I have a problem with people who blindly comply to rules in the name of some innate sense of responsibility towards an authority!! They do not think, are scared but become the majority! In a system ruled democratically, it is always the majority’s opinion that paves the way! The minority who thinks differently, because they are different from the majority has to suffer ..

For instance, in a world of right handed people, a left handed person may find it difficult to survive as most of the public objects are made for the right handed – including writing desks, the placement of taps, chairs, shirt hooks, buttons holes .. (I was surprised when I reached my classroom in the university as it was the first time I found a writing desk for a left hander, among the other 24 right handed ones…)

Or somebody with an allergy to say chocolate, or say, a person who eats only vegetarian cuisines .. may find it difficult in food choices at a party if the organizers don’t keep a count of such nuances!

A friend of mine was the first female recruit in an office, to her horror, there wasn’t a restroom for woman at all!

Anything you have felt or know of?


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

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