put, on the way she finds she has new friends and well wishers …

Nevertheless, the story doesn’t end here. Thats for you to find out when you watch it. I’m tempted to share about the god narrative tool but then if I do that I’d have to add spoiler alert to this post! 😀 (some other day, but that narrative tactic speaks out loud everything possible ending that could play in our minds about the direction of the film) 😉

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, especially after a dampening Black Panther. Saw those two, back to back one night, and went to sleep peacefully thereafter.


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