“… Nostalgia is a romantic way of remembering the past, but I belong to the generation that also likes everything that is new. I am happy about the new buildings, the Metro, my Starbucks and my apps. I have a very good memory of my old life…” Sachin Kundalkar in an interview about his latest Marathi film, Gulab jaam.

Kundalkar may love his Starbucks, I don’t. I’m not a fan of McD either. But I do love the high rises, the instant messaging, the online friends, the conversations, and the works, the technology plus I’m in love with my nostalgia..

.. the balance is what I’m trying to get at, which I couldn’t explain to more than a few of my peers before when they used to feel homesick and rave about food and weather at home, I used to be irritated back then about their rants! …while I was always at home wherever I was. Like that character in the Australian play, “Stolen” I carry my home with me wherever I go..

Not that I did not miss home, home is always the place I’m very comfortable in .. but what’s the point talking about it, and wishing it were here all the time? If I was missing home that much, I should be living in my own city rather than roaming around..


Right ..

Your turn ..

PS: the first time I found Kundalkar was through his novel, Cobalt Blue, in translation, of course, which a friend of mine was insistent most of his friends read. it turned out to be one heck of a read!


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

Your turn..

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