What’s your work song like. I don’t listen to music while I work, but I need a song while I’m working to cut out every outside noise .. at the moment, my work gets done in the backdrop of Demons from Imagine Dragons.

In a loop, Roshomon from Solo, Zinda from Bhag Milka Bhag, and Badtameez Dil from Yeh jawaani Hai Deewani, Enendrum Punnagi, and my all time fav Swaminatha Paripalaya the original version and the various covers!


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

11 thoughts on “#23”

  1. Have you heard When I come around by Green Day, oh, it’s maaeend blowing…….
    I also listen to Ghazals specially Ghulam Ali, it reminds me of all the good things in the world. Love, people, hope.

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    1. Just heard! Same band of wake me up when September ends ..? I listen to ghazals too, not whole.workong though, because if i do, jo work may happen, and i may be immersed in the tune and lyrics ☺️

      There is always good in the world Ishaan! Always is..


      1. Yep that same band. When I listen ghazals I keep humming it for a week at least to an extent that people get annoyed.

        Someday I just sit and thank myself for starting blogging.


          1. Oh was I being too subtle. It’s because I have met great people here, differing ideas, opinions. People who make me believe the world is a pretty bearable place.


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